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  1. I have just had my first fill in 1.5 years. My surgery was performed in May 2014. I lost over 108 lbs and I was so proud of myself. Here's the bad part, I became over confident in myself, thought I could start eating a few things here and there that I knew were bad for me but of course I thought I was invincible. I never went back to the doctor because I felt so embarrassed as the weight creeped back on. Well fast forward to today, I have gained back 55 lbs. of my 108 lb. loss and feel like a complete failure. I have picked myself up though and went back to the doctor today, had a fill and I'm restarting my weight loss journey all over again. Just want to tell everyone to not give into the temptation if you've lost a lot of weight because here I am 1.5 years later 55 lbs. heavier. I WILL lose this weight and get to my goal again. It's good to be back on bariatric pal. This was always such a great support system for me. Thanks for listening
  2. Cindi2014

    Having Trouble With Slime And Burping

    Hi - I have been under a terrible amount of stress and tonight I took 4 bites of dinner and immediately got that terrible pain like someone is sitting on your chest then came the sliming. I haven't experienced such pain like this before. Do you think it could be the stress that I'm under tightening the band?
  3. Cindi2014

    I'm back. Ready to restart

    Thanks so much. It really does help knowing people are here for me. Best of luck to you too.
  4. Well I did it :) I have lost exactly 100 lbs. in not even 8 months. 20 more to goal. I am thrilled beyond words. I love my lapband. Happy Holidays everyone :)

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    2. ProudGrammy


      100 lbs down!!! welcome to the century club!! keep up the great job for the rest of your healthier, happier, longer liife

    3. BeagleLover


      Fantastic accomplishment!

    4. IcanMakeit


      What a great Christmas present you have given yourself. Congratulations. Enjoy your new, healthier life.

  5. I only had headaches for a short period. They were horrible but they passed. Once I was on mushy food, they stopped.
  6. Cindi2014


  7. Cindi2014


    From the album: Cindi2014

  8. 80 lbs. down today, 40 more to go. So happy!!

    1. gbb77901


      Congratulations on the weight loss!!!

    2. friendly5




    3. Cindi2014
  9. I promise you that it will get better. I had to take the pain medication for 1 week straight. After that, each day got so much better and 4 months later I am totally comfortable with my band. You'll get through it. Start walking as soon as you can. That helps tremendously. Best of luck
  10. Woohoo!!! 75 lbs. lost as of today. So thrilled :)

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    2. Kerry 5570

      Kerry 5570

      Congratulations :)


    3. Cindi2014


      Thanks everyone :) Just feels so good to be healthy again.


    4. Vtsoutherngal


      Wow! You go girl!!

  11. Cindi2014

    How much have you lost?

    I started out at 268. I am now 196. 72 lbs. lost. Surgery on 5/5/14. Love my band
  12. Huge moment for me. Finally down to 199 lbs. I LOVE my band :)

    1. Comeflywithme


      CONGRATS! Welcome to One-derland!! Love it!

    2. dlamp112


      AWESOME! Congrats :)

  13. 63 lbs. lost as of today. Another 6 more and I'm in Onederland. Yay !!

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    2. Cindi2014


      Thanks everyone :)


    3. Vtsoutherngal


      WOW WTG! you are on a roll!!!


    4. Vtsoutherngal


      WOW WTG! you are on a roll!!!


  14. I did 4 slimfast high protein shakes a day plus at night I was allowed to have 1 cup of soft cooked veggies. I was getting in about 80 grams of protein a day.
  15. So happy! Banded May 5th, down 50 lbs. today. Love my band :)

  16. I promise you all that it will get better. I had discomfort for a week, I couldn't sleep on my sides for 2 weeks. I recommend walking as much as possible, will help you feel better and also will help with the gas. Also, don't be afraid to take the pain medication. I took it for a solid week and had no problems. I also think it's a good idea to start taking a stool softener. I suffered terribly from constipation and wish someone had told me to start with them early. Other than that, you'll do great. Most importantly, stay positive and look forward to reaching your goal. You can do it. Just keep saying that over and over.
  17. I did the slimfast high protein shakes. They were actually pretty delicious. I still do a shake for breakfast. During the liquid diet, I did 4 shakes and lived on chicken broth, sugar free jello and ice pops. You'll get through it, just try to stay positive
  18. Cindi2014


    I started out walking just 10 minutes a day. 2 months post-op, I am walking for an hour, 2+ miles. I feel so much better and I'm really seeing a difference. I no longer get winded which is a blessing. Hoping to join a gym soon too.
  19. 43 lbs. lost. 75 more to go. ugh, lol

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    2. BladeFox


      Think of it as no longer needing to lose 100!!! Congrats!

    3. dlamp112


      That's wonderful @Cindi2014. Your making great strides, and this train will not stop. Great job ;)

    4. Vtsoutherngal


      You are doing great! I'm still at 34

  20. 8 weeks post op tomorrow and down 40 lbs. today! Yippee!

    1. Vtsoutherngal



  21. Oops, I meant wonderful NSV today....finally fit into the booth at the diner without feeling squished, lol

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    2. pink dahlia

      pink dahlia

      Great job ! Keep iit up !

    3. Cindi2014


      Thank you!!! Feels great.

    4. Vtsoutherngal


      Love those NSVs

  22. Wonder NSV today....finally fit into the booth at the diner without feeling squished, lol

  23. Had my first fill today. Nothing to it. Only put 1.5cc's in. 32 lbs. gone!. Yay!

    1. #9grammy


      Does it hurt?

    2. Cindi2014


      it doesn't hurt any more than getting blood work done and it was very very fast. You'll be fine!


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