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    Fibromyalgia and the sleeve.....

    Thank you for the response. I have done all those things. I crush my ambien and use biofreeze on the painful areas. I hope this passes. I just want sleep! I start back to work on Wednesday and I work long days 645am-5??pm. I can't be feeling THIS tired. I mean I already get tired easily, but this is more than it should be. (if that makes any sense). Again Thanks!
  2. BrandyV2729

    just sleeved on Tuesday

    Ok, so it has been awhile since I have done anything on here. Just trying to figure this sleeve thing out and this new way of life. I will say I am doing SOOOO much better. The Friday after surgery was probably my worst day. I was miserable and weepy and thinking "Why the Hell did I do this to myself!?" But I then woke up on Saturday practically a new woman and even over did it on the activity. The gurgling and pressure and bloating in my tummy was almost completely gone!! I was soooo relieved. I had to sleep propping myself up and it still feels better to not lay flat on my back, but I tried sleeping on my side (which is how I always have slept) and it was not to bad. Sleep has seemed to be my biggest problem. I wake up A LOT during the night, I adjust constantly and it is causing me to have back pain. (Once I can lay on my tummy I am going straight to the chiropractor!) lol. Other than that I am doing very well!! I don't know the difference between my scale and the scale at the hospital but if I just go off numbers and no differential I have lost 21 lbs in a week and two days!! I don't say that to many people because it is just so surreal to me. I still can't even wrap my head around it. Tuesday I went from water, SF Jello and broth to being able to add a few things like my protein drinks, instant breakfast, SF popsicles, and the three biggest ones are refried beans, cottage cheese and eggs. I have been nervous to add these new things since I really just pushed my water more than ate to much broth, or SF Jello, but I have tried them and it is crazy how little of it fills you up. I am still learning "my full feeling" so I don't want to push it. I hope everyone else that has been sleeved is doing well and pushing forward on this new life we made for ourselves!
  3. BrandyV2729


    I just had my surgery on the 12th (2 days ago) and I have had a few rough nights. I wake up in pain, and even though I thought I was doing so good yesterday with my liquids and breathing and coughing, and walking...this morning I woke up miserable again! I was having chest pains, hurt to breath etc. I guess it is probably just the gas still, but I am not sleeping well at all! I have been up at 330 almost every morning. Also, I have gained weight since surgery. I was wondering when you start seeing the weight loss. I get that the fluid they pump into you will make you gain some, but its a bit discouraging. I also want to say congrats to all of you who have had your surgery and are getting along well!! I'm looking forward to some little victories. Soon...I hope!
  4. BrandyV2729

    August Sleevers Check In

    Ok, so I have to be at the hospital at 6 tomorrow morning. I am starting to get the anxiety mess. I am crying like such a baby. I want this, I really do, and I have come so far (been working on it since January) But I am starting to get the what-if's. My boys just went to stay with my daughter a night early so that they don't have to get up so early to go there, or sit around alone at home. Besides my youngest son is worried about me (which breaks my heart), and I just start crying when they leave. I know I will get through this, but why am I so emotional??? This has been one rough journey. Good luck to those who have surgery tomorrow! I look forward to hearing all of your wonderful progress!!

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