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  1. Hi all Been awhile for me... but wanted to post an article recently written in my band ‘experience’. Very pleased.... honestly, never an issue and pretty simple overall. If I can do it, you can too. Give it a thought. If I can help, let me know! http://www.townvibe.com/Ridgefield/September-October-2018/Worth-the-Weight/ john
  2. Thank you! Feel good... most importantly, healthy
  3. Thanks! It takes work, like all the options available to us. But honestly, wasn’t terrible. Just became the ‘model patient’ and did as instructed.
  4. CTJohn

    If my experience can help you..l

    I’m actually in Ridgefield CT. 🙂
  5. Before, obviously 🙂 Post lap band
  6. http://www.townvibe.com/Ridgefield/September-October-2018/Worth-the-Weight/
  7. So, been awhile since I’ve been on... happy to report everything is good (3 1/2 years out) Can’t believe I actually did it.... but last week had my eyes fixed up (excess skin on eyelids and bags under eyes) and extra skin on my neck removed. Sorry, can’t remmeber official procedure names.... 3 hour surgery, all good.... never took a pain pill How long should I expect to look normal? Well, like I didn’t have surgery. Ha i have little swelling, stictches out Wednesday which is cool. But the incision on my neck is pretty obvious right now Thanks!
  8. CTJohn

    Can’t take this anymore

    Dr Fielding - and that practice - are the best!
  9. Thank you for your well wishes! I had originally gone for eyes - the extra skin made my lids droopy and I always looked tired. Dr said both could be done at the same time. Btw. Of course, insurance didn’t cover it, I didn’t even ask Lucky enough to be able to private pay. I asked doc if he could do anything on price since I was doing eyes and neck, and he did eyes for half price. Doesn’t hurt to ask!
  10. CTJohn

    Lap Band Removal or NOT???

    You’re in Ny. Do yourself a favor and see Dr George Fielding at NYU. The best! If anyone can help you, it’s him. Trust me
  11. CTJohn

    Can’t take this anymore

    All I can say is be patient. It took me numerous fills, and a few unfills, to get it right. Rely on your doc. It’ll work. It hasn’t been a year yet. Hang in there
  12. CTJohn


    I use the Men’s gummi multi vitamins. And gummi fiber ones Some of the others tasted horrendous
  13. CTJohn

    Random Bariatric Thought of the Day.

    My surgeon had Lapland close to 20 years ago, as did his PA. Very helpful - and inspiring!
  14. CTJohn

    Bad week on diet.

    It totally varies. I just had a bit taken out. I know I didn't feel anything until about four months out from surgery. The surgeon said I would - and I did. Be patient....
  15. You look amazing! All in one procedure?
  16. CTJohn

    Bad week on diet.

    It happens. We all have bad weeks. Tomorrow is another day! Sounds like you aren't in the green zone yet. You'll know it! In the meanwhile, make good choices
  17. Not judging. But I'm surprised you qualified for surgery at your weight and height. Sounds like you're well on the road to recovery!
  18. George Fielding at NYU. The best! Plus, he has a band himself!
  19. Big fan of that practice
  20. It certainly isn't easy! My surgeon explained in detail why the two week liquid diet. Biggest reason was to shrink the liver so the procedure would be easier. He stressed that he has started surgery only to close up and stop since liver wasn't shrunk enough I didn't want to wake up and hear 'sorry, need to reschedule'. Stick to the guidelines the very best you can good luck!
  21. Love my band! Down 140lbs two plus years out. No longer diabetic or high blood pressure. Make sure you talk to the absolute best doctor. Best wishes on your decision!
  22. Can speak only to the band. I wondered.... No more bagels, turkey clubs, Reuben sandwiches.... Bacon wrapped filet. You know what? I haven't missed anything. No interest at all. And better yet, no feeling of being deprived. Hang in there!!
  23. Interesting. I'm contemplating it - around abdomen. Any other guy have it done?
  24. I was the only heavy one in both my immediate and extended family. No one ever really petered me about my weight (to wouldn't have worked - stubborn Irish here) All were very supportive. Two sisters were at hospital, even though I told them wasn't necessary for the hour surgery. Totally supportive the whole journey!
  25. Pasta with meat sauce - hold the pasta

PatchAid Vitamin Patches