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  1. A. Stoot


    Yes, I am almost a year out and for me any type of foods or drinks that are in high sugar causes major dumping, but everyone is different.
  2. A. Stoot

    Ok. WTF am I doing wrong?

    @@ShrinkingPeach I am not a disagreer, but want her to be encouraged I did add for her to continue her eatting habit, but a healthy eatting habit!
  3. A. Stoot

    Ok. WTF am I doing wrong?

    You're not doing nothing wrong, you will have stalls. I am 9 months out, i've had several stalls and wondered the same so I continued my protein, workouts and healthy eatting, today I've lost a total of 68 lbs and 27 lbs away from my goal. Continue to work at it and you will see results, they may not be quick results like some, but you will, hang in there.
  4. A. Stoot

    Stalls - no complaints

    Yes, going back to basics, started hitting the gym and list 2 lbs this week ????
  5. @DennisMorris no I had my band removed and sleeve the same day
  6. That is natural as I was the same way @@shermcky but after the pain, when you are on your feet,it's so worth it the results are wonderful. Now I have people telling me to stop losing weight when I am 30 lbs away from my goal.???? Good luck to the New U!
  7. A. Stoot

    Stalls - no complaints

    Awww thanks sis????????
  8. A. Stoot

    Stalls - no complaints

    Awww thanks sis????????
  9. I am wondering has anyone experienced a stall after losing so many pounds? After losing 58 pounds, I'd like to lose about 32 more, but I've been at a delay/stall for the past 3 months. Any help on how to get back on the weight lost track? My eating habits has not changed, I love that I still can't eat a lot of food and eat small meals through the day, no carbs, and I excersie 2-3 times a week. Any suggestions would help
  10. @@lynziv yes this is natural, I was the same way it will and should pass, you will start to get more comfortable each day
  11. @Amberleach, Congrats and you have every reason to be excited. My advice after surgery is don't rely on the scale, so many are disappointed that the weight isn't falling off but inches will be trimming you and before you know it the weight will start to melt away ????
  12. As I approach the 4 month anniversary of my revision, I must say I have NO REGRETS!!! I am so glad I went through the process. I had my band removed and sleeved in one surgery Sept 18, 2014. So far my eating is wonderful and I am loving my sleeve. No stuck foods, no spitting up and when I am full, I am just full. There is no reason to over eat with sleeve, you just have to maintain and eat healthy stay away from junk. Are there temptations...of course because I am a cocktail LOVER LOL! I do have my cocktails but like my foods, I have it in moderation and don't over do it. I feel my body transforming and I so love that feeling of seeing a better looking, none tired, more healthier ME! To compare the band and the sleeve, there is no comparison. The band I had back in 2006 was not the band for me and I am VERY satisfied with my sleeve. If you are thinking about the sleeve, know that it is the best decision you will give to your health

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