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  1. jujubslim

    Gastric sleeve and dumping

    I'm close to 4 months out, I've only had one instance when I ate peanut butter and got severe chest pains, hot flashes, nausea and vomiting. It passed after about an hour or so.
  2. jujubslim

    How long was your hospital stay?

    2 nights for me. Had my surgery first thing Monday morning and was discharged Wednesday. Dr said I could stay an extra night if I wanted but I just wanted to go home and get the iv out. My hospital roommate had surgery Monday evening and she had to stay an extra night because she wasn't being very mobile
  3. jujubslim

    Hiw does it feel.

    For me I get full after eating a few ounces. I feel satisfied, my stomach feels like I can't eat another bite. But I don't get that full bloated feeling like you can't move and feel like you need to unbutton pants.
  4. I followed it for the most part but I did cheat 2 days before surgery and had a slice of pizza.
  5. jujubslim

    Peanut butter

    Pb2 is a powdered peanut butter protein. Good source of protein without all the fat. I found it at walmart where the peanut butter is
  6. jujubslim

    Peanut butter

    Same thing happened to me. Peanut butter has been the only thing my stomach can't tolerate.
  7. jujubslim

    Do they not make dresses with long sleeves anymore?

    No they dont a big pet peeve of mine! I usually end up with a cardigan. I have the short ones or longer ones and I'll wrap a thick belt around my sweater so I have some kind of shape.
  8. jujubslim


    Before surgery my dr said he sees those complaints often from weight loss patients. We're used to the padding, not having it takes some getting used to
  9. jujubslim

    What was the point?

    30lbs in 5 weeks is great! You'll get there run your diet by your nutritionist just to make sure you're on track. The 3 week stall is very normal. My 3rd week stall lasted 2 weeks and then the scale started moving again. As long as your following your dr's plan you'll lose the weight. It may not be as fast as we want but it will happen. Good luck, try not to stress and get angry because that may trigger some emotional eating habits.
  10. jujubslim


    It doesn't irritate me, I just feel bad for them. I think the maintenance stage will be difficult when the restriction is less and you haven't changed your eating habits. I wish everyone success but there's a reason statistics show a lot of people experience weight gain after maintenance.
  11. I had a stall from week 3 to 5 I upped my calories goal to 800, still couldn't get that much in, I'm averaging 700-750, but my scale did start moving again right before I hit 6 weeks. I think the stalls are a normal part of the process. Follow your dr's orders, get your water and protein in and you'll be fine.
  12. jujubslim


    We waited a week but I was still sore so it wasn't that enjoyable, I was nervous that he was going to hurt my stomach. You know how you're feeling follow your instinct.
  13. jujubslim

    3 Days out

    This is the worst of it, it only gets better from here. Just keep trying and gradually you'll get more and more in. By day 3 I couldn't even get a full water bottle in a day.
  14. I wonder if hair loss has to do with the amount of weight you're losing. Is it the more you lose the more hair loss?
  15. jujubslim

    Am I too old?

    I met a woman at a support group who had surgery (she had a bypass) at 65, she is now in her 70's she had lost over a hundred pounds she looked great and was living life to the fullest, she looked really young and happy, I couldn't believe she was in her 70's. You're never too old to get healthy. Good luck!
  16. jujubslim

    When can I have coffee? I am in phase 2

    My nutritionist's recommendation was not to have coffee until I'm reaching my daily water goals. I'm 6 weeks out and have it maybe twice a week. I've heard of other people not having restrictions at all. I also read an article recently saying there really isn't enough proof that coffee is a diuretic, the study that was conducted was very old. Either way I'm sticking with my dr's plan. You may want to call your doctor and see what he suggests
  17. jujubslim

    Getting my husband on board!

    Same for me my husband wasn't on board he was scared for my safety. After explaining my reasoning and all the research I did, plus assuring him I chose one of the best doctors in my region he came around. Once he realized it wasn't about vanity it was more about health he became very supportive, even started dieting himself so we could get healthy together. Be patient, he just needs to be reassured and have time to wrap his head around it. My hubby has been absolutely amazing throughout this process
  18. jujubslim

    Late Leaks? Freaking out!

    My biggest fear pre op was not getting the surgery and having to have a hip replacement in a few years because of the toll obesity had taken on my body. I didn't want to be bedridden because I was too fat to move that I couldn't enjoy my grandkids. You know what I did yesterday? Spent the day chasing my 17 month old grandson around the park. My weight loss and energy post op has far outweighed the fear of a leak.
  19. Wow you look great! Great job
  20. jujubslim

    Onederland Finally!

    Perfect thanks! There is hope for me! I'm not an exercise fanatic either but I'm working on that. I'm getting my protein, still working on getting all my water in everyday but it's a struggle somedays. How old are you if you don't mind sharing? I'm 39
  21. jujubslim

    Giving Up your favorite foods

    I have to say since I've had surgery my family has been super thrilled with the meals I'm making. I've gotten very creative making yummy healthy meals that are delicious and satisfying. Instead of the same old recycled comfort foods I've been trying tons on recipes I find online mostly pinterest. Since surgery I've found new favorite foods that I absolutely enjoy and would have enjoyed pre op too. Once I reach goal I may allow some other foods back in my diet, but right now I'm focused on weight loss so it's just temporary. When someone says can you eat that? My standard answer is I can eat anything I want, I just choose to not have it right now. Ultimately I have the control.
  22. jujubslim

    Onederland Finally!

    Wow great job, I started at 264. Can you tell me a little about your eating and exercise routine? I'm 6 weeks out
  23. jujubslim

    Docs in Philadelphia

    I had my surgery at Penn by Dr Williams 6 weeks ago. I had a great experience, he's the head of the bariatric program I chose him just because he had the most experience and I wanted to find the best surgeon possible. He's a busy guy, you probably won't get a lot of face time with him but he's very professional, very knowledgeable he made me feel very safe and comfortable. His office runs very smoothly, everything went well. They're very efficient and made sure I didn't run into any delays. I've been to support groups and I met dr koras he's another one that is great. He's very personable and informative. His patients at the support group were very fond of him, you could see they had a good rapport.
  24. jujubslim

    Why so slow?

    And prepare yourself for another at 6 weeks. Stalls happen. As long as you are following your plan the weight will come off
  25. Lisacaron, water is my biggest struggle I have a hard time getting it all in. My weightloss has been about 1.7 lbs a week for the past 3 weeks. I'm making it a point to make sure I'm getting at least 8 cups in (what my dr recommended) and see if my weight loss speeds up a tad. So we'll see how my experiment works.