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    anyone in rockland county?

    I live In Suffern and was banded three years ago. What surgeon did you use?
  2. gometros

    Orthodox Jews and Lap Banders

    I'm an observant Jew and I cannot fathom to what you might be referring when you say that someone would get unfilled for Passover. There is no Hallachic reason to gorge oneself during the holiday. The only thing I can think of is the eating of matzoh during the Passover Seder. There are Hallachic laws that govern health, so that the requirement to finish the matzah before the meal, would most likely be covered. While there is a lot of food served during the holiday meal, there is no other law that says it has to be eaten in any quantity. So anybody with a band can eat the way they normally would eat in any other situation. I have no problem getting the amount of Protein I need during Passover, so that is not an issue,and since many breadstuffs are disallowed, who cares? Less carbs. If there is anything else you were thinking in terms of, I'd love to be Enlightened, since I cannot think of any other reason one would need to be unfilled.
  3. gometros

    Any 8/07s out there anymore?

    It's been almost a year since the last post, but I'm back after a long hiatus. This past Friday, I had my port replaced. It was leaking and after months of testing with fills and refills, my doctor decided to replace it. I knew something was wrong when I had no restrictions at all and gained 20 pounds since September. Five days post-op and I can definitely feel the difference.
  4. gometros

    Keeping the lap band a secret from friends and family

    The only people I've told and who need to know were close friends and family or if I knew somebody else who had it or was thinking about it. These asre the people I care about and they know care about me or can relate to what I'm going through. I treated it like any other diet. I didn't need people judging me and that's what usually tends to happen when you have any sudden change of weight. One person in my religious circles would always greet me with "hey skinny", even though after 70 pounds, I was only halfway there. I know she means well, but it still make me feel self conscious. In work, I eat lunch with a regular group of guys. One guy, the group busy body, would constantly comment on how little I was eating. I just ignored it.
  5. I haven't received any new updates through RSS since Nov. 23rd. Has something changed?
  6. gometros

    No RSS feeds since Nov. 23rd?

    Thanks for the responses.
  7. gometros

    Lap band - don't do it!! Scarred for life

    Even with your difficulties, I find it hard to believe that you couldn't find anything more acceptable than "cheetos, chocolate and ice cream". It's not wonder you didn't feel successful.
  8. My wife and I are going on a cruise in October and we've scheduled a couples massage for one of the days at sea. We've done it before and always look forward to it, since it is so relaxing. Now that I have the band, is there anything I have to worry about or should I just tell the masseuse to avoid the spot where the port is located?
  9. gometros

    My Olympic Experience

    That's interesting. I didn't realize they had any metal. I thought they were all some kind of plastic material.
  10. gometros

    Returned shakes to GNC

    I've found GNC is very good about that. I bought some bottles of Isoprotein for right after the surgery when I could only have clear liquids. I overestimated what I needed and a week or so after the surgery returned the excess with no questions asked.
  11. I'm coming up on my first year anniversary and until now, have not really found anything that has given me problems. I got what will probably be my last fill last week, and for the first time, I can feel the difference. I'm not finding foods I have to be careful with, but nothing has really given me trouble as long as I chewed thoroughly and slowly. Yesterday, I ran into my first problem food. I was eating a plum, not too soft, not too hard, and nibbling at it, but halfway through, I started to feel nauseous! I ran to the men''s room and fortunately did not throw up, but it was a weird and surprised feeling. My wife thought it could be the acid in the fruit. I can eat a hard peach (which I love) with no problem, but for a plum to give me trouble wasn't what I was expecting.
  12. gometros

    Disney Day/Weekend Trip?

    I'll be in Florida during that time also (and also a NYer, ex-Pok resident), but unfortunately (or fortunately, depends how you look at it :cool2:) I'll be out at sea on the Disney Magic.
  13. I'll leave this to your cardiologist for the final answer, but I am also a heart attack survivor with one stent. One of the reasons I had lap band as opposed to GNY, was my surgeon felt it was the safer option.
  14. gometros

    Diet Pepsi!!!

    jack - this line caught my eye. Of the three sugar free sweetners, Splenda is my favorite. I've read the disadvantages on all three and just figured it's still better than having sugar (sorry, can't drink my coffe {decaf, of course} without a sweetner). But that comment about stuffiness interested me. I've been dealing with it the past couple of weeks, but always attributed it to allergies. Now, I'm wondering if there is another cause.
  15. gometros

    Flying with the band

    I've flown twice since being banded and x-ray is not a problem. Since the band is not metal, it won't set off any alarms (I even have a stent and a plate in my elbow and they don't set off any alarms). Both of my flights have been to Florida and I've had no problems at all or even any sense that the band was affected.
  16. An Internet troll,, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial and usually irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional response[1] or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion
  17. gometros


    Not frum, but Kosher, if you have any questions in that regard. I live near Monsey.
  18. Hmmm, only 2 posts? Definite troll alert.
  19. gometros

    A Banded Brother

    I've been absent for a while. I hate it when work gets in the way. best of luck to you in your journey. I remember experiencing the same thing with the anesthesia. I had surgeries in the past and thought I knew what to expect, but it was the same thing - they hooked in the line and next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery.
  20. gometros

    NSV (Non Scale Victory)

    The Big & Tall Men's store that I've shopped at for the past umpteen years closed due to a rent increase. Perfect timing, since except for pants, I just found that I can get shirts at "normal" stores. I just went to Kohls this past week and bought a few short sleeve shirts for the summer and they were XL! I haven't been this side of multiple Xs since maybe twenty years ago.
  21. gometros

    Rep Power???

    There was a discussion about this on a thread about the format change. Can you see the comments people make and how?
  22. gometros

    New Formatting Complaint

    That makes sense, Alex. It goes along with the old adage "If you can't say something nice about somebody, say nothing at all" :confused:
  23. gometros

    Passover is comming! Help!!

    Not sure if this was meant as a dietary question or related to Passover restrictions, but pasta is a no-no on Passover, since it is made from wheat. Rice is allowed by Sephardi Jews (those Jews who came from Spain), but not Ashkenazi Jews.
  24. gometros

    Passover is comming! Help!!

    Am I glad I found this topic. I thought I was okay for Pesach, since what I've been eating isn't really affected by the chametz ban. I can stay with my Breakfast of an egg beater omelette and do tuna or spinach pie for lunch. Lucky for me, I work for an Orthodox firm, so I'm off all week and away from away temptations. But, I created a dilemma for myself without thinking about it. I have a scheduled fill next week, meaning I have to drink liquids for a day. Are there an Kosher for Passover Protein shakes around?
  25. gometros

    New Formatting Complaint

    Thanks, I also found the later post that listed the URL http://www.lapbandtalk.com/subscription.php which worked as well.