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  1. @@blashlee 13:00 is perfect!
  2. @@blashlee I'm doing the tinkerbell half that sunday! Do you know anymore bariatric folks doing it? good luck!
  3. @@VSGAnn2014 @@Kindle @@AlanaRN I guess as long as we stay active, our body needs it. Not sure why I am freaking out over calories, pre op I could eat mountains of food in one sitting lol
  4. @@JamieLogical well, good job on portioning those out and saying no on your off days. I want my brain to be cooperative, I am getting there
  5. progress shots! my arms are sagging bad though!
  6. @@bikrchk thanks, I just needed to hear it. It seems on some on line weight loss surgery forums people post pictures of themselves eating bird sized portions. Anyway, awesome profile pic btw
  7. @@JamieLogical I was getting around 70-80grams a day but after that almost fainting spell I am up to 120grams. Glad to hear you are incorporating carbs but truly I do not trust myself to add a carb like granola. Overeating on things like carbs are a couple of the reasons I had this surgery, I am not ready to trust myself. And thank you
  8. @@JamieLogical @@jess9395 Thanks, Ive been listening to my body and it asks for more protein!
  9. @@AngelaE thank you!!! I'm trying to add more Water...I find getting enough harder than eating. I am a little scared of carbs right now, I dont think I can trust myself around them lol
  10. @@Recycled thanks for the response! when I get cravings or a snack attack my body asks for a protein bar or a meat and cheese rollup. I seem to have stopped craving junk!
  11. @@Debbieduck4 hello, and thank you for the advice. Its a small business and there is no HR. But I talked to my boss about her...I didnt put her down or say negative things about her but I was very blunt about the situation. It felt good, my boss was cool about it and glad he knows! At least he is on my side!
  12. @@Miss Mac thank you for the advice...I do want to leave, its a dead end job anyway. Going to a job fair this saturday actually:D
  13. Am I eating too much? I am averaging 1100-1200 calories a day, mostly high Protein, no carbs. I go to crossfit twice a week, running twice a week, working out at home. I am training for a half marathon and ran 9 miles last saturday. Most people I ask seem to say 800-850. I try to eat less but I am not sure I can. After a 4 mile jog a week ago I almost blacked out....so I added an extra Protein shake a day and feel better. I guess I am terrified of stretching my sleeve I was stalled but seem to be losing again, this week I went from 181 to 178 What do you guys think? My next doc appointment is in a couple weeks and I just want others opinions.