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  1. amandamaybeso

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Thank u so so much!
  2. amandamaybeso

    October 2013 Sleevers Roll call!

    Hellooooo ! Surgery date was October 21 2013 Surgery Weight - 304lbs Current Weight - 165lbs My goal is anywhere from 130lbs to 145lbs I am 5'5, 24, New Yorker I exorcise constantly & LOVE it. Cardio especially! Getting my skin removal surgery in early October
  3. amandamaybeso

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Surgery day - October 21 2013 SW 304 lbs CW 165 lbs GW 140lbs 5'5 24 years old New Yorker
  4. amandamaybeso

    I'm a new person ..!

    First photo taken August 2013 Second photo taken August 2014 Day of my surgery - October 21 2013 SW - 304lbs CW - 167 lbs GW - 140lbs Oh & here Pic one was a week before my surgery ( Oct 2013) Pic two was yesterday
  5. amandamaybeso

    So CLOSE

    Thank you guys ! So I just woke up and weighed myself & i am 199lbs ! I'm so happy I could cry lol
  6. amandamaybeso

    So CLOSE

    To being in the hundreds!!! My birthday is this saturday , My goal is to be 199lbs by then. I am exactly 200lbs at the moment, I just would love to see that 1 on my scale!! The first pic was me in August 2013 & the second is me currently. HW 318lbs SW 304lbs CW 200lbs Sleeved on October 21, 2013 . I workout a lot, do tons of cardio and get in much Protein. My goal is 165lbs but my Doctor told me I should aim for 145-150lbs . But I'm very happy & love my sleeve !
  7. Hi!! Sleeved on 10/21/13 SW- 303lbs & Today 04/15/14 My CW- 204lbs My goal is 150, so close! Before & After Before Now
  8. amandamaybeso

    22 here. Instagram?

    Hii!! 23. NY. Surgery Date-10/21/13 W:303lbs Today W: 202lbs Instagram- electric_soul_7 Add me!! Before & After
  9. amandamaybeso

    6mo post op. Down 101lbs. My success ..

    Yes working out has become a HUGE part of my life nowadays. Cardio has been my greatest joy both mentally and physically. The biggest factors I can attribute to my success have been my family. All of them have been beyond supportive BUT the greatest thing was a month before my surgery, my sister had VSG done & we live together & have been each others constant support team. And , after seeing our rapid success, my two cousins, both around my age too & whom have struggled w obesity their lives too, both underwent the vsg procedure (one in December, the other in February) . So now the four of us are one giant, gym-obsessed, healthy eating, happily shrinking family lol. Which is more than I could have asked for. Though my family is amazing, my 'friends' (actually 'EX' friends seems more appropriate a term) are atrocious. I had two best friends prior to surgery. One of them is extremely morbidly obese, she always has been for the 10+ years ive known her, has not only stopped talking to me directly, but online posts incessantly how glad she is she didnt have wls and take the 'easy way out' . Meanwhile shes 5'0 and around 340lbs. She is jealous, and the only reason she didnt get the surgery is because she was too lazy to wake up & go to her pre surgical apts! My other friend was only slightly overweight, around 180lbs, and totally ditched me now that I am almost smaller then her.. Like wtf ITS NO COMPETITION! Jealousy is petty
  10. amandamaybeso

    6mo post op. Down 101lbs. My success ..

    Thank you so much !!! *Smiles ear-to-ear* As for my arms, I have truly lucked out. Before my surgery when I was 303lbs my arms were atrocious. They were full of fat AND flab already. After my procedure I became a gym junkie. My main part of my workouts consist of cardio, especially the elliptical trainer. I have mastered 3 miles in under 30 minutes. I use the elliptical for anywhere from 45-60 minutes & it has the poles where you grab on and pull back & forth with your arms so I believe that's why my arms have toned the way they did. I still have problem areas that working out cannot be enough. My tummy is in need of a tuck (excess skin) and my bra size went from DD to a C , needless to say I am also praying insurance would cover a procedure to help fix all that lol
  11. amandamaybeso

    6mo post op. Down 101lbs. My success ..

    I workout religiously. Cardio is , in my opinion, the way to go , or at least in my case. I run and jog. At the gym I run on the elliptical trainer for 30/45 minutes and achieve between 3 - 5 miles.
  12. amandamaybeso

    6mo post op. Down 101lbs. My success ..

    Thank you all so much<3 it means a lot to me.
  13. Let me begin with I'm 23 years old & have struggled with weight my entire life. Many times I have lost significants amounts of weight to only gain it back (& more) . This weight fluctuation was constant from age 12-23. In 2011 I weighed 180lbs. In August 2013 I weighed my highest as 318lbs. I new my last result had to be surgery. I went for the vertical sleeve on October 21 2013 . And let me tell you, BEST decision I have ever made. Today , 4/14/2014 (less then SIX months post op!) I have shed -101lbs. Day of surgery I weighed in at 304lbs Today I weigh in at 203lbs Here are some pics. Hope to inspire & give hope to anyone considering VSG! Before (week before surg) & After (april 2014)
  14. amandamaybeso

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Ahh, just would like to share a little more of my journey !: The past six months have transcended my highest hopes. This surgery was, by far, the greatest decision Ive ever pursued. I started out as a miserable, girl hidden within a body that served as a prison. And after shedding over 100lbs in under 6 months, after not being able to walk on a treadmill for 20 minutes to now being able to RUN ... FAST for 45mins - 1 hour. After squeezing into size 20 jeans to Now having my size 12 jeans starting to fall off of me. I am finally free. My body is , for the first time EVER, matches the mental image i have had of myself. One day I was walking towards a shop and the reflection in the glass startled me. I was wondering why there was a pretty, thin looking, woman coming towards me ? It was me. I had not recognized myself. By the end of this months I will be a proud member of ONEDERLAND!! (Only THREE pounds away!!) . My sister had her VSG done one month before me. My two cousins had gotten there VSGs done in December & one in February. Therefore I have had the best support system i could have ever imagined. One girl who was my friend completely ignored my calls & such immediately after I was released from hosp after surgery . She was always morbidly obese & I think she was just upset that she wasnt able to be approved for her surgery (she was opting for sleeve) Months go by and have not heard from her . Then recently she adds me on twitter and tumblr writing all these things like 'I am so glad I didnt get the surgery like u taking the easy way out , u are a weak freak haha' . Mind you this girl is 5'0 and over 300lbs. I laughed even though it got under my skin. Certainly this surgery is no easy way out. Well yeah