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  1. @HamHockSkyeI was in the hospital with morphine for 5 days so there it was not bad. When I got home I took pain pills for a couple of days and then was able to switch to ibuprofen. I hope it's a similar transition for you.
  2. @onmyway11Condider coming to NY if you want the SIPS. Dr. Roslin at Lenox Hill Hospital has done a ton of them.
  3. I see they do the Sips and traditional DS. Always good to have choice. I remember the week before my DS I locked myself out of my apartment twice. 😂
  4. @ruthiebabeHi. It's definitely and exiting and nerve wracking time.😜 Who is doing your DS?
  5. Postop

    DS for lower BMI revision

    @HP62442Who is your doctor? Does he/she do the DS? Yes, the recovery is somewhat different and yes, the lifestyle is very different.
  6. Lautz and Doyon say they do it but there are questions about if they really do. If they do do it, they’ve done very few. Most in NE go to NYC, PA or Montreal. NE isn’t really known for DS surgeons.
  7. Dr. K is definitely a proponent of the traditional DS. I’ve only met Sips patients at Lenox Hill (Dr. Roslin’s Practice) I don’t even know if he’d do the full DS anymore
  8. @Emily JaneI went nuts that last week. Locked myself out of my apartment twice; excited, scared, anxious.
  9. Postop

    Common channel

    @CoramDeoMy DS was a long time ago and was 100cc. What your dr. said is basically true. Fewer possible gastro. and malabsorption issues. However, generally less and/or slower weight loss .
  10. @HopeFaithI know of Dr. K’s: Link But that’s really far for you. Have you checked local hospitals?
  11. Postop

    Length of surgery

    Full DS. 4.5-5 hours.
  12. Postop

    Calling all vets- where are you

    @audnmac8I’ve had bone pain for the last 2 years even though I’ve never missed a day of vits/minerals in 14 years. I’m now working with a metabolic bone clinic and they’ve helped a good deal. Start with an endocrinologist and go from there. You've got to get the bones right.
  13. 14+ years out. I weigh every few months.
  14. Postop

    Dr Pushing for sleeve

    @CoramDeoSent you a PM.