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    Today is my second day after surgery.
    Since everyone else tells their surgery story I will also.
    I arrived at Slidell Surgical Hospital at 6:30 am for prep. I had an Iv put into my arm around 7:00 am and the nurses were super nice. They offered me to watch tv but i needed some peace before the procedure so i declined. lol like 8 times. ha
    The anesthesia doctor came in and explained to me what was going to happen. That i would be rolled into surgery then sedated then they would put me on the operating table and then i would be put out. And it happened exactly as I was told around 8:30 am. I do not remember much I was so exhausted but I do remember being in a lot of pain in my stomach and I was very uncomfortable. I stayed in the hospital till 5:00 pm and I went home. On the ride home I was given some ice chips. When we got off the interstate i think I was so nauseous from the ride i needed my gf to pull over bc i threw up about a half a cup of water. Ugh. that sucked.
    When I got home I almost immediately went to sleep. I have been walking as much as i can and I have been drinking some water, having sugar free popsicles, and im about to heat me up some broth.
    I went to the dr today and they looked at my insitions and the area around my port is a little red and inflamed so i need to take extra god care of it.
    Other than that I have been feeling a whole lot better than i did the night of surgery.
    All i can finally say is, I did it. Im so glad i made the first step. Now when im finished healing on the inside and out i can start working out. that will be very helpful to me!
    Good luck to you new bandsters and soon to be. Hopefully my story will help u.

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