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    I am 11 days post op but have been able to get in more and more protein each day. I have been making myself sip on a Premier protein shake (one of them has 30grams of protein) each day. I purchased unflavored protein powder and have been dumping 1/2-1 scoop in everything I drink. Also, I just graduated to full liquids so I am able to have drinkable yogurts. I got the ones made by Lala and there are 5 grams of protein in each one and they are rather small. In addition, anything Greek yogurt has a lot of protein in it. I found these ice cream bars made by Weight Watchers that are Greek Yogurt with a little blueberry swirl and there are 5 grams of protein in one bar. I have been just sipping slowly but often and it is getting better and easier to manage to get it all in. I actually was able to get in 80 grams yesterday!! I was beyond ecstatic because I am really terrified of losing my hair! </3 Just keep trying, you can't give up and if you are having a difficult time with pureed foods right now, then wait a little longer. Nothing says you HAVE to graduate to the next level until your body is ready. I wish you all the best!

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