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  1. Alex Hudson

    Tomorrow is the big day!

    The best part of your journey begins tomorrow! Best wishes buddy!
  2. Alex Hudson

    Calorie Intake - Postop VSG

    Hi guy! Just had my 3 month follow-up today. I am at 260 and have been going from 257 to 263 to about two weeks now. I have been doing two miles on the treadmill each morning and just added weights in the afternoon. I keep my calories between 700-1000 a day. My doc said not to worry about being stuck. I am still loosing inches slowly and with the added exercise I am most likely adding muscle but still loosing fat. I feel great (most days) lol. One strange thing was that my Protein level was a little low. Hard to believe since I am consuming almost nothing but protein. Just keep up the good work and you will start loosing again. Alex
  3. Alex Hudson

    Any April Sleevers?

    2 Months Today! 56lbs down! Wish I had more time to go to the gym but with 14 hour work days it is kinda hard.
  4. Alex Hudson

    VSG in the AM

    Good Luck! Everything will go great! 4/2/14 Sleeve and 56lbs down!
  5. Alex Hudson

    FitBit Friends?

    Hi Josh! I use a Jawbone Up. Not sure if we can friend across platforms. Feel free to contact me anytime. Alex - alexhdsn1@gmail.com
  6. I am 14 days post-op and down 25lbs. I stayed on liquid until yesterday when I saw my doc for the 1st visit. I was shocked to see I had dropped 25. She and I were discussing weight loss before I was weighed because I felt I hadn't lost much. She stated that since I had not lost much pre-op most of my weight loss at this point would most likely be Water weight and that it depends on my start weight, pre-op loss, and how my body adjusts to the surgery. I have been walking everyday and starting on pureed now.
  7. SO glad I just found this forum! Sleeved on 4/2. Still in the "what have I done phase." I have been in the Bear community forever and feeling rather alone now.
  8. Alex Hudson

    Any April 2nd Sleevers?

    4/2'er here. Not doing bad on getting in the Protein but dont think I have lost a pound. My belly looks bigger than pre-surgery.
  9. Keep telling yourself it is mind hunger! It is,. I am 11 days post op. I am ok until the roommate comes home and prepares his meals, I have to go into my room, close the door and light a candle regardless of not being physically hungry. The smell gets you.
  10. Alex Hudson

    Stall is depressing me :-(

    10 days post op. I haven't weighed but don't feel like I have lost anything. My belly actually looks bigger to me. I see the doc on Tuesday.

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