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  1. Happy 57th Birthday bandsista!

  2. 4 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 4th Anniversary bandsista!

  3. bandsista

    need a fill dr in OKC

    Anyone know of any docs doing fills in OKC area? I have been seeing Dr. Kirk in Tulsa, who is wonderful, but way toooooo busy! 2 month wait to get in for a fill. Hopefully I can find someone closer who doesn't have such a long wait.
  4. bandsista

    Banded Nurses?

    Hi all, I'm an RN in Home Health. Love nursing! I was banded Aug. 29th by Dr. Ortiz in Mx. How is everyone doing with their bands? I am not losing much yet. Have had 1 fill, but am going to go ahead and schedule another in a couple of weeks. Did anyone else here have their surgery in Mx?
  5. bandsista

    Looking for fill doc in OKC

    Thanks, I will give him a call and make an appointment. You say he will take patients that had their bands done in Mexico?
  6. bandsista

    Looking for fill doc in OKC

    Thanks sunshine, Can you give me your doc's name? I am going to check him out, I guess you are happy with him?
  7. Does anyone know of a fill doc in the OKC area? I was banded in August by Dr. Ortiz in TJ and would love to find a local doc.
  8. bandsista

    I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Hi everyone! I am in OKC, had my lap band done in Mx, by Dr. Ortiz on Aug 29th. I will be going down for my first fill on Oct. 11. Anyone else here from OKC? Anyone else banded in Mx?
  9. I had my band placed on Aug 29 by Dr. Ariel Oritz at the Obesity Control Clinic in Tj. I just have to say it was an all in all positive experience. The clinic is new, staffing is far superior to what you see in the states, as was the overall care. I am an RN so I was very critical of the facility and care. Everyone there is very concerned and responsive. I have had no problems with my band, was up shopping the next day, and to the beach the day after that. I will be going back for my first fill on Oct 11. I highly recommend Dr. Ortiz:clap2: