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  1. Hi, I'm 32, never married, no kids. I'm still finding this dating process to be daunting, and I think I'd be much more comfortable and compatible with another WLS patient. Please contact me if you feel the same way.
  2. triplezero

    New to dating

    Hi, Browsing through the site I stumbled upon your thread about being inexperienced with dating. I can really relate to what you have written and was wondering if we could chat sometime. I'm also 30 (I guess you're 31 now), had the lap-band done in 2008, have maintained a reasonable weight for a while now (~150 - 160), but still have some interpersonal anxieties related to being obese throughout my childhood and adolescence. It would be great to talk with you about your experiences. I have a pretty nonexistent history of dating, and would like to find a relationship, but it's just so hard to know where to begin at this point (it seems like most people paired up around college, so it's hard to not feel insanely far behind and left out). Being private about my weight loss history contributes to social isolation and makes it difficult to open up to anyone. Anyway, I was just hoping to make a friend and have someone to talk with about all this. I live in CA, but it would be great to chat online or via phone. Maybe we could give each other dating advice, or who knows if we might even hit it off (probably a long shot but you never know). I don't have a support group, and I think you said you don't have one either, so let me know if you're interested. I could PM my phone number. Hope to talk with you soon.
  3. triplezero

    Inner Thigh Shapewear

    This problem is embarrassing, but I wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations. I had a tummy tuck and no longer have the apron around my front, but I still have these inner thigh fat/skin rolls that can be seen through most pants. Compression garments advertised for thigh compression that are underwear with longer legs don't seem to work. I need some sort of sleeve to go around my thighs. I was looking at some on amazon that are designed for hamstrings injuries, but I'm not sure if they will work. Any advice? It's getting depressing to have so few options for pants, especially with the thin fabrics this time of year.
  4. triplezero

    Fill doctor in Southern California?

    I needed an emergency adjustment while in SoCal and had a good experience with Dr. Awad in Palm Springs. It might be too far East for you but if you can't find anyone closer, I would recommend him. He was very nice and helpful. It's hard to find good places that accept patients for fills without charring ridiculously high program fees. Dr. Awad at Desert Regional Medical Center charges $250 for fills without a program fee. He was very understanding and gave me the exact fill I needed in one visit.
  5. Thanks for the replies, guys. It's really helpful to hear as many viewpoints as possible. I still have the band for now, and am giving it another try. I have just started a new job that is great but very stressful, and it's probably not in my best interest to have another surgery for the next 4 years or so. At that point, I am already thinking that the sleeve might be my best long-term option, or possibly even the bypass. It was a pain to get that finicky band adjusted properly, as 7.5 gave me all kinds of too-tight symptoms and now 7 cc seems possibly too loose. It seems to be helping for now, though, and my goal for now is to work with the band, even if it takes a year or two to lose 50 pounds. I suspect that the sleeve might be the best way to maintain weight loss long-term, and I would really like to follow your journeys over time.

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