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    I turned 30 this (2014) year at my highest weight ever. I'm all out of but's so to speak.
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    dogs, horses, swimming, fishing
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  1. ShrinkingSaraVSG

    Dr.Alvarez Early October?

    Sweet Luckyone!! All the luck to you! I'm on my pre-op diet now! I would imagine you are as well!
  2. Trying to see if I can find my surgery buddies at Dr.Alvarez's on October 7th? Or anyone else around the same time :-) Good luck everyone!!!
  3. ShrinkingSaraVSG

    Surgery in October?

    Hi all I'm having surgery on Oct 7th with Dr.Alvarez? Is anyone else around this date? Or near it? Same doc?
  4. ShrinkingSaraVSG

    Sept 25 Dr Alvarez

    I'm on October 7th if you wanna chat.
  5. ShrinkingSaraVSG

    Just starting my journey

    I wish you luck Jenn. I have opted not to go the insurance rout (I love my father endlessly for all that he does for me :-) because I am not in a position to qualify with mine and I don't want to wait to get two secondary life threatening conditions before I have the surgery. I agree with what's been said here. Spending time in forums, info sites, and youtube is of great use. I love youtube. I plan on starting a video channel of my journey myself. I've just been given a surgery date for my vsg October 7th. I'm excited and scared. This is a big change a bit change that I have let fear keep me from doing. But I've let fear keep me from many things and that ends now. I'm 30 years old and have never, in the purview of my memory, known a weight lower then 220. Good luck. Message me if you want to share nervousness :-)
  6. ShrinkingSaraVSG

    Mexico or not

    I agree a support group is a great thing. And might come into play. But I'm lucky enough that group in my town is open and you don't have to have done your surgery with them to go.
  7. ShrinkingSaraVSG

    Mexico or not

    That sounds like me at this point right now. I've been in the forums, the blogs,watched all the videos I can. I've even been in touch with Susan to determine if he'd take me. He says he will. I've gone over it and over it. The only think I haven't done is commit and set the surgery date. I don't know what's making me feel freaked about at this point.
  8. ShrinkingSaraVSG

    Let's Talk: Fears?

    Thank you Andi. I don't know what it is. I've got it all set up. I've spoken with the patient coordinator done a health history. Talked about how to handle after care with my pcp and how long of a post op regiment I'll be on. All I have to do is say it's ago and set the date. But I feel irrationally scared to committing to it. But every time I try to give my mind a break and stop thinking about it for a couple hours I feel his sense of need. Like there's something inside me screaming you need this why are you so frightened.
  9. Hi all I'm just researching. Some of you might notice I'm posting like crazy. I've done research and been watching videos and talking to people and a patient coordinator at the place I want to go but I've haven't taken the last step to book. But I've always believed in arming yourself with information. So question: What kind of skin car regiment did you use to help with your skins elasticity and bounce back ability?
  10. ShrinkingSaraVSG


  11. ShrinkingSaraVSG

    GOAL! Flipogram of my Journey

    That's so awesome!
  12. ShrinkingSaraVSG

    Recent pic

    That's amazing makes me so excited! Congratulations!
  13. ShrinkingSaraVSG

    Telling work?

    You don't have to say you had surgery. I wouldn't think. When someone asks what are you doing. Just say that you're working with a doc and nutritionist on a new diet plan that seems to be working. That way you can write off the amount of weightloss to doctor supervision without mentioning surgery. But even that has pitfalls. What if they ask what is the diet? Maybe you could get away with saying they're just tailoring an eating plan to you specifically. Weight is a sensitive subject and I think most people are aware of that, I don't see why they wouldn't just understand if you said I don't feel comfortable discussing my weight.
  14. ShrinkingSaraVSG

    Quick question?

    I was told I'll need a three week liquid diet before surgery. I haven't scheduled yet. I don't think that's for me to lose weight before surgery. But I would imagine weight loss is inevitable with it.
  15. ShrinkingSaraVSG

    My VSG Journey

    Good luck through your process. I'm just getting into it myself. But I'm going self pay. My insurance doesn't do this kind of thing. I've found peoples vlog's on youtube very encouraging and helpful.

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