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  1. SimplySue


    What she said[emoji322][emoji322] (Congrats & great screen name.) I have the 24601 t-shirt[emoji6]
  2. SimplySue

    Lying to feel better?!?

    My mama always said, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". We are human, we are imperfect & after WLS, we are constantly learning. Be kind, be gentle or be quiet.
  3. I have one on work days for breakfast & drink it throughout the morning. Usually Trutein- different flavors to keep it interesting, Trader Joes coffee concentrate, half of a frozen banana (makes a nice texture). Prior to surgery, I would often forget breakfast & now I don't like hot coffee, but still like the kick. I'm 7 months out & when I asked the NP about this, she said that the most successful patients will cont with protein shake daily!
  4. SimplySue

    Share your rants about the fashion industry!

    Long sleeve shirts in plus sizes that are bigger in the chest, but not the arms & unlike @@JamieLogical I need pants that are looser in the waist, tighter in the hips! & since when is a 12 "plus size"??
  5. SimplySue

    Anybody older doing this?

    I was 51 when sleeved in October & am down 94.5 lbs total, 84.5 lbs since surgery. Planning to do my 1st 5k this weekend ( walking mostly), but something I couldn't even consider 8 months ago! There's actually a group on here called "New to Fifties group" for those "older" ( even includes some in their 60s), but I feel younger now than before surgery.
  6. SimplySue

    October 2014 sleevers check in please!

    Congratulations!!! & thank you for the inspiration, plus now I don't feel like a slacker since you started a year ahead of me????
  7. SimplySue

    New to fifties group

    Thank you, but will mostly be walking, 1st running 5k will be December & thank you @@mjmboston .
  8. SimplySue

    New to fifties group

    CONGRATULATIONS ???????????? what a great accomplishment & such hard work!
  9. SimplySue

    New to fifties group

    How fun to read all the updates. @ -the sleeve was my 1st surgery ever, so I wasn't sure how it would go. I did wonder in the 1st week-"what was I thinking?!?", but not since. A lot of folks say they regret not doing it sooner, but I just feel like this was the right time for me. I'm nearly 7 months out, I can eat most foods- just not a lot. My weight loss has slowed, I hit my 1st real stall in April & finally broke today! Down 91 lbs total from HW, 81 from surgery weight , planning my 1st 5k at the end of this month???? biggest thing for me was getting the energy back took a while & my hair is thinning greatly, but that too will return.
  10. SimplySue

    New to fifties group

    @@mjmboston - Thank you! I agree, that # of calories is a bit scary. I also have been averaging 900-1000, but I'm a bit farther out than you & the 6+ month diet plan was 1300-1500, but I thought the 3-6 month plan was 1000-1300. I'm sure it also depends on how much you're exercising- I'm just walking at this point & she recommended adding toning & resistance. I've lost about 8-10 lbs per month since the beginning of the year. I figure as long as I'm going down that's the important part. When I was really successful at weight watchers years ago, I was a slow looser then too. Plus some days I can only eat so much (lite days) & then other days have a greater capacity- no rhyme or reason & I don't push it.
  11. SimplySue

    Newbie looking for Oct sleevers!

    @@stephh -Wow!! Sounds like your doing awesome!!! 78% is phenomenal & running too. What an inspiration.
  12. SimplySue

    Newbie looking for Oct sleevers!

    @@aSleeveStory You could be taking in more salt when you travel by eating out at restaurants more plus air & auto travel can cause some swelling in your legs. @stepph how are you doing?
  13. SimplySue

    Newbie looking for Oct sleevers!

    @@shmeyers , that is awesome for you!!
  14. SimplySue

    October 2014 sleevers check in please!

    @@Meonthelist , what a great idea & YAY!! For you. I remember texting my husband & telling him "I lost a Murphy" when I hit 68 lbs down/Murphy is our 1 yo hound puppy who weighed 68 lbs- I don't think I'd get him on the scale with me! @@cornhusker - that is just incredible!! @@bonsaiway YAY also for you!! & @@VSGmary that is terrific news!
  15. SimplySue

    New to fifties group

    @@bestisyettocome859 Welcome, you are so close:) & @@beachgal2935 Hope you're recovery is going smoothly & so sorry to hear about you father in law, it's never easy, no matter what their age.

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