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  1. Sunday morning I woke up got aout of bed and noticed one of my feet was a bit puffy at the ball. Figured it was because I wore tennis shoes the day before. Through out the day my foot started hurting more and more. By the late afternoon I was in terrible pain. Monday morning I woke up and the pain was very intense. On a scale of 1 to 10 it was at a 9. I have a high tolerance for pain compared to most. Ended up calling in sick to work because I neede crutches to get around and went to the doc. Turned out I have gout which I have never had before. The cure for gout is heavy duty anti inflamitories which I was told I could never have again after having my sleeve. Turns out that is not true, but you want to limit it as much as possible. There are many possible reason for the gout. 1) high protien diet, 2) rapid weight loss, 3) alcohol ( which I have given up). Has anyone else experience gout after surgery? If so, what coarse of action did you take. Did you try reducing your protien intake? I find it hard to beleive its a protien issue. Sure, we are on a high Protein diet, but in my case even with protein being the goal I am still eating much less protein than before surgery. I have to conclude that the main cause is rapid weight loss. What are your thoughts? I hope this does not come and go once I get to maintanance. It fricking hurts a lot.
  2. par1959

    Buyer's Remorse?

    Ditto it just early. Just wait until you start buying ne clothes nd people notice you. Its a great ride
  3. par1959

    Fruit craving

    I eat 2 serving of fresh fruit daily. My blood sugar will run low if I dont.
  4. par1959

    Loose skin...

    I just went past the 1 year mark. Your skin will tighten up. Exercise helps a lot. Did you know a surgen wont even look at your until 6 months after you stop losing weight. Just be patient.
  5. par1959

    Surgery and experience advice

    In my support group several memebers have switched and love it. For the most part bands are not done anymore.
  6. In my journey, I found it to be 95% diet. Exercise does increase the metabolism. My might be because i had to lose weight before I foundmy new hobby of running. Running allows me to not worry about what I eat.
  7. Nisasio, Having been very successful in my weight loss adventure, I can personally say that it changes one out look. The split up percentages are high because of this change. It's not because one no longer cares for the spouse. One finds there is more to life and doesnt want to be involved with others that doent understand this change. For me, weight loss means no longer drinking. My spouse still wants to get hammered every night. I on the other hand have learned how to cope with life without the booze. I no longer want to be around those that do. Women I personally know that have lost the weight no longer want a husband that doesnt support their decision and would have preferred them to stay fat. Life is to short to tolerate things that one doesnt like or approve of.
  8. par1959

    working out and not losing weight

    Trust me on this. 95% of your weight loss will come by diet not exercise. Give yourself a chance to heal and eat properly drink lots of water and be patient. The weigh will come off. Your going to hit stalls you will adventually come to terms mentally with the stalls. It took me 5 months to feel 100%. Then at about 9 months I discovered I could run. In Febuary, I started running and now have 2 half marathons under my belt and various other distances. Sure you will lose some weight exercising, but what I have found is once I lost the weigh running allows me to eat a bit more without gaining it back . This does not mean you dont have to watch what you eat but you will be able to absorb a few more carbos. In short, weight loss is one nutrtional set of rules were athletics comes under another set of dietary rules. Learn the weigh lose rules first. Make them second nature. Once you have lost most the weight and you increase exercise schedule a appointment with your nut and look at your nutritional needs. Also be aware that you can run into to blood sugar problems. As in being to low. You will get dizzy and feel a bit of anxiety if this happens. I found a couple of serving of fruit daily keeps me balanced.
  9. There are several products I like the fit bit zip. It about $50 and is accurate within 5%. You can also track meals on their website and has a cell phone app.
  10. This is why, I personally would not chose to get a mexican sleeve. I like having recoarse should something not go as planned. However, many here have had great result in mexico. I think all of us are scared pre-op. I was scared to death and thought about backing out. Luckly my support group was great and I came though with flying colors. 10 months out I feel like superman and wish I had done it sooner.
  11. par1959

    Need advice

    First a sleeve has less complications than a bypass. Both surgeries do work well. Generally a bypass is used on one that is super obese. A sleeve can also be changed into a bypass at a later date. I am sure there are great surgeons in Mass. I recommend finding a weight loss clinic that has a standing support group. Take you time an do your own homework. There is a lot of information to digest. Always remembereither surgery is just a tool. YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK FOR IT. This is a life time commitment. It has been well worth it for me.
  12. par1959


    No, dont worry about cough drops. Whatever it takes to make you feel better though your cold.
  13. par1959

    How many calories a day?

    You are doing fine. One thing I learned is weight loss is 95% food intake. It toook me 5 months to get my energy back. I am now at 10 months 130 lbs down and started training for a 1/2 marathon in April. Last week I ran a 15 K. Give your self time. As my mentor says do most of the stuff , most of the time and you will lose most of the weight. You wont regret this ride.
  14. I weighed and measured everything for a short time. I can eye ball 4 oz of protein and a 1/4 cup of food without thinking. Once in a while I will weigh or measure something to make sure my eyes havent grown. Surpisingly I'm alway very close. What keeps me on track is jumping on the scale each morning. That measurment, tells me how I need to behave.
  15. par1959

    Taking Back the Sleeve!

    This is exactly why I weigh every day and track intake. If I see a trend over a weeks time I make adjustments. AT least 1th a month I go back on the pre sugery diet for 5 days and it level sets me. Also make sure to get 10K steps a day in. It takes a bit of time to notice but it really helps.
  16. par1959

    First 5k

    Good for you. I started training the 2nd of Feb and finished my first 15K on saturday. Goal is half maratnon in mid April. If you havent already, research Jeff Galloway. He developed the walk run training method. My current pace is run 3 walk 1. Lots of good info on Jeff's web site. Once I figured out I could run its become addictive. I also highly recommend fitbit. Get those 10,000 steps in each day. It's suprising how much that helps.
  17. I guess it depends on what an individual considers a large amount of time. In reality, logging ones intake takes at the most 10 minutes per day. In my real time support group I have heard house wives that don’t work complain about not being able to lose weight. The first thing the nut is going to ask is to see a log of what they have eaten. Their response is they don’t have enough time to log food. Makes me laugh. I work full time and find time to exercise and have a life. The 125 lbs I have lost has given me more time and energy. Logging my intake is easy and takes minute. After a while you will know portions by heart and the various on line logs take most of the work out of it. Bottom line, when somebody tells me they don’t have time to log means they are looking for excuses. In short, BS.
  18. par1959

    Mederma or scar cream?

    The holes they put in you arent big enough to worry about.
  19. I question the cause cancer statement. Nitrates also get called out for causing cancer. Turns out they can if you eat them in huge quantities or if you subject them to high heat then eat them but in the amounts one finds in their food they are not a problem.
  20. Its you. There shouldnt be that much pain.
  21. par1959

    Calorie Intake!

    Losing weight is 95% diet and 5% excercise. Your only out 6 weeks give your body 5 or 6 months to heal and stick to the diet plan. The weight WILL come off. Exercise will come. At 7 months out I found by accident that I could run a couple miles with relitive ease. Now I run everyonther day and have my first 1/2 marathon scheduled.
  22. par1959

    Sewing machines

    Sewing machines range from a few hundred dollars to 20k. If I were you I would look for used. Yes all the bells and whissles sound like a good idea but do you need 800 fonts with ebroidery capability. Probably not. I prefer older vikings and phaffs that can handle button loops and zig zag. Another favorite is a feather weight. Bullet proof little machines. Did you know most consumer only put 30 hours on a new sewing machine. The other issue like with bernina is that the new very expensive machines require expensive software upgrades. Bernina is a racket.
  23. par1959

    Strained Cream Soup question

    I just blended the stuff
  24. par1959

    108 lbs

    Wow. That is some rapid loss. It's a good feeling.

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