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  1. @@blashlee 13:00 is perfect!
  2. @@blashlee I'm doing the tinkerbell half that sunday! Do you know anymore bariatric folks doing it? good luck!
  3. Am I eating too much? I am averaging 1100-1200 calories a day, mostly high Protein, no carbs. I go to crossfit twice a week, running twice a week, working out at home. I am training for a half marathon and ran 9 miles last saturday. Most people I ask seem to say 800-850. I try to eat less but I am not sure I can. After a 4 mile jog a week ago I almost blacked out....so I added an extra Protein shake a day and feel better. I guess I am terrified of stretching my sleeve I was stalled but seem to be losing again, this week I went from 181 to 178 What do you guys think? My next doc appointment is in a couple weeks and I just want others opinions.
  4. @@VSGAnn2014 @@Kindle @@AlanaRN I guess as long as we stay active, our body needs it. Not sure why I am freaking out over calories, pre op I could eat mountains of food in one sitting lol
  5. Anybody know anything about laws/rights for taking time off work off for plastics? I live in california and work for a small business. . thank you!
  6. @@JamieLogical well, good job on portioning those out and saying no on your off days. I want my brain to be cooperative, I am getting there
  7. progress shots! my arms are sagging bad though!
  8. @@bikrchk thanks, I just needed to hear it. It seems on some on line weight loss surgery forums people post pictures of themselves eating bird sized portions. Anyway, awesome profile pic btw
  9. @@JamieLogical I was getting around 70-80grams a day but after that almost fainting spell I am up to 120grams. Glad to hear you are incorporating carbs but truly I do not trust myself to add a carb like granola. Overeating on things like carbs are a couple of the reasons I had this surgery, I am not ready to trust myself. And thank you
  10. @@JamieLogical @@jess9395 Thanks, Ive been listening to my body and it asks for more protein!
  11. @@AngelaE thank you!!! I'm trying to add more Water...I find getting enough harder than eating. I am a little scared of carbs right now, I dont think I can trust myself around them lol
  12. @@Recycled thanks for the response! when I get cravings or a snack attack my body asks for a protein bar or a meat and cheese rollup. I seem to have stopped craving junk!
  13. Shortly before my surgery a supervisor stopped speaking to me because I "gave her attitude" about my time off for bariatric surgery. This is after 12 years of working together and what I would call friendship. She is not the only person to react negatively to my surgery; a cousin of mine was angry I had surgery. When I had my preop clearance the psychologist asked if I wanted to discuss changing relationships and I declined. Does anyone know any notable articles or info on this subject? I feel as if I am on thin ice at work and may be fired; I can guarantee this would not have happened if I had not had surgery. Wondering how it would play out if I took this to court.
  14. @@Debbieduck4 hello, and thank you for the advice. Its a small business and there is no HR. But I talked to my boss about her...I didnt put her down or say negative things about her but I was very blunt about the situation. It felt good, my boss was cool about it and glad he knows! At least he is on my side!
  15. @@Miss Mac thank you for the advice...I do want to leave, its a dead end job anyway. Going to a job fair this saturday actually:D
  16. mercy96

    Breastfeeding after surgery?

    hi, I continued to breastfeed my two year old after surgery. I thought my milk would dry up after spending that night at the hospital away from him but it didnt! Also, I didnt need pain meds so I wasnt worried about poisoning him or anything I actually blamed not being able to lose weight on breastfeeding and hormones. Now that I am postop I realize it was just an excuse and my eating was to blame
  17. mercy96

    October 2014 sleevers check in please!

    sleeved 10-1-14 HW 247 SW 234 CW 181 GW 145 Currently stalled, worried I am eating too much. Those eating issues are one of the reasons I had the surger
  18. The last time we really spoke she said i was ungrateful at how wonderfully she has treated me Over the years. She deleted me from Facebook. Really, she has been a bit of a pain over the years. The relationship is not worth salvaging. If I had not had surgery everything would be okay between us. But hey, I had to rock the Boat. Thanks for the advice. Can't wait to lose 40 more pounds and see how the world treats me
  19. Ok so I'm down 50 pounds and starting to sag according to my doctor. I've got 40 more pounds to go. My biological clock is also ticking. Should I get plastics or baby first? I really don't know what to think. I'd appreciate advice
  20. @@Comeflywithme I sit next to this person all day...it is so negative. I am having trouble securing employment elsewhere....Ive lost about 50 pounds already. I wonder if I lose 40 more I may find better employment. Its a judgmental world and you are right I do try to shrug it off and go about my day but its hard at times. My son was very sick and she never once asked if he was okay. I know theres plenty of articles about WLS and romantic relationships but not about work relationships LOL
  21. @@proudgrammy oh no1 I thought I hit the @mention for all of you! So sorry! I thank you for your encouraging words! Health first! THEN BABY! Thank you and congrats on your weight loss!!
  22. @@Dr-Patient @@AvaFern @@Elode Thanks ladies...its been stirring in my mind! I am not getting any younger, so I just have to trust that I will have a fit and healthy pregnancy and can whip myself into shape postpartum
  23. @Elode @nursmate2 thank you ladies! Protein shakes for Breakfast and lunch, gym after work~! And I wish Water was easier to get down than snack foods lol