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[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]I am new to the BariatricPal community family. I joined because I too, plan on finding the skinny person inside of me by doing the Gastric Sleeve Surgery. I joined the community today after a dear friend and one of my supporters told me of the great advice she gets. I am hoping to get the same support as well. [/color][/font]

[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]Who am I?I am in my mid 30's. I am married and a mother of 3, ages 1, 12, and 16. Yes, before you say it...what a big age range...all i can say is uh-oh happens and I love each of them. LOL. Some say that I am extremely funny and a great listener. I foster positivity and LOVE talking to others.[/color][/font]

[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]Where am I in the process? I am in the very beginning stages. I have attended the orientation offered by the surgeon/hospital where I plan to have my procedure done. I have my first meeting with the surgeon in just a few weeks. I am happy and nervous at the same time. [/color][/font]

[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]Why do I want to do the surgery? There are numerous reasons as to why I want to do the surgery, see below:[/color][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]1.) I want more energy (I need it to chase around a toddler)[/color][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]2.) I want to wear all the cheaper cutesy clothes AND be able to purchase them from a store and not all online[/color][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]3) I want to look and feel good about myself[/color][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]4) I want to be able to walk through an alarm and it only beep once[/color][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]5) I want to not start sweating from standing more than 15 mins[/color][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]6) I want to use regular maxi pads and not the ones for plus size women[/color][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]7) I want to get a second look from the construction workers[/color][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]8) I want to do a full-session of zumba without feeling like my heart is going to pop out my chest[/color][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]9) I want to have more than a 20 minute session of sex[/color][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]10) I want to be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/color][/font]
[font='comic sans ms'][color=rgb(255,0,0)]I am looking forward to sharing my journey with each of you! :rolleyes: [/color][/font]

Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Starting Weight: 315 lbs
Weight on Day of Surgery:
Current Weight: 315 lbs
Goal Weight: 175 lbs
Weight Lost:
BMI: 50.8
Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
Surgery Status: Pre Surgery
First Dr. Visit: 07/02/2014
Surgery Date:
Hospital Stay: n/a
Surgery Funding: n/a
Insurance Outcome: n/a
FindingMe-O's Bariatric Surgeon
Gainesville, Florida 32605