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    mom252many reacted to Lucrezia Borgia in Anyone have dr o'connell ( cooper hospital)   
    Yes,..had my surgery in the 16th. Really like him and the rest of the staff. So far, no problems at all! :-)
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    mom252many reacted to Sandstress51 in Sucks to be a Newbie and be considered Offensive   
    Thank you RJ. I will keep your kind and helpful words in mind as I continue to visit this forum.
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    mom252many reacted to Sandstress51 in Sucks to be a Newbie and be considered Offensive   
    Thanks Kat! I needed that. I'm not ashamed to say that I am very scared of how stressful it will be to adjust to the lifestyle change. I'm concerned about stupid crap like wrinkles and excess skin when I should be focusing on how I'm going to get through the change in habits. I'm not and have never been a big eater, and I do eat healthy foods, but I am also a lover of sweets. That coupled with the difficulty in moving has led to almost no exercise at all except for occasional walking. I walk in Grand Central Terminal to and from my office and that's about it. Advice please!!!
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    mom252many reacted to RJ'S/beginning in Sucks to be a Newbie and be considered Offensive   
    This is a site that offers information, experiences and compassion. However! There are those who do not know how to write their feelings down with tact. There are those that sugar coat everything and others that hit you right between the eyes.
    Don't apologize for your point of view but be prepared for several view points on what you say. You are not wrong in your thinking as far as being so soon out of surgery to do those things. But it is out there as a question and a fact. A learning example of experience or knowledge of the procedure.
    Continue to question or relate your knowledge as you experience it and take no comments personally.
    There are thousands of people on here in different stages of surgery and like the poster said before some are emotional wrecks. Some just want to do what they want. Others are really wanting to know what to do. And others somewhere in between.
    Nothing regarding WLS has prepared me for it more then experiencing it. But that is just me. I don't think that you need to feel bad unless you name called.....
    Don't pull away. Just find what you need on here as others do and stay away from the bullies. They are on every forum. But there are a lot of helpful, well meaning people on here that truly want to help.....
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    mom252many reacted to Katcloudshepherd in Sucks to be a Newbie and be considered Offensive   
    I just read the string of posts you are referring to. I think many people are coming to this site in a heightened emotional state. People are in different stages of the process--going through the required supervised weight loss, getting all the pre-op work done, waiting for approval, getting approval and setting a date, going through surgery, recovery and subsequent absolute utter complete life changes. During all those stages we are all under a tremendous amount of stress. I think during all the stages peoples emotions are so raw and near the surface that things which would otherwise not bother us--set some people off. People who have not undergone a COMPLETE lifestyle change have no clue just how stressful it is. I don't have any answers but that is my theory as to why some posts turn more negative.
    I hope your surgery goes well and you have an easy recovery.
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    mom252many reacted to changetocome2014 in Sleeve 2/10 any nj buddies?   
    Hey everyone I was sleeved yesterday 2/10 in nj and looking for a friend/ buddy to mentor or go through experience with!!!!!!

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