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  1. Hi Everyone... I haven't been on in ages! Sounds like everyone is doing well...I am still about 10-12 from goal and am getting a little sick of the scale not moving. Still hitting the gym 3-5 days a week and am happy to see definition. Went to a reunion for HS an everyone said I looked better now than in HS, also got hit on a few times. Would be fun if I were single... Hope everyone continues to do so well! Brandy
  2. Bella... Try a baby or toddler fork. I swear it sounds crazy, but it works!
  3. YOU WILL LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your band Cheryl!!! It is by far the BEST decision I have EVER made! WELCOME!!!
  4. Hi Dee~ I am down 5 this week!!! YAY!!!! I guess that ALL that gym time is working. Hopefully it will just keep on coming!
  5. My appt. is at 9:15...but I can't wait to see/meet everyone on Thursday at RR
  6. Your welcome. I will miss you on Thursday! Take good care of those sweet babies!
  7. I am so sorry Lotza... I don't have much in the way of encouragement. I am in way worse place than you. I had unfill (to 3cc) right before Christmas and I am up 13, yep 13, pounds. I don't get it. At all. I am working out and doing decent. I think that my body may have been used to alot less calories and now that I am not restricted, it is just going up and up. I have NEVER had a gain like this over the holidays. Ever. I am a little anxious to see what Tom/Dr. K says...Stinks bad. But, we will get through this. We will, just have to get our heads on straight...Let me know how the pouch test goes! Brandy
  8. MissMom24


    Does anyone have this or tried this? I am 15 pounds to goal, and since I can't afford the $12,000 for PS right now (darn economy), I thought this could help me tone up. I do cardio at the gym 4-5 days a week for 60 minutes, but as soon as I touch the weights, I bulk. I thought the Fluidity bar sounded good, and I found a couple on Craigs list for $100. Thanks in advance!!!
  9. I'm in!! Cant wait to get some motivation. I will get a fill that day, so some soup will be awesome!!!
  10. Magaines...I need to call, I can't find my card...I will let you know! Julie.ann, I think I would hold off, for me, I ALWAYS had definate signs that a fill was in order.
  11. WOW LAP!!! Everyone looks so different!!! Amazing!
  12. Hi Dee! I am so ticked!!! After having the flu (horrible bad) and being unfilled...I am up 11 pounds, yep 11!!! I don't know how much is fluid and me getting re-hydrated, but it SUCKS!! So for the v-day challenge, put me for 15. That will take me to goal. I get a fill on the 8th, and am going to be working my bootie off!!! I am totally re-commiting to the workouts... So there, I said it. I am totally embarassed. Totally disgusted. Plus, I am anxiously awaiting my fill... GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hi.... I was banded a year ago and have done really well...I was within 3 pounds of goal when I got the stomach flu. I was really vomiting and went in to get unfilled (my band is tilted slightly, although not slipped. This was found via a CT scan). I had 4cc taken out, which brought me to 3cc, basically my first fill. This was done 2 weeks ago. Since then, I have gained almost 14 pounds. What is going on??? Can I eat more? Yes, but not nearly what I would have eaten. Plus, I am still being good regarding the rules. It seems to me that if I go over 5-600 calories per day I am gaining. I don't understand this. It is so frustrating!! Can someone help explain this to me? :confused:
  14. When I had my band placed, Dr. K found tumors on my liver...I went and had them looked at and the Dr. wanted a CT scan done....well he called and said that the radiologist at Rose said that my band had slipped, but I was not having any symptoms. I had a copy of the disc made and had Dr. K take a peek at it. He said it is tilted, although not slipped. And since there are no symptoms, not to worry...but the way I was puking with the flu, I am SO happy that I was unfilled, I think it could have been ugly!
  15. Yay for WILSON!!! Guys, I have done horrible this past week...I don't know if I told you...but my band has tilted (possibly on its way to a slip?!?) I got the stomach flu and was throwing up blood, so I decided to get 4cc, yes 4cc out, to avoid a slip. So I am at 3cc...basically my first fill. So needless to say, I am wide open! And am eating like it as well. TOMORROW IS GYM TIME!!! I will be there burning calories like crazy and getting back to where I need to be. I go in again on the 8th for a fill...
  16. Ah Shelbi...I am so sorry. I know that Barkley must be looking down on you...it is so hard to lose a dog. My grandpa can't even remember me and is also in the long process of losing his independence as well. It really, truly is heartbreaking. I gained over Christmas...so I am ready to go back to basics too. I also, feel so thankful and BLESSED to have my band. I am thankful I did it when I did, if I had decided to wait this year, it would have been impossible due to the economy. So I am THANKFUL!!!!
  17. BTW...It is still me, I was getting "zeroed in" by family, and I don't want them to know a thing...hence the name change.
  18. I am going to have to remember that for the Turkey Patty...that sounds great!!! Do you thaw it at all, or is it completely frozen?
  19. Yum Dee come to my house. We just had ham. Yours sounds much better! Patty your looking amazing. Good job!!!
  20. Thanks Patty! Marcy...love the thought of that reindeer! So cool!!