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  1. I'm a week postop, I have heard the horror stories of dumping syndrome but have yet to experience this. Please share some of your dumping culprits!
  2. You can smile in pictures! I used to not smile because I thought it made my cheeks look chubbier.
  3. Really.. Just plain cherries! I've eaten cherries with no problems. They are perhaps my favorite fruit!
  4. My first NSV!!! I am 1 and a half months post op from RNY. I'm 4 weeks into a C25k (zombies run app). Just ran an entire mile nonstop! Woo! Granted I ran a 15min mile but hey it's a start! it feels great! keep up the great work everyone!
  5. Looking for clothing size xl petite tops bottoms and scrubs. I live in Bethesda. Help!
  6. I would read the ingredients on the Protein shot. My nut said we are to look for whey protein isolate or soy protein isolate as these are higher quality protein and best absorbed. Anyway, always great to be prepared! Sounds like you are ready :-)
  7. Need advice from people who have traveled to foreign countries soon after surgery. I Will be almost 2 months postop by then (i leave the end of this month). I'm worried about getting my protein in, thinking about bringing a ton of protein bars? Thought about bringing a tub of unjury to mix with bottled water, just worried about being on the go constantly and not being able to get my nutrients in. Plus im a vegetarian so that limits me more in terms of eating out locally. While in Thailand I will be in Bangkok, then flying to Chiang Mai in the north, flying to a southern province then I will fly back to Bangkok.
  8. Anyone eat these? What are some ways to integrate into your diet? Trader joes sells a blueberry flaxseed I was thinking about getting. I know flaxseeds are pretty popular and have many health benefits from GI to cardiovascular. Any creative advice welcome :-)
  9. Lthomas

    On Q Pain Ball

    It actually releases bupivicaine. For many it is effective, for others not so much. It is commonly Used in procedures like hip replacements. You are correct in that using it lessens the amount of narcotics and thereby lessens many of the side effects caused by narcotics. My doc originally stated I'd be on a morphine pca but they ended up just giving me morphine as needed which was like twice. Good luck!!! :-)
  10. I know chia turns kind of gelatinous once added to water but I didn't realize the same with flax. When is it safe to resume?
  11. Lthomas

    19g Mediterranean Feast

    Sounds yummy!
  12. Lthomas

    Trader Joe's

    My favs are: lentil/veg soup, seaweed paper snacks, Mediterranean hummus, Paleek paneer, channa masala- both frozen, inner peas (dried peas), mesquite almonds. Happy shopping!
  13. Lthomas

    need prayers.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you during this difficult occasion :-(
  14. Who's at the pool today? It is a lovely day today. Thinking of taking a swim after I absorb some vit d. I'm almost 6 weeks postop. First time at the pool in a while!
  15. Lthomas

    lahey clinic

    Yep I did. My doc was dr schnelldorfer. They are a bariatric center of excellence. Great place! I am one month postop.
  16. Yea, I've been a vegetarian most of my life! I also like the veggie soy crumbles, add a little taco seasoning or mix it in with marinara, eat with spaghetti squash. Yum!
  17. I'm a vegetarian..I eat a lot of yogurt, cheese, nuts, veggie burgers and tofu. I like the fake sausage patties from Morningstar for Breakfast.
  18. Lthomas

    The dreaded stall -_-

    Same here. Had surgery 6/4, lost 13 lbs first 2 weeks, hit a stall week 3, now just coming out of it (I hope!). Total of 19 lbs lost including preop diet. You are not alone!
  19. Lthomas

    HELP! Snacks!

    Roasted soy nuts or roasted edamame (yummy and satisfyingly crunchy). Roasted seeweed (they sell at trader joes, 60 cals for an entire pack and satisfies the chip/crunchy craving. Pb2, nuts, beef jerky (I'm a vegetarian and don't eat jerky but seems like a good snack).
  20. Lthomas

    Can't see straight!

    Do you have a scopolamine patch (for nausea) behind your ear? Extended use causes double vision. ( Like greater than 3 days). Maybe they forgot to remove it? The patch is commonly given right before they anesthetize you.
  21. Lthomas

    Looking for a drink that tastes like Fresca

    Or you could just buy fresca and let it go flat..?
  22. Also FYI iron supplements make your stools darker..
  23. How would you describe the pain? Sharp.. Dull..Passing gas is a good sign but id rec a stool softener at the very least and making sure you are hydrated. Is the pain diffuse? Are you on ursodiol or. Do you still have your gallbladder. Ruq pain radiating to back can indicate gallstones. Has the pain gone away?
  24. Lthomas

    Maryland anne arundel county

    Hi everyone :-) I live in Bethesda - Montgomery county. 2 weeks postop! Had my surgery 6/4. No issues, tolerating an almost regular diet, but moist foods go down best. Just started the zombies 5k app, trying to work out every other day. So far so good, 18 lbs down including the 2 week preop liquid diet.
  25. Lthomas

    What ya eating tonight?

    Yum, that dish looks tasty! I had some vegetable lentil soup from trader joes, added in some tuna and Tabasco for a kick.

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