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    From the album: 7 Years Post Op!

  2. crysclev


    From the album: 7 Years Post Op!

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    From the album: Before

  4. crysclev


    Heaviest Weight 262...weight before Pre-op diet 246
  5. crysclev

    4 Weeks Post Op

    4 Weeks post op...weighing 219 now from 246 pre-op (before pre-op diet) lost around 30 inches!
  6. crysclev


    From the album: Before

  7. crysclev

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    Taken today at work for our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
  8. crysclev

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    Haven't even been on here in a while. How is everyone doing? I'm down to the smallest I've been in my adult life but still not to goal. Weighing between 168-174 lbs depending on the day. Down almost 100 lbs total. Developed diverticulosis due to not being regular which is miserable. But overall I am still happy with where I am and I don't believe my journey will end here. Wearing about a size 10 now and can't wait for the true 8. I still keep up my protein intake like I should, don't exercise much (horrible I know) and indulge myself once in a while. So...how are you all faring???
  9. crysclev

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    I suck ???? only 78 lbs down since HW and 58 down since surgery. My Dr just put me on thyroid medicine so I'm hoping that will help. I'm discouraged but I also haven't had much time to work out lately so I'm sure that is some of it.
  10. Maybe you are on to something @@katcycler I don't get enough fluids I'm sure...so maybe the combo of sugar (my body rarely gets) with dehydration is making it happen....hmmm
  11. Anyone else let yourself have a little something sweet and get racing pulse or the feeling of sudden high blood pressure?
  12. I treat myself now and then...if I deprive myself @@Recycled I might binge! Was bulimic in my teen years so I try to be mindful.
  13. crysclev

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    Anyone else let yourself have a little something sweet and get racing pulse or the feeling of sudden high blood pressure?
  14. crysclev

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    You look awesome!!!
  15. I am ready to get an initial consult so I can start preparing financially to have an abdominoplasty and breast augmentation. I am intending on paying for the majority of my surgery with my Care Credit account and the rest will be cash. I am looking for a reputable surgeon in the Dallas/Fort Worth TX metroplex who takes Care Credit and offers the promos (i.e. same as cash interest free.) I could look on Care Credit's website but I would prefer to go to a surgeon that my Bariatric Pals have used and trust! Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Thanks for the info...I actually paid for my VSG surgery using care credit and will have it paid off soon. For larger amounts financed some places will offer the 36 month interest free financing which is what I would be interested in.
  17. crysclev

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    Mine only fell for about 6 weeks...I take a double dose of biotin via dissolving tablets everyday. I have little baby hairs growing in now daily. ... it's coming back!
  18. crysclev

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    Thank you @@loosinginSD! ????
  19. crysclev

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    I was 262 at my hw but 246 before surgery...surgery date was February 27, 2014 so I've lost 58 lbs since surgery and 74 from my heaviest...not as much as others have lost but I'm really proud of the way mine is coming off. Working out has helped me tighten up a lot of loose skin. And the inches I have lost are much more impressive than the lbs! I wear a smaller size now than when I was 10-15 lbs lighter many years ago!
  20. I am 7 months post op and have been weighing between 190-194 for over the past 2 months. I was 262HW, 246 Before liquid Diet and 239 on the day of surgery which was 02/28/14. I do cardio 1-2 times per week but perform a rigorous boot camp workout routine that burns between 600-800 calories in 1 hour. I do the boot camp 2x per week. I am getting no less than 80 grams of Protein everyday and sometimes as much as 125g of protein and am sure to intake 800 calories on a normal day and 1,000 to 1,200 on a boot camp day. I am following every instruction my nut and surgeon have given and I am just beyond disappointed now. I know that at first some of my fat was converting to muscle which weighs more so I calked the first month up to that...now I just don't think that is it...I'm just not losing...I am stalled....and I am discouraged... Any suggestions?
  21. How are you doing @@JenW~79? Just saw this post...very excited to see how you are faring 3 weeks post op!
  22. @@Zane's Mom I broke my stall! See post above!
  23. Finally broke my stall today!! 188 lbs...I will take it! Started drinking two Premier Protein shakes (30g protein each) everyday and eating more veggies. Before I was only drinking one shake and was logging the other protein from my normal food intake. Apparently I wasn't absorbing enough protein from the foods I was eating. So now I am getting 60 grams of protein from my shakes plus trying to get another 20-40 per day from the food. It is working! Phew...I was about to throw in the towel and say well I guess this is all I'm going to lose...so glad I didn't!

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