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  1. Natasha Estrada

    Embrace the Stall

    You also need to embrace the stall because they will become more and more common the longer it has been since your surgery.
  2. Natasha Estrada

    Isopure drinks

    I make ice cubes out of it and then put those into water
  3. Natasha Estrada

    50 pounds lost- 2 mo postop w/pics

    That's great it took me 3 months to lose the same amount.
  4. Natasha Estrada

    Bread and Biscuits post op

    I had surgery and can tolerate most things but bread is not worth it. Makes me uncomfortably full and you don't get to enjoy it since its only 1-2 bites.
  5. Natasha Estrada

    Stalled so soon

    I got sleeved 12/24 and lost 30lbs in the first 3.5 weeks but I'm now 6 weeks out and have barely lost a pound since then with the scale going up and down between 254 and 258. Part of me is hoping it's something as simple as the scale being broken
  6. Natasha Estrada

    Stalled so soon

    I'm not getting in anywhere near 50 carbs a day. I think that might be my problem not enough calories.
  7. Natasha Estrada

    Stalled so soon

    Thanks guys I think I just needed reassurance that it's normal. It started at week 3 and sort of broke at week 5 but it's still frustrating :/
  8. Well I would want my bmi to be in a range where it is the best for me healthwise not necessarily how I feel I look. Because if I go by looks then I would be happy still being slightly obese. I want to be in that healthy weight range not slightly overweight which a BMI of 29 is. I think a lot of us are more comfortable being slightly "fat" so our vision of too skinny is different. My husband whenever he loses weight always stops too soon and he starts to pack it on again. He thinks a size 36 waist is just fine. He would run faster though which is his hobby with a little less so I remind him of that when he complains of being slow.
  9. Natasha Estrada

    One week post op and only lost 3lbs...

    I'm 6 weeks out and my first week I lost nothing then I lost 25lbs in the next 2 weeks. Then of course I got the dreaded three week stall. It doesn't come in a continuous flow
  10. Yes I know this is a question to ask directly of the office but they haven't mentioned anything so fat other than I have to pay 10% and I was wonder if your surgeon made you pay before surgery. I'm hoping not since my surgery will be right before bonus time so was planning to pay for it with that. I DID have surgery with one of the other surgeons in the office (gallbladder) and didn't pay anything until after the fact. My copay might will also probably max out after surgery with either the surgeons or hospital bill depending on which gets paid first. So you experiences?
  11. Natasha Estrada

    When to change clothing sizes?

    Also check out sites like Threadflip and moddeals
  12. Natasha Estrada

    When to change clothing sizes?

    I started thrifting before I got surgery trying to comb the racks for the best stuff. So I have a little collection of near new JCrew and Banana Republic things to fit into when it's time. Right now I have enough of my old stuff to fit into as a I drop but I plan as much as possible to try and skip 2 sizes at a time rather than one and deal with some bagginess in between. At least for the first 6 months when I'm losing fast. I also sew so that helps a lot.
  13. Natasha Estrada

    How to Convince Dr. that DS is Right For Me

    When I was making the decision between rny and gastric sleeve I was going to the bypass based on that extra few % of excess weight loss but ultimately I realized that I needed to have the least invasive surgery possible that would still get the job down. I'm not sure why people are so gung ho about the DS. Is it all about the weight?
  14. Update. I did not have to pay my coinsurance up front. No one asked me for anything. My coinsurance to the surgeon is only $150 and I think $600 to the hospital so very generous coverage more (or less I guess) than I expected.
  15. I got weighed 2 days before surgery when I signed the consent forms and then right before surgery at the hospital. I weighed the same at the hospital as I did on my own scale that morning so that's my presurgery weight though I am counting total pounds lost also since those 15lbs I did on my own certainly count
  16. Natasha Estrada

    The "bariatric Blues"

    There's a new premium milk out too called Fairlife. It's ultrafiltered so it has 50% more Protein and a lot less sugar they also add lactase. It has 13g of protein per 8oz at 80 calories. It literally was only released last week. It should be nationwide though. I use this now with my Protein powder for an extra kick of protein. http://fairlife.com/our-products/fat-free/ But even if you want to sip on that it's got that 13 grams per cup.
  17. Natasha Estrada

    How to Convince Dr. that DS is Right For Me

    I was 56 BMI when I first saw my surgeon. I actually opted not to even get the bypass and the sleeve instead. It can always be converted later. Thus far I have had great success being down 25lbs in the first 3 weeks out of surgery. My gut feeling as a nurse is that if your having to convince the surgeon it might not be the right choice for you.
  18. Natasha Estrada

    I find no joy in eating

    I think it's probably a good thing. Let's face it most of us got to our highest weight because food was more than a fuel and was entertainment. The question is should we enjoy eating. Of course you're only a month out. I'm only 3 weeks but I'm sure things will change. I have been throwing myself into hobbies and going out rather than eating and restaurants
  19. Natasha Estrada

    I've been denied :(

    And all the money you save from not smoking you can spend on some cute outfits
  20. Natasha Estrada

    I've been denied :(

    I think it would but you don't stay on the patch forever right. Just long enough to quit. The preop process at my surgeons office is about 6 months (8 months for me) so I think they make quit asap.
  21. I just find all the graphics and designs very childlike. Like how the whole internet used to be 10 years ago. Not my aesthetic at all. For me I never look at user's tickers because often people forget to update them etc. I just like to look at the profile bar.
  22. Natasha Estrada

    I've been denied :(

    They can do a nicotine test. Smokers in my surgeon's practice have to quit smoking 10 weeks before surgery and the rest them preop and will cancel surgery if they restart. I guess the 10 weeks part is that if you've been smoke free that long presurgery you're unlikely to restart afterwards.
  23. I find weight loss tickers a little kitschy so that's the reason I don't have one
  24. Natasha Estrada

    Stages of textures

    My surgeons plan has 5 phases and it takes about 2-3 months before you get to the small normal textured food stage. I'm getting sleeved on the 24th and its 2 weeks post op full liquids (maybe thin Protein shakes if the Isopure makes me nauseous) I'm planning to take it as slow as possible. My program required me to take a nutrition class, preop class and 2 sessions with the dietitian so the stages are pretty much drilled into our heads.

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