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  1. boosh10

    Ignorant bi#@h

    All of you guys give great advice. She's just a miserable hater!! I'll definitely approach her when the time is right!
  2. boosh10

    Ignorant bi#@h

    Ha ha ha that's great. I also need to throw in there that I lived every day in pain because I have rheumatoid arthritis and mobility was limited due to pain and made exercising painful. And now that I have lost 75 lbs so far, my RA pain is nearly gone.
  3. boosh10

    Ignorant bi#@h

    No, she's not saying it behind my back. My boss who lost weight on her own showed an old pic of herself when she was 300 lbs, and this bitch says...I'm so happy for you, at least you did it the hard way, and not the easy way!! I know its a dig at me cause if I never had the surgery, she wouldn't have said that. I dont value her opinion at all, that's why she wasn't one of the coworkers I told about the surgery. It just annoys me that she's so ignorant.
  4. boosh10

    Ignorant bi#@h

    Lmao!!! Shes OBSESSED with people's size/weight. Maybe she's just unhappy with herself and feels good TRYING to make others feel bad.
  5. boosh10

    Ignorant bi#@h

    Ughhhhhhhh...I am so tired of this dumb bi#@h I work with who keeps making comments about the surgery is the easy way out!!! I never told her I had it cause she never asked me, but I know she knows cause she asked other coworkers if I had it done! So ignorant!! I hope she gets diarrhea in her car on her way home!! Ok.. I'm done. Lol
  6. boosh10

    Medication Absorption

    I swear that's what happens to me. I was taking medication for hives and all of the sudden right after surgery it stopped working. I did noticed that when I took it and didn't eat or drink after for about 20 minutes....it works again. Idk I'd its a mental thing, but its working for me.
  7. I had my surgery on Jan 21st and hit that dreaded 3 week stall. I was in that stall for about a month and a week. And now my 2 stall is happening now. I have been sitting at the same weight since APRIL 21st. I'm losing my mind!!!! Did you all hit your second stall so soon?
  8. . My hair is super thin and fine to begin with. How long til it stops coming out in handfuls??? Please tell me it doesn't last more than a month or so
  9. I call it Satan's Cure. Lmao. It helps soooo much, while being so bad for you. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I will get back on track.
  10. I know its terrible, but it does wonders. Lol. Thankfully, I'm done in just a few more days.
  11. Omg.....I'm currently on prednisone for Urticaria (chronic hives) and I'm three months post op and all I'm doing is eating. I'm down 71 lbs already but this damn steroid has increased my appetite like crazy!!!! I'm CONSTANTLY hungry and I feel like I'm gonna stretch my stomach eating this much. And bad thing is...is that I have no problems with any foods whatsoever. Ughhhh..... Just venting!
  12. boosh10


    I'm definitely under a 1000 but I'm not as low as 550-600. I'm having no problem whatsoever with foods. Not sure about vomiting back up tho
  13. boosh10


    So, if I'm eating more than that..does that mean I stretched out my tummy?
  14. Hi all, at two months post op, what was your caloric intake? My but never told me how many calories I should be eating, but I will bring it up next visit.
  15. boosh10

    Does this look normal

    Mine was wayyyyy worse than that. But totally normal. Mine was wayyyyy worse than that. But totally normal.