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  1. skinniminiwannabe

    Any Richmond, Va sleevers?

    Just wondering if there were any Richmond Va sleevers out there nearing the losers bench I'm in the pre sleeve stage but looking at the end of June beginning of July as surgery date TBD . I'd love to connect with locals at least in the 804, 757, or 540 area codes! Please add me if your in Virginia!
  2. skinniminiwannabe

    submitted paperwork this morning

    Submitted paperwork this morning and got the call that they approved already just a min ago! Its getting real ! Now have to wait for the surgery schedule dept to call and give me a date for pre-admin testing and physical and informational and surgery seminar. I can't believe its been less than a month and I'm approved! Now just to get the date!!!!!! I'm excited/scared!!!!
  3. skinniminiwannabe

    submitted paperwork this morning

    Got my date and already did pre-admin stuffi have surgery on july 9th!
  4. skinniminiwannabe

    July 2014 Sleevers FB Group

    Could you please add moto the fb group or give me a link to it please I have surgery on the 9th of july fb name is kelly stallard
  5. skinniminiwannabe

    Looking for July Sleevers!

    My surgery is scheduled for july 9th if your scheduled for july please add me as a friend here and on fb and let me know your from bariatricpal my fb an is kellystallard please add me so we. Can support each other!
  6. skinniminiwannabe

    Got my date!

    They just called my surgery date is on July 9th!
  7. I did my last required appt on last Tuesday paperwork submitted and approved on Wednesday and was told it should take 5-7 days for surgery scheduling to call me and set everything up I haven't gotten a as call as of yet with is taking so long they should have called me already. I'm so anxious to get this set in stone and start the preop liver shrinking diet and get the surgery over with .uggghhh just needed to vent!
  8. skinniminiwannabe

    Just got my approval !

    Just submitted yesterday and got the approval in the afternoon! Just waiting on the surgery scheduling dept to call with the date and pre-op appointments and surgery class . So sometime in the next month i'll be having surgery. glad to have this part all behind me and scared/ excited for the next phase!
  9. skinniminiwannabe

    Just got my approval !

    Jenn1 & Karenst friend me
  10. skinniminiwannabe

    Just got my approval !

    At Jenn yeah that's all I've done for the last month since I decided I wanted to do this. Pintrest, YouTube, here, on and on . I was told with my insurance it normally takes about two weeks, now if the surgery schedulers would only take that long I was hoping today was the day they would call, but no such luck! Hopefully tommorrow.
  11. I went to seminar on the 30 of April, first Dr visit on the 5th of May, psych eval on the 12th of May, nutritionist appt was Tuesday, paperwork was submitted at 9 am yesterday morning and granted approval at 3pm yesterday afternoon. Just waiting on surgical department to call with surgical class and pre-op physical testing and surgery date and then I start my preop diet two shakes , one low fat dairy snack, and 3oz protein and half cup of vet for two weeks prior. So after all said and done will be approx a month and a half by the time I get the surgery done!
  12. I'm having my surgery within the next two months and trying to get things stocked up so I'm thinking of writing the companies to get samples of stuff to try . what are your favorites? Who makes it and where do you get it? Thanks in advance!
  13. skinniminiwannabe

    best protein shakes rtd/ powders ect.....

    When i was looking I found one that has 50 grams of protein!
  14. skinniminiwannabe

    Any Richmond, Va sleevers?

    . Lauri407 we have the same Dr! Only thing I'm waiting on is nutritional appt the date to be scheduled!
  15. Hi all ! Just thought I'd post to let you all know I go for consult today, I already have the NUT appt set which is 6/5/14, and I'm waiting on the Psych to call me back for my appt. Dr has already written letter of clearance so just have to have the other appts done and I'll get a date for surgery! I don't have any wait or diet that I have to follow, with the exception of the low carb for two weeks before to shrink the liver, and that doesn't include any liquid diet either! Is anyone out there in sleaveland have Dr. Brengman/Schroeder of advanced surgical partners in Richmond via Henrico Dr's hospital?
  16. skinniminiwannabe

    Go in for consult today!

  17. skinniminiwannabe

    Humana gold plus ***

    Does anyone out there have humana gold plus HMO? I was wondering if I have to do the 6 month or 12 month pysch appts or do I just have to do the one ?
  18. skinniminiwannabe

    Hi, I'm new here!

    Hi my name is Kelly I'm from va and my consult appt is may 5th, I have about 110 lbs to lose and am looking at having the vgs w/ds I'm hoping I don't have to do the six month diet thing I have humana gold plus HMO, does anyone else have this type of insurance and know about how long the process from consult to surgery date was ? I'm excited to embark on this journey , I want to do it for myself, and my 7 yr old son! I don't wanna miss out on his life due to being overweight!
  19. skinniminiwannabe

    Positive for Nicotine

    I smoke an ecigg and I'm going for consult on may 5th I haven't had a real cigg since december 2nd should I step down on the nicotine to zero until after I have surgery

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