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  1. Zoey716

    Gastric leak symptoms

    @@Jb1176 - How are you doing today???
  2. Zoey716

    Gastric leak symptoms

    I had a small leak (they think it was caused by a small ulcer that formed on the suture line on my stomach). It was very painful for me. Felt like a constant cramp just below my rib cage and went around to my back. I called my surgeon who instructed to me to meet him at the ER. He had them run a battery of tests to check for the leak. Once they found "bubbles" in my stomach they took me in for emergency surgery. If you are experiencing any pain, or discomfort that is constant and that you are worried about - call your doctor. That's what you (or insurance) paid BIG bucks for! Never hesitate to call. Even if it turns out to be gas, or just normal post surgical soreness, in my opinion it's always best to air on the side of caution. Best of luck and hope everything is okay!
  3. @@Cgraham0397 - I add benefiber to my shakes and it definitely has helped me.
  4. Zoey716

    Cream of rice w/chicken broth

    @@MamaTo3inNH - cream of wheat was also a go to for me post surgery. If you're allowed - try adding a dash of cinnamon to it for a bit of flavor!
  5. Zoey716

    Clothing Sizes

    From my experience - before surgery I squeezed myself into clothes that we too small but I made them fit. They stretched and lost their original shape - therefore they "fit"! During this process, I have gone from a tight 26/28 to being comfortable in a size 18 (might try on 16's this weekend!). Be patient with your body and the weight loss. You see the numbers changing on the scale which is fantastic - trust me - soon enough you will be dropping pant sizes so quickly! Congratulations on your weight loss so far! You're doing GREAT!
  6. Zoey716


    This is a question you should be asking your surgeon. However, I will speak from my experience. I had what they think was a small leak 4 weeks post op. I ended back in the OR for emergency surgery, where they then couldn't find the leak because my stomach was so inflamed. I was in the hospital for almost a week, on IV antibiotics, fluids, and had a PICC line for nutrients (lipids). I was not allowed to eat anything for 5 days because they weren't sure if I would have to have an additional surgery. After a battery of tests they still couldn't determine if I had a leak or if I had an ulcer that formed on the incision line that had ruptured. I was a rare case. My surgeon, who is beyond excellent, told me that he has never had anyone with the situation that I had. And most certainly never had anyone with a leak so far out from surgery. He and his team were quite concerned for my well being and have been great with their follow up care. Now, almost 6 months after I was sleeved, I am healed and healthy and am already surpassing their goals for me at this stage in the game. Please talk extensively with your surgeon and/or his team about your concerns and questions regarding this surgery. Best of luck to you!!
  7. Oh my!! You look FANTASTIC!! And I bet you are feeling SO much better too!! Congratulations and keep up the great work!
  8. Zoey716

    Chest pain

    Ouch! Sounds like you drank too fast! I agree with everyone else - try walking around to help move things about. I hope you feel better soon!!
  9. April 14th here. I am up to anywhere between 55-75g of Protein a day. Besides a Protein shake once a day, I have a variety of other protein rich food items such as cottage cheese, greek yogurt, mozz cheese sticks, babybel cheese, egg whites, tuna, turkey and chicken. Also if I have any milk I add powdered milk to it to double the protein (my nutritionist calls it double milk). I still struggle with getting in enough fluids though. I tend to only get in about 30oz of Water and then about 20oz of other fluids - G2, diet Snapple, crystal light etc. My weight loss has been pretty good so far. I tend to lose a bunch of weight, and then nothing for 10-12 days. I'm down about 75lbs from surgery - so I'm pretty happy with that!
  10. Zoey716

    myfitnesspal.com question

    @@VSGAnn2014 - you will require different levels of carbs/protein and fat depending on where you are post surgery. Also your levels may be different depending on your activity level. Check with your surgeon or nutritionist for those guidelines. Best of luck to you!
  11. Zoey716

    16 Weeks Post Op

    Yeah!!! Congratulations on getting into those 16's! But don't get too comfy - you'll be shrinking out of those before you know it too! You are doing wonderfully and you look SO happy in your picture! Wishing you all the best! Keep up the great work!
  12. @@Antonia_megan - i too had to have nausea pain meds. See if you can get some warm tea or some G2 (room temperature). I found those to be a little easier on my tummy. Pain pills will be hard to stomach for a while. Even my smallest pill I take hits my tummy like a rock. If you can have someone find it (once you are discharged) - CVS, sells a liquid Extra Strength Tylenol (for adults), that I took, instead of another pain pill that hurt my tummy. The liquid tylenol was a life saver! Wishing you a quick recovery and that your pain decreases quickly!! Hang in there - it DOES get better.
  13. Oh and I've heard the unjury chicken broth is pretty good - i haven't tried it so I can't give any personal reviews. But that is also a good source of protein!
  14. Zoey716

    Anyone From Buffalo, Ny Out There?

    Really enjoyed the meeting tonight at Synergy! Glad there is such a nice and supportive group!
  15. Fantastic!! Congrats on finishing the marathon!! What a GREAT accomplishment! You should be very proud of yourself!

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