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  1. My husband and daughter run marathons. I occasionally walk a 5 k and I come in dead last most of the time, if not next to last. They are hard for me and I don't love them. My family runs ahead then circles back to find me and walk me to the finish. I feel very self conscious while doing it. I don't own a sports bra but you don't need them to walk. I am proud that I even did some (total of about 7) but it is hard coming in late. Well in October I am running my first 5k. I found a bra at Old Navy that actually is a sports bra and it fits (amazing). I am trying a program called couch25k. I am going to follow it religiously and this year I will run it and not feel self conscious at all. I came in next to last year because someone got injured and was behind me as a result. It is in my hometown and I saw loads of people I knew. I want it to be different and the 41 pounds I have lost to date is giving me the confidence to try. Posting here for 2 reasons: Because I want to proclaim it so it happens (keep me honest) and I want to encourage others that have no athletic desires or abilities to tell them it can be done.
  2. I am a type 2 diabetic in remission since month 2 after rny. I was on insulin and oral meds prior to surgery This week I have had 3 bouts of low blood sugars hit me suddenly. The first time was while walking and I walked further than normal and it was before dinner so I thought that was why. Blood sugar was 52. 2nd was at night after getting all of my requirements in and just going to bed. Blood sugar was 51. Third was today while at the mall, so I was walking but not at a great pace and I didn't have my meter with me so I don't know the number. I carry a Protein bar with me so that helped. What am I doing wrong? I am so not used to lows!
  3. Sparklingbeauty53

    Low Blood Sugar 3 times this week

    I seem to know it too. It happens fast but I know it so I act immediately and have the tools-though not the tablets. I know Protein helps after you bring the sugar up a little. I will get them tomorrow because I have never had any until now and 3 in one week is too many. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong but after racking my brain maybe not; thus my post. When I was a diabetic type 2 in full swing I maybe had 5 lows in all my years so I know this is nothing to play with. Scary but manageable with the right tools. I believe I will up the number of Protein shakes now too for comfort.
  4. Sparklingbeauty53

    I just wanted to shout...

    You are awesome!
  5. Sparklingbeauty53

    And back in the hospital I go!

    When you are going through this it is so hard. Prayers to you at this time. Hang in there; when this is but a memory it will all be good.
  6. Sparklingbeauty53

    ISO jeans size 12, 11, 10

    Look for Church rummage sales. Lots of bargains and way cheap!
  7. Sparklingbeauty53

    Meal planning after surgery with a foodie spouse.

    Are you going to support meetings? Bring him along so he is prepared for what people face. If he is into this with you he will adapt nicely. There is a gentleman in my support group who had to take over cooking as his wife had complications and he was sharing recipes with us and giving us advice-and he is a comical guy. he cooks all meat at 17 minutes, no longer so she doesn't get sick and it is working for them. If he supports you he will adjust. Have him make homemade chicken broth and freeze it-homemade is so much healthier and tastier!
  8. Sparklingbeauty53

    WLS friendly PCP/GP in South Florida?

    I live north in Palm Beach County but check into the Cleveland Clinic. They have a great weight loss team and I am sure they can recommend great PCPs in your area. Good Luck,
  9. Sparklingbeauty53


    This isn't something you do lightly. Being scared is smart. Research this like it is a thing you need to do a report on. I did that and made pro and con lists. Ultimately for me I had comorbidities and my future at age 53 was not looking bright. I knew it was right. I had research to prove how it would help, how safe it is, etc. My husband was 100% for it but my daughter was not. I educated her on it and laid it out how sick I was and how at risk I was etc. and she came around. I am glad I did it. You must have a discernment time though to figure it out and then once you make your decision you will be set-either way in the process that is right for you. Good luck!
  10. Sparklingbeauty53

    Family Struggle

    I suspect something is going on here involving her fears for you. Talk to her honestly about your decision, research, reasons for why and find out her true feelings about this. Get her to be honest. Tell her the items she is bringing in are tasty but are not good for either of you so why is she bringing them in? What does it really mean? Is she purposely bringing them in to hurt you and your efforts? I think communication is the key here. Maybe she thinks you will die during surgery? Maybe she feels food is love? If she insists on bringing in foods that are bad maybe they could stay in the trunk of the car so they are out of your sight? Strike a deal that certain items are too tempting for you and can't be in the house. You both have to agree on this so she can be your biggest fan as you do this journey.
  11. Sparklingbeauty53

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    Went to buy compression pants for working out and took in a size xl and the sales girl said try a large to try on as she.thought an xl was too big. I tried the large on and they were too big. I own and fit into size medium pants. Unbelievable! The sales staff and I danced the happy dance at the store. What a great memory!
  12. Sparklingbeauty53

    Low Blood Sugar 3 times this week

    Catdaddy thank you for the link. I am researching this now and did read that. I hope this isn't a pattern for me.
  13. Sparklingbeauty53

    Duplicate Posts

    No onions off topic but since rny I crave cooked unions!
  14. Sparklingbeauty53

    7 mos post rny

    Hello! I had RNY in March. There was no requirement of a pre-op diet. I have lost 50 pounds. I am looking at lots of drastic weight loss successes from the same time frame and am see double the weight loss. I am strictly ad hearing to the diet-low carb, 60-80 grams of Protein, etc I am working out 3-4 times a week and this has been since August- prior to that I was not exercising. I am losing slower but I am losing and am happy with that. I am 54 and have PCOS. Not sure if that is a factor with slower weight loss. Diabetes is in remission-yahoo! i am loving the new body and size changes. I am just concerned because I see so much more success listed here at a faster rate. Your thoughts? Also I am doing 60 grams of Protein shakes and then relying on real food Proteins for the rest. Should I be pushing 3 shakes a day?
  15. After surgery and some weight loss clean out your closet and try things own-vow to get rid of big item except for one to keep. Having them gone is a weight off your mind and you'll have nothing to grow back into later. It is a natural high to walk into your closet and know everything fits!!!!!!
  16. Unbelievably I love exercise. Prior to the surgery I hated it. After surgery I kept telling myself to walk and I didn't. I joined a local gym and that has been my saving grace. I love it. I like the variety, the air conditioning and the feeling I get afterwards and it is the secret to my not being hungry. So many people say they never are hungry-I am and I do get hungry! If I go to the gym I don't get the afternoon "hungries" stage though. I work out at my own pace and it is just wonderful. I even own work out clothes-for the first time in my life. Hope you find your new happy place!
  17. Sparklingbeauty53

    Cookie flavors post-op

    Red velvet Protein powder? Do tell-how is it and where can I get some? Sounds refreshingly good if it is tasty. Kindle please share! The question asked here seems to me it would be ok.
  18. The hunger is head hunger most likely. What is making you want to eat? Now is the time to work on the head part. I examined my eating habits and I am "hungry" when I am home alone. I have figured out it is boredom for me. Who knew? Instead of eating I now work out. If I am hungry I ask myself why didn't you go to the gym? Then I go. If I go directly after work then I never get hungry except for meal time. I also only allow Protein Snacks.
  19. Sparklingbeauty53

    Please I could use some support.

    What do you need?
  20. Sparklingbeauty53

    7 mos post rny

    Thank you for the kind words! I needed them. Sounds like you are right on track as well. I am so happy for you. I had to do the same thing with my scale-put it away because I was weighing myself all of the time and it was not good. It is hard not to compare for sure.
  21. Sparklingbeauty53

    Stricture post revision.

    Whew! That is a relief. Then hang in there and realize this will all be worth it down the road this is just the bumpy part.
  22. Sparklingbeauty53

    Stricture post revision.

    It is my impression if you need 3 or more dilations there is an option for a stent. The nurses said that is not what they prefer to do but they will if you need it. i had 2 strictures and have been ok since. I pray for you!
  23. I have had 2 strictures to date and if a food wouldn't clear the opening it came back up, all foods. Now I think I am set with the opening large enough but as I try new things some don't agree. They are coming back up like chicken a lot of the time. Pork tasted good but came back up. Beef is good so far. When it disagrees with me i feel uncomfortable, get the foamies, then it heaves back up with not much effort on my part. This is not dumping right? It is my understanding dumping involves sweats, anxiety, heart palpitations, diarrhea, sometimes vomit, nausea. Am I correct? There is a difference between the two. Right? When they say if a food doesn't agree with you try again in a week. That is different from dumping. I think. I am confused. Help and advice?
  24. Sparklingbeauty53

    Post Op March 2014

    HELLO FRIENDS! I haven't posted in a while. I am not losing like everyone else but I am losing and am happy with that. It is steady yet slow. I have not been exercising regularly until now. No excuses, no reasons, I should have, could have and didn't. I have lost 46 pounds but the inches have been phenomenal. I have lost 37 1/2 inches. I am in a size large for paints and that is wonderful. My top is smaller but still xlarge, down from 2xl/3xl. I am joining a gym today and making it a part of my routine. Saying I am going to walk doesn't cut it.

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