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  1. auntjanny

    Halloween Challenge!

    Thanks. cw 143 gw 139
  2. auntjanny

    Alcoholic beverages

    Beer remains my drink of choice. I gave up a terrible diet coke and carbonated water habit, but have changed up my beer habits, opting for lower carbonated options. I have found porters and stouts to be replacements for coors light. I do drink lots less but am afraid of wine and alcohol...
  3. auntjanny

    Labor Day Challenge!

    143 starting weight. 137 goal for challenge
  4. auntjanny

    Low BMI and Gastric Sleeve

    Congrats on the surgery date! Just stay active on this board... Recommit every single morning to this new way of eating, and enjoy the weight loss. I have been helped lots by those posters who say that it does not matter how long it takes to get to a goal weight, it just matters to keep getting there.
  5. auntjanny


    Slimiest is from the mouth????. Not saliva, not phlegm, kind of an unpleasant mix
  6. auntjanny

    How much time off work?

    I took 5 weeks off. They recommended 6! Seems crazy now as I look back BUT the time off allowed me to focus on me and the new way of life. I had lots of time to plan, read, and research.
  7. auntjanny

    Tomorrows my surgery..

    Yay for you!!
  8. auntjanny


    I have no problems with carbonation, but gave up my bad diet coke habit and have no plans to resume! I can drink beer from a glass and sips from a can or bottle. Fizzy water would have to be in a glass and a rare thing
  9. auntjanny

    Dumping Syndrome?

    I don't know if I have had true dumping but sweet drinks have caused my to get sweaty and crampy. I think dairy may be playing a role, although I can handle yogurt, cheeses without issue!
  10. Congratulations to you both! I was sleeved 9/23 and am down 40. There has been very little downward movement on the scale. I was becoming less vigilant and doing more grazing which I simply must avoid. In the last two weeks began logging foods and exercise rather than guessing and I have lost a couple of pounds which is hugely motivating. I have also started to spend some time reading on this site. I will never be "fixed" and just have to stop the bad habits from returning before I give up! Stay strong!!
  11. I am down almost 40# since sleeved 9/23. I have struggled with slow loss but do drink a low carbonated beer and have been pretty heavy handed with summer fruit. I have 20 to lose. I will get there, just need to get refocused again. I feel great though. My knees are quite grateful!
  12. I can drink beer but slowly, and in a glass. I have had to switch to lower carbonated types. I have a two beer limit. If I drink three, the defenses go down, and I am able to drink faster. But these beers come with a high calorie cost. I have little if any issue with the carbonation but, I drink slow. Can't drink wine, even if I dilute it, it is too boozy for me. Don't like liquor because of mixers calories. Iced tea makes me nauseated. Sometimes ice water is my best choice!!
  13. I love this site. Reading different articles that have shown up on my facebook feed. Timely. So perfectly timely. Thanks.
  14. auntjanny

    4th of July Challenge

    144 Goal weight 139
  15. I met with personal physician a couple of times to discuss what could be used as "medical supporting issues." I have to believe that it was his letter that made the difference. My surgeon, although great, was not concerned about insurance. He either got the gig or didn't! Hmmm, trying to remember.. Metabolic disorder (tendency toward high blood sugar, history of infertility,) family high BP, cholesterol, heart issues.. Depression. Wishing u the best, and don't worry if you have to appeal.