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  1. Savedbygrace22

    Counting calories?

    How far out are you and how many calories do you consume on a daily basis? Just to know that this is not a forever thing will help. LOL
  2. Savedbygrace22

    Counting calories?

    I am not able to exercise very much due to an imbalance problem and disc and ortho. problems so until then I have to keep my calories low. It's not easy, but I must succeed.
  3. Savedbygrace22

    Counting calories?

    My surgeon told me to stop counting and stop watching the scale. I did and realized that I had stalled for months. I literally did not lose but about 10 lbs in 3 months! I had logged religiously but did not weigh often. But when I stopped doing both, I set myself up for a big disappointment. Now I log and weigh daily and have been losing since then. I am a slower loser. My VSG was 4/30/14 and I have lost 111 lbs as of today. But I will take that; it's better than going backwards, and believe me I have done that too. I use Lose It and keep my calories most days around 800. I have 67 lbs to get to my surgeon's goal weight for me. But I will go lower and see what weight feels best. Good luck, you can do this and we will all eventually reach our goals. It's so much easier with the apps. Try and see which one works best for you.
  4. Definitely sounds like the 3 wk. stall so don't be discouraged. I had a 3 month stall and know how disappointed one can get. I thought I had escaped the stall but it hit later. Just stay true to self and know that when you continue to eat small the weight has to come off. I am a slow loser but I Continue to lose. This will work for you. Talk with your nutritionist if you need to but don't be discouraged. Success is waiting for you just around the corner.
  5. Savedbygrace22

    April 30th!

    Kpay10, I am so proud of you! I had my vsg on 4/2914, have lost about 110 lbs; and still have about 70 to go. I noted that you do not eat carbs; I can't imagine giving up all carbs. That's probably the reason I'm still struggling to get the last 70 lbs off. Can you share with us what you eat in the course of a day? I have so many stalls. ????
  6. Savedbygrace22

    April 30th!

    Thanks Michelle for the encouragement. I have been away from the website for a while, but since I've been back for three days the weight has started to move downward again. You are right, we just need to do our best and keep doing what worked for us in the beginning; and the weight will come off. Although sometimes it moves very slowly with stalls here and there. There's nothing like team support to get through the hard times. You hang in there, we can do this together!
  7. Savedbygrace22

    April 30th!

    What a wonderful time in your lives, a precious baby! I am so happy for both of you! I had surgery April 30, 2014 and still have about 70 more lbs. to lose. I too have carb struggles. Wish me well; I have been at a stall for weeks.
  8. Savedbygrace22

    Hungry when drinking enough

    You are not alone. I just finished the last of my 64 oz. I am in bed. I feel like I could raid the kitchen and eat another meal. I was perfectly full when I still needed 30 more gms of protein. Well, I struggled and met that goal. I was relieved to not have to eat again; just needed to finish drinking. I finished drinking and sure enough here comes the hungries. Perhaps we should get our 64 oz in early and make our protein last in our stomach to keep us from being hungry. It makes sense to go to bed with the feeling of satiation.
  9. Savedbygrace22

    African American Sleevers

    Mizz S. Yeaaaa for you on progressing to the next phase! But don't forget you still will need to sip sip sip! You got this now! You survived on your own without having to have supplemental fluids. ( believe me it does happen) I applaud you! You will start to feel better and more like your normal self again now. Best wishes.
  10. Savedbygrace22

    African American Sleevers

    Mizz Shon, Have you contacted your surgeon? You may need IV fluids. I know that it is difficult right now but if you can, you must sip sip sip in very small baby sip amounts. Does it hurt to swallow normally without drinking anything? Is your throat sore? Did you have just the VSG or did you have Hietal Hernia surgery as well? Whatever the case if you are not able to get the fluids down you need help. Please call your surgeon, so you can get help; they are there to help you in circumstances like this. Here's hugs and well wishes to you; it will get better. Let us know your progress.
  11. Savedbygrace22

    I stink!

    I'm glad I could help! Now go and rock those sleeves!
  12. Savedbygrace22

    African American Sleevers

    Plum love, Your body is just adjusting to your wt loss. For stalls, do something different that your body is not expecting . Change up your exercise routine, increase your water intake, lower your carbs for a day or something that is out of the ordinary. If you run every day, do strength training instead . Someone said they increased their calories for a day. Doing something that your body is not expecting will get that metabolism moving again. Whatever the case, always continue to follow the rules and the weight will come off. We have time to wait. It will start up again. Plus if we lose slowly our skin will have time to shrink with our bodies. You got this! You can and will do this thing!
  13. Savedbygrace22

    RAP Protein Gummy Snacks

    Ok I see, you drink them completely flat. Are you allowed a straw and gum. My plan says nerer to gum and straws, and eventually flat SF soda. Forget the soda, I can live without that. But more, much more than I miss bread and sugar, I really miss my straws and gum. :-(
  14. Savedbygrace22

    RAP Protein Gummy Snacks

    Haddock eyes, Does your plan allow you to drink diet soda? Mine states that carbonation, straws, and gum are not to be consumed as carbonation stretches the stomach, and excess air from swallowing with straws and chewing gum can do the same. It's funny how so many plans have such different instructions for the same surgery.
  15. Savedbygrace22

    26 hours out and things no one told me

    I'm sorry you had those problems. I was thankful that I did not have that dreaded catheter. It causes me pain during and even after it is removed. So by not having one, that was one less discomfort. I didn't mind getting up to urinate. It didn't take very long and I didn't have to go very often. Plus the bed was right beside the bathroom door instead of across the room as in previous hospitalizations. So when I would go to the restroom I also took a walk. First walk I went so far ( high as a kite) that I got lost. Ha! Hiccoughs were not painful for me just annoying; and so was trying to eat. Noise, gurgle gurgle... I did not have a bed of roses like some do. I had a fever, bad bad headache and ended up being in the hospital an extra day. I had hietal hernia surgery during my procedure as well but did not have the chest pain, discomfort, and burning that some people experience when they have the hernia surgery with their sleeve . I did have some pain as I expected but not too horrible because the nurses were very attentive to my needs and brought my meds right away: so I soon forgot about it and went to sleep. I did not have a pain pump. Can't believe it. It was so surreal. Had no anxieties before surgery, but rather; perfect peace. I knew this surgery was for me. Everyone is so different that we all have different experiences. I am amazed at those who breeze through with little or no pain Meds post op. I was reaching for my Meds up to two wks later. LOL But seriously, pain control aids healing. So if you have pain, please address it, so that the recovery is smoother. No badges are given for suffering, so do yourself a favor: if you hurt, please do take your Meds. Hope this helps pre Sleevers and newbys.

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