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  16. 176! This morning 44 pounds down, feels so good

    1. BeagleLover


      Wow! I'm getting sleeved this Friday and hope things work out as well for me as they did for you!!

  17. 180 AS OF THIS MORNING!!!! ahhhhhhhh feels so good

    1. Ginger Snaps

      Ginger Snaps

      Woot Woot!!! Love those numbers that end in '0'! I skipped right past 160 this morning and hit 159 instead!


      We have SO got this! :)

    2. OhSoNique
    3. ProudGrammy


      220 to 180!!! you are doing great - keep up the good job!!


  18. 1st monthly visit to my surgeon office today, down 32 pounds since my surgery 7 weeks ago!!! Cleared to do everything, think I am going to try and start a slow jog!

    1. pink dahlia

      pink dahlia

      Great job ! Keep it up !

    2. Ginger Snaps

      Ginger Snaps

      You go girl! I bet in a couple of weeks you'll be doing even more than you did before surgery!

  19. 24! pounds down 195, officially in ONEderland. Whoop Whoop

    1. Zoey716


      YEAH!! Awesome job!! Keep up the GREAT work you are doing!! :)


    2. Ginger Snaps
  20. 20 pounds down!!! 200 trying to get to ONEderland!!

    1. MisPetunia


      right with you, can't wait either

  21. Are you exercising? For me Exercising is essential, my body just does not repond without it. My surgery was on July 16th. Are you watching your carb and fat intake? you should not be eating more than 5% fat or 5% carbs in your food choices, look and the label and see how much carb and fat and then straight across from the grams it should say % and should be 5 or less of each. DRINK YOUR Water and make sure your getting enough Protein daily. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, Good Luck Pamela
  22. I made a roasted chicken and steamed some broccoli rab with 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and pureed them together in added some chicken stock to soften just a bit more and a tiny amount of pecoreno Romano cheese and the Yummy factor was off the charts! Could only eat 3 oz's but hey I had lunch the next day. I am also a cottage cheese eater, so I also like 1/4 cup CC mixed with a spoon of no sugar apple/pear sauce, cold and refreshing.
  23. 100% agree! I used to be able to eat and eat and eat! I had sleeve on July 16th and let me tell you that decision saved my life. Now as ml75 said my stomach is as big as a short highlighter and I can only eat about 3-4 ounces and I am satisfied and full. I like many had tried every diet on the market, lost 10 pounds here and there and would eventuality gain i tall back! Knowing myself, I knew I needed structure added to my eating and got that from my sleeve. I am still in mushies stage and choosing to eat the lowest possible amount of carbs and fat I can find, which is soooo much easier than everybody thinks, you just have read your labels, its there in black and white. They stress Protein, protein, protein because when you go into weightless mode by eating protein first you don't burn muscle as you lose. I love the feeling of restriction after like 4 bites of food, to quote ml75, "no room, no binge" Working out on my treadmill everyday and have dropped 20 pounds already. Getting the sleeve is the easy part! Good Luck Pamela

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