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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. bigjoey1

    Gummi Vitamins

    I use liquid one a day vitamins.
  2. I tell some people I was in rehab.
  3. bigjoey1

    1 year

    Lost 200 lbs in a year. Glad I got the surgery.
  4. bigjoey1

    1 year

    I sure do.
  5. bigjoey1

    1 year

    Me at 330lbs I need new pictures. Hahaha
  6. bigjoey1

    1 year

    Me at 500lbs
  7. How can I post pictures from my phone? I have a note 2. Please help
  8. bigjoey1


    Don't be in such a hurry. It will come off faster. I lost alot in my first couple weeks then plateaued for awhile then the weight started to come off fast.
  9. bigjoey1

    1 year

    Im trying to add pictures. I'm on my phone and can't do it.
  10. bigjoey1

    1 year

    I eat chicken and salads. Take protein shakes. I change it up and drink chicken broth. I cheat once in awhile. I try not to eat a lot of cheese my favorite thing after surgery was done
  11. bigjoey1

    CA - Bay Area

    I'm in san jose
  12. bigjoey1

    Northern California Sleevers?

    Good samartian hospital has some also. I'll find out tomorrow
  13. bigjoey1

    Northern California Sleevers?

    I'm in san jose also.
  14. bigjoey1

    Any 400 lbs or more sleeves?

    Dont forget to get your water in stay hydrated.
  15. bigjoey1

    Any 400 lbs or more sleeves?

    I do cardio 30 min on stationary bike and light weight training. My diet consist of egg whites and salsa for breakfast meal replacement for mid snack small chicken breast and asparagus for lunch and another then a salad for dinner. I take all vitamins that were recommended by my nutritionist.
  16. bigjoey1

    Any 400 lbs or more sleeves?

    I was 500 lbs when I got surgery on March 26 2014. Now I'm 330lbs as of today. I feel great.
  17. bigjoey1

    15 days post op funny story

    I had a baked potato and drank water. Boy I will never do that again.
  18. When can you drink water regularly again? I'm 3 weeks post op. Im tired of sipping water. Any information
  19. bigjoey1

    day one post surgery

    Good luck joyann. All will be well
  20. bigjoey1

    drinking again

    Bottle. I tried drinking regular right now and it doesnt hurt. Thanks
  21. bigjoey1

    drinking again

    Really I tried and I get air bubbles or something. It sort of hurts
  22. bigjoey1

    Northern California Sleevers?

    Im doing great. How about you. I had Dr. Nguyen. Same office as Dr. Zare. I was in room 610 until friday after my surgery
  23. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004Z0SDXC/ref=redir_mdp_mobile Check this out. It might help out. Feed back please
  24. bigjoey1

    portion control

    Pdx how far out are you post-op?

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