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  1. Anyone in the NYC are who has done a lower body lift?...In the Manhattan with insurance UHC care to share doctors name and number. Thanks
  2. Looking for a buddy for December..am december 2nd...
  3. Pepper123

    My naked kitty! Pics inside!

    LMAO!!!!!...love it!
  4. Wow congrats ladies!!!!...I had surgery December 2014 and i've lost over 55lbs!!!
  5. Pepper123

    OMG! Bought to go 5K'n!

    Good luck!!!..did my 5k two weeks ago and i felt great!!!!
  6. Sadly with ANY surgery there's risk of dying, anywhere it does not make me comfortable. have some faith that if you have the surgery all with be well with god's blessings!
  7. Pepper123


    Regrets ?...hell nooooo!..There"s a core group of people that i told, if anyone does not support me TRUST i have big support for my self...I only have to look at my size and thats support and motivation i need. It is also normal to feel this way food is every where...Maybe a talk with a therapist ?...Best of luck!
  8. @@JamieLogical am only 4 months out lost 53 lbs and my tummy is such an eye sore !!! also i need need some ass desperately LOL..waiting for my sleeve anniversary to do all this!!
  9. @@JamieLogical u look great!!!!!...
  10. Pepper123

    Protein Shake...

    Gnc LEAN ME!
  11. Pepper123

    Clothing size

    I started at 14 pants with stretch and 18w dresses. I was sleeved on 12/2/14..I am now a size 8/6 6 , if i don't mind looking at my tummy in pants and in dresses am medium /10/12 depends on the make!..Happy about it all!
  12. Pepper123

    Not telling anyone

    I told only one person on my job..who i trust!!...i had surgery on a Tuesday back to work the following Monday!..I have a desk job...I told my job i was having hemorrhoids removed i did tell my sister regretted that bit and my best mate who did the surgery years ago.
  13. Join the Club...My mum said this "u are too skinny what are you doing" sister "no smaller than a size 10"..too late am a size 8...inlaw "hope you're not getting any smaller"..ME please did i asked for your advise ?NONE NEEDED!!! shut her down...am 5'8' 182 they all love when i was the fattest one in the circle, now am the smallest...
  14. Pepper123

    Today is the big day

    Good luck ....see u on the sleeved side.
  15. Pepper123

    How do I update my weight?

    Hover over your user name click on it, scroll down to your surgery .
  16. Pepper123


    I start before surgery, my doc suggested i walk 8 miles one day a week. On other days i go to the gym 6 days a week. Treadmill for 1 hour ,step 20 minutes, eplliptical machine 20 minutes and free weights !!
  17. Pepper123

    Approaching 3,000,000 pounds lost!

    Am loving the lifetime Quest bars bit!! @@proudgranny
  18. Pepper123

    Very sad

    Amen GOD never FAILED u yet....i pray god bless you to find a job and out of your depression!!!!...This too shall pass!!...Hugs!!
  19. Pepper123

    Things men say when told about WLS :)

    Lets hear about number 4.LOL!!!.3 was super insulting good luck!!
  20. Pepper123


    I like salads thank god!!!! i can eat them it again...Am four months out and its my saving grace.
  21. Pepper123

    Fighting Normal

    Thanks for sharing...much success to you, keep at it!!!!
  22. Pepper123

    Venting About Poor Forum Etiquette

  23. @@LipstickLady LOL u will be fine!!!
  24. Pepper123

    It's so WEIRD not looking fat.

    @ green*eyed*girl i know the feeling i just said to a coworker i still feel fat...*sighs* he said u are so thin but it okay i'll wrap my head around it when am a size 6 LOL!!!!
  25. Pepper123

    ???? These are a few of my favorite (non-food) things ????

    Bubble baths Long walks New clothes Great skin Mirrors People watching Getting a hello from random men!