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  1. 3 1/2 weeks into the Paleo challenge - and I'm down 10lbs! :)

    1. Stevehud


      only problem with paleo , full on, is it puts a heavier workload on your liver. So watch your potassium and magnesium levels. Other than that, KICK ASS! way to go!


    2. ShrinkingPeach


      very true about the liver, be careful and rock on!

    3. Zoey716


      Thanks @Stevehud & @ShrinkingPeach - I'm on a different set of vitamins & minerals to help support macrominerals. I've been about 80-85% paleo during this challenge. It's been a bit easier than I thought. It's nice to break free from all the fake foods that we are always surrounded by! :) 10 days to go! :)

  2. Day 9 of Paleo challenge - Still going well!! :)

    1. Smye


      Glad to hear it, keep it up!

    2. Zoey716


      It's not really as hard as I thought it would be. Does take a bit more planning and prep., but I think it will be worth it! :) Thanks @Smye.

  3. Going in a vacation from the scale for the next 4 weeks! Eeks!

    1. Italian Gal

      Italian Gal

      WOW! Won't it be fun to see the difference a month makes!


    2. Zoey716


      I'm quite excited! It is a bit of a relief to not stand on that damn thing every day. Hahaha! :)

  4. Crossfit @ 5:30am - CHECK! :)

  5. Zoey716

    Pre op pictures

    So glad these pictures are over a year old. Such progress has been made and could not be happier! Still have work to do! #Happybutneversatisfied!
  6. Had measurements done last night - 33" waist? WHAT?! WOOT!

    1. ShrinkingPeach


      Awesome!! Way to go!


  7. Zoey716

    Jamestown, NY

    @@kathico - I'm not too far away from you - in Buffalo. How are you doing?
  8. LuRong Challenge (Paleo) - Day 1.

  9. 5:30am Crossfit - done. LUNGS are still burning. lol

  10. ...needs to find a new job. i've had it with the one i have. :(

  11. Any Paleo eaters out there?

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    2. lauren8486


      Are you new to the Paleo world? There are SO many amazing cookbooks. My favorites include "Make it Paleo" by Bill Staley & Haley Mason, "Nom Nom Paleo" by Michelle Tam, and "The Paleo Kitchen" by Juli Bauer & George Bryant. Enjoy your journey!

    3. Smye


      Also @Zoey716, I was paleo for 2 years prior to surgery (it was excellent, just not quite cutting it) and I have TONS of paleo recipes not on the blog that just don't go down so easy for me now but might fit your needs.

    4. Zoey716


      @lauren8486 & @Smye - I am fairly new to Paleo, however have been doing research and getting ideas for a while now. My crossfit gym is participating in a "Summertime" challenge ("Lurong Summertime Challenge"), and thought I'd join in. I am hoping this will help me push towards my goal as I am SO close.

      Granted I'm only 2 days in, but so far so good and I am enjoying looking for idea's and recipes. :) I'll have to look for those books Lauren and through your website Smye. Thanks!! :) :)

  12. Zoey716

    Preop diet

    Everyone's pre-op diet is a bit different than someone else. My surgeon's pre-op diet was 10 days of Protein shakes (2-3), broth, fat free milk, G2 / Powerade Zero, sugar free Jello, coffee and hot tea (preferably decaf) and 1/2 cup of non starchy veg a day. What helped me stay on track was the fear that if I didn't stick to the program, then I would not be cleared for surgery. I knew coming into this that I would have to follow very specific rules and guidelines for quite some time, I was not about to be defiant during the pre-op diet phase. You just have to keep your eye on the prize and knowing that the pre-op diet is what is going to help set you up for success. Keep strong and keep the course as directed by your doctor. You've got this!! You have an entire community here supporting you and cheering you on!
  13. Zoey716

    Gastric leak symptoms

    @@Jb1176 - How are you doing today???
  14. Zoey716

    Eating after exercise

    It is normal to be hungrier post exercise. Try having a Protein shake or something high in protein (deli turkey, tuna, hard boiled eggs etc) soon after a workout (typically within 30-45 min). This will help repair and maintain your muscles, and will help curb your appetite a bit. Best of luck and great job with the exercising!!
  15. @@daveylee - I don't think you would have damaged your staple lines with 2tsp of mashed potatoes. However, please make sure you are following your surgeons dietary guidelines. Every physician/nutritionist seems to have slightly different steps post surgery. IT is vital to follow those instructions and to stay the course. It can get tiring, and frustrating at the beginning not being able to eat what you want, but trust me, and I'm sure anyone else who is going to comment - stick with it and stay strong!! You've got this!!! Wishing you the best & if you have any questions or need some encouragement, feel free to send me a msg and I'll be happy to help.

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