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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have lost 2 babies since being sleeved in July '14. One early mc in January '15 and just recently had a stillborn son in September, I was 31 weeks. Bryson was perfect in every way, but got tangled in his cord and died from it getting wrapped very tightly around his abdomen. We have now had 4 losses and have no living children. Some days it's so hard to go on. I got this surgery to help with getting pregnant, which it did, but I still struggle to maintain any pregnancy(and dh and I have tested normal for evening except I have low progesterone which is managed with a prescription). My heart goes out to you, cuz is a hard struggle losing a pregnancy.
  2. bebenubbins

    How much did you gain?

    My son Bryson was stillborn at 31 weeks. I was 202 when I delivered, currently 173. My restriction has tightened up a lot. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight 1 week after delivering him and have lost 11 more since then. Maybe it's because I don't feel like eating anymore that is come off so well...but losing a child doesn't do great things to your mind. It absolutely sucks.
  3. bebenubbins

    How much did you gain?

    I'm 29 weeks and I've gained 16lbs so far. Stayed at 184, currently 200. I also notice I have less restriction, but I couldn't handle the 10oz glucose drink for my glucose test, so I know my sleeve is still doing is job! Looking to see what happens after I deliver.
  4. bebenubbins

    Baby fever?

    We got pregnant 5 months post op accidently, but I miscarried right away. Doc have the ok to try again right away since I'd had no complications since surgury, and my doc knew I had the surgury to lose weight to help get pregnant. Got pregnant again 7 months post op and I'm now half way through my pregnancy with a healthy, growing, boy! I have wanted this for soooo long! I have gained 7lbs back since getting pregnant. Doc wants me to gain a total of 15lbs.
  5. bebenubbins

    Diet during pregnancy

    Carbs are the only things that were satisfying for me during this first trimester...I eat cereal, oatmeal, 1/2 bagel with cream cheese(basically baby only likes breakfast). When I try to eat high protein low carb, I feel awful! I am 12wks now and have stayed the exact same weight (to the tenth of a lb even) since finding out I was pregnant.
  6. bebenubbins

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    Still 182.8
  7. bebenubbins

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    180.2 this morning, sorry I missed Monday! Goal 177
  8. bebenubbins

    Memorial Day Challenge!

    I'm in! Cw 182. Goal 175. Thanks!
  9. bebenubbins

    Easter's Challenge

    Same as last week...oh well, I'm not supposed to be "trying to lose weight" with a baby on the way! At least I'm not gaining yet!
  10. bebenubbins

    Easter's Challenge

  11. bebenubbins

    Easter's Challenge

    Oops, forgot...181.4
  12. bebenubbins

    My pooch is gross

    Right there with you, but when I wear shapers, everything is smoothed out well enough. I know I'll need a tt someday, but that will have to wait until after I'm done having kids!
  13. bebenubbins

    Hi risk pregnancy!

    I'm 28, post op with the sleeve, 5.5 weeks pregnant and considered high risk because of my previous fertility issues and they just want to make sure baby is growing as it should. Not many doctors are even aware that the sleeve isn't malabsorptive, they just bundle all the bariatric surgeries as the same...
  14. bebenubbins

    Easter's Challenge

    181.2...and I just found out I'm pregnant! Yay!
  15. bebenubbins

    Actively TTC?

    Got a bfp today!
  16. I just got a bfp today! I was sleeved 7/29/14! I'm down 80lbs, feeling great, and hoping that this is our sticky baby, as I've had 3 miscarriages, 2 preop, 1 postop. Sending good vibes for a happy and healthy pregnancy!
  17. bebenubbins

    Easter's Challenge

    182.6 Sorry you lost a puppy, but enjoy the energy from your new brood!
  18. bebenubbins

    Easter's Challenge

  19. bebenubbins

    Just curious...

    Not once! Almost 7 months post op!
  20. bebenubbins

    Easter's Challenge

    Starting the challenge at 184.6 Goal 175
  21. bebenubbins

    "Before and After Pictures"

    Before and 6mos post-op. 75lbs lost 40 to go!
  22. bebenubbins


    From the album: Before and 6 months post-op

    I carry a large portion of my weight in my belly. Here are a few pics so you can see how my body looks as I lose weight.