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  1. Hello, I had my sleeve done in 2014 (394lbs down to 255lbs). I did regain weight aswell (295lbs.. current), original goal (230lbs never reached). My surgeon advising going with modified DS as a revision. He mentioned increased bowel movements with this procedure. How has this experience has been for you?. Im concerned about lack of control or the constant need to go and other possible side effects. Sent from my SM-N975U using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. Update from my last post. I have drank beers and liquor. Im 3 1/2 months out. Im able to drink beer slowly but painless. Liquor still hits me hard but goes away as fast as it hits me. You can continue to drink through the day. Just dont expect to get and stay hammered.... It wont happen. You will sober up real fast. No desire to drink every day. Its been said we are at risk of becoming alcoholics. I do love how much I save going out now.

    Sleeve Fantasy Football Anyone?

    Im new to fantasy games. But im trying my chances in fanduel. I dont work for them but I think you guys should try it.

    Dropped 3 pants size in 2 months

    I was shocked. Before my massive weight gain I was 270lbs. Avg pant size 38. I started to develop sleep apnea which really got bad over time. When I finally got checked it was in the severe stage 65 episodes a minute. by time I was diagnosed I was 380lbs and pants size 52 (I like them loose). All this happened within 3 years. I had about 10 new pants I havent wore since weight gain. Im 10 weeks in, and now im at 287lbs. Im still very big, but the weight loss didnt hit me until I didnt have any clean pants (havent done laundry... I work 2 jobs.. dont judge im not lazy..lol). I had to attempt to try one of these pants on since I had a party to go to and all stores were closed. I jumped into a size 44 and it was still too big. I believe im currently a size 40 I jist havent checked. Its summer I been wearing shorts all summer and surgery was in jun. So we will see. Sorry for long story im just really happy with my surgery getting to sizes I havent seen in years.

    Mens Stats

    Sleeved 6/18/2014 Height: 6'2" Age: 28 Starting weight: 377lbs Current weight: 291lbs Stalled 3 times so far. First stall - 3 days Second stall - 6 days Third stall - 1 1/2weeks and still goin. I have always been into weight lifting. I lift weights vigorously. I am putting on alot of muscle really fast. With years of weight training history. My weight on scale hasnt changed too drastically in last week and change. But my sizes have definitely gone way down. Come september its shredding month. Cardio, calisthenics, and sports. Tighten that skin around the muscle. My only concern is loose skin. Everything going well so far. Still on 3 Protein a day. 2- Muscle milk 160 cal. 20g protein 1- muscle milk pro series. 220 cal. 40g protein. Multivitamin Benefiber 60 ounces - 1gallon of water/day (goes down easy after a month) lunch. Can of tuna (in water) Cereal /skim milk Fruits dinner. Tilapia Salmon Vegetables Rice (rarely) chicken (sometime) Occasionally rare urges (sushi roll, crackers, bodyarmor, milk, orange juice,.. etc) Still no bread feels too heavy. (Tried it once)

    I'm sure I'm not alone but...

    Idk if its just me, but I basically have what I want. Yes I avoid unhealthy foods. Im 2 months out and down 80lbs. Dr. Told me to just eat whatever I want. Just have 3 meals a day and avoid liquid calories. I see why I should avoid liquids calories. I can almost drink like I used to... very minimal restriction. Food on the other hand is no longer my desire. Some foods go down ok, and others hit heavy. Foods are still very restricted. Bout half a cup...

    Chewing food to mush

    I know this pain. Im 2 months in now. At this point I prefer liquids over food. Never thought I would hate eating. I miss some foods but after I try to eat... the pain. The instantly full feeling. Taking two bites and not enjoy the food. Is definitely getting to me.. my days still are 3 protein shakes lots of water. And maybe 1 meal. Just hate the way food feels now.
  8. Liquids you wont feel unless your drink it in big gulps and fast. Food you will feel instantly. Im 7 weeks out and I prefer liquids over food now. I miss bread, but its so heavy I dont.

    Average Weight Loss?

    You calories intake might be way to low. 300 a day? I dont think thats even enough Protein intake. Most Proteins are about 20g per 150calories. Unless you're using a pro series. They're around 20-25g per 100 cal. 800-1000 would be my guess for you. Also make sure you drinking all your liquids for the day. My conclusion came from all the questions I asked my Surgeon & NUT. At my 1 month post op appointment. He was shocked I was still doing the 800 cal a day. Told me to stop. Just avoid liquid calories and only 3 meals a day. 7 weeks post op down 85lbs.
  10. GODSON

    peeing fire

    Well im glad I didnt get one. It was my only concern about the surgery. Come surgery day I wished I had it. I didnt know anesthesia wouldnt let me pee at all. Bladder was backed up like crazy. Pain of needing to pee without being able to... top 15 I have experienced. Luckly my room was finally available ,and thank god it was a private room. Gravity was my friend. How ironic. Thinking back im still glad I didnt get one.
  11. GODSON

    How Many Guys Are On This App

    Im not off the lot new. But still have that new sleeve smell.
  12. GODSON

    Post op Gas

    I walked.... alot. I was going crazy after being home 3 days straight. Walked 3 miles and gas was gone.
  13. Liquid pain killers prescribed. GNC Liquid megaman multivitamin and powder multivitamin.
  14. GODSON

    Bugging myself out latly !

    Your fine. Although im only 7 weeks in and 79 lbs down. You really need to start realizing that your in it for life. Slow and steady is as good as extremely fast weightloss. Actually when you think about it slower is better. You give your skin time to catch up and shrink. Sleever can expect .5 lbs to 1lbs per day lost. Changing routines is always good keeps the body guessing. Liquid calories are your enemy. I have stalled 3 times... bad. Each stall lasted about a week. I feel your pain I just want to get to goal so I can finally change my wardrobe.
  15. GODSON

    Man Boobs (Moobs)

    Lift weights. Thats about it.
  16. GODSON


    With me I think about it alla the time. Once getting used to the protein diet I thought I shouldve just kept this goin myself. I will admit the changes with surgery are completely different. More consistent than doing the diet alone. Still till this day I outweigh the pros n con. Some days I wish I didnt some days im glad I did. But I have notticed that the days I wish I didnt, it always because I dont finish a meal I have been craving. I love sushi, and the other day I bought 1 roll. Had to break it up into 3 meals. Upset I couldnt enjoy it completely. Also extremely happy 1 roll was enough. When before surgery it wouldve been 7 rolls to even make a dent. Its certainly bittersweet. I got lab results in today. Im happy I did the surgery, because for me it was more a medical necessity. Sever sleep apnea, high blood pressure, diabetic, high cholesterol, fatty liver, back pains, swollen feet. At 28years old 370. Now im 5 weeks and 295lbs and only health issue left is sleep apnea. So my regrets have gone to a 5%. I love food, I still enjoy it... just in smaller portions with im saving tons on money (didnt realize how much I been spending) which is great.
  17. Ok so I know im goin to get shit for this. Im about 5 weeks in. I did have a drink about a week ago actually 2. Both long island ice tea both at different bars. The first one I started feeling about half way in. My guess was bout 8oz out of a 16oz glass. Yes its confirmed. You get drunk quick. Also for me it wasnt the same. It was all in the head. Second location their size of the longisland ice tea was a pint (yes i know overkill, but I didnt drink all). When I started the second drink i was already sober. About 1/3 into the drink I started feeling it again... Hard. For me it was a shock. Everyone mentions it, but I was skeptical. Coming from able to drink full bottles and cases of beer. My girlfriend was shocked aswell also couldnt stop laughing at my tolerance. How long should I wait to have a carbonated beverage? Im dying to have a beer.
  18. GODSON

    Scales moved the wrong way!

    Most of your forget that muscle weights more than fat. What changes your not seeing on the scale you will see on your body. Granted your doing the correct things. Body needs break from routines to break away from stalls.
  19. Damn maybe I should stay quiet. 65lbs in first month. But then again I was 370 so... I men5ioned that to ly doctor cause last week only put that 10 pound compared to previous weeks. He was surprised. He said you are suppost to stall and if done correctly ur suppost to lose about .5- 1lbs a day so on avg. Its about 23 lbs a month. I continued the 800 cal diet. He was shovked at that too said I didnt need to just have 3 meals n go about ur day. Obviously no junk food.
  20. GODSON

    No sex drive

    Im just gonna add from my personal experience. Nothing comes of sexy like a woman in control. My advise is you need to take initiative. Best time would be in the morning when u know hes had a great night sleep n fully relaxed. Dont ask dont tell just do. Wake him up with a lil naughty. (Youll know hes fully relaxed. Morning wood). ; ) Night time... same thing, surprise him dont give him a chance to think. "Man handle" him if you will. Something sexy something different break away from anatomy. Ill like to point out im the farthest thing away from a masochists. But it works.
  21. GODSON

    No sex drive

    I was just gonna let someone with experience coach. Not sure how much help I can be im 28 never really experienced low sex drive. Even at 370 I was still very driven. Now 70lbs lighter its even worse my girl can not keep up at all. I will share what I have notticed bout libido. When u go a long time without using your member you will loose libido. trying to get him off every every once in a while will raise it. I know the more I use it the more I want it. Also check his diet if hes slowly goin back to high fatty foods, steaks or pork. It shocks the body from what ive notticed since it takes so long to process. Also slows down weightloss. Im not a nutritionist just things I have notticed.
  22. GODSON

    No sex drive

    Lol.. im sorry but I found this funny. A woman giving other woman advise bout guys. Im sorry dont mean to offend but.... yeah.
  23. GODSON

    Swimming post-op

    Lol.. ok guess I forgot to ask my surgeon. But lucky for me I was already 20 days in but I did go to walgreens and picked up waterproof bandaids. Double down on the incision where the drain was. Note: incisions where already closed. I still came out every 15 min just to check. Didnt want water goin in.
  24. I was sleeved on 6/18 week 2 post I stalled hard. All I did was change my diet a bit and now im back on a steady decrease. Altho I am judging more bout how I feel and visible weight loss. Cause I dont weight myself religiously. Week 2 I was 320lb 4 days later I did weight myself still at 320. Now I have no clue but I do feel bout 10lb lighter. Stalls are inevitable. Just remember ur in it for life. No need to rush. Besides it gives time for skin to catch up with weight loss.
  25. GODSON

    Sleeve or Lapband?

    One word: sleeve