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  1. I don't think you'll be disappointed with your decision. I had the revision from the Band to MGB in Dec of last year and couldn't be happier. I had the band for 12 years and never lost any weight. Now, since having the MGB I've lost 83 lbs in 7 months. I always hated how the band felt when I ate, now I just feel full. It's not painful or aggravating like that band was. Good Luck to you!
  2. I too am having issues like this. Every morning as soon as I have anything to eat or drink, it's straight to the bathroom for at least three to four visits. The gas is atrocious and very hard to control. I seriously hope it isn't like this the rest of my life.
  3. Today is day 30 (postop) for me. I'm able to eat just about anything as long as I chew it up really well and wait at least 45 seconds between bites. I'm using Patch vitamins and I must say, they must be working because my nails have never been this strong. I've lost 26 lbs and 20" overall. I've hit the dreaded stall and have been here for the past two weeks. The scale has not budged. I'm trying to keep the faith that it will begin moving again in the right direction. I've been taking Tylenol for the headaches and it seems to work well.
  4. Today is day 15 for me. I'm struggling with my energy level and I also feel like I either pulled a muscle in my ab or I have an incisional hernia. I get major pain when I engage that muscle. I'm praying it's just a strain. I'm on soft solids and doing well. Trying to get in my protein. To date I've lost 24 lbs but the scale hasn't moved in a few days. Hoping it's the three week stall everyone talks about.
  5. Tralynn222

    December Surgeries!

    Sorry to hear! That sounds dreadful. If you don't mind me asking, what's RXH?
  6. My doctor told me to take it for one month. 🤷‍♀️
  7. Tralynn222

    December Surgeries!

    Hello peeps, I had my revision from Lap-Band to Mini-Gastric Bypass on Dec 29th in Mexico at Mexico Bariatric Center. Today I'm 9 days Post-op and I feel pretty good. Still on the Full liquid phase which is fine for me because I have zero hunger and have no desire to eat anything. Yesterday was the first day I actually had some dizziness and nausea after I showered but I think it's my body adjusting to my vitamins. I'm using Patch vitamins from PatchMD. I went back to work yesterday (desk job) but only worked until noon due to the nausea. Took a zofran, slept all afternoon and when I woke up the nausea was gone. Today I feel much better.
  8. I've had this PCP for years and she knows my struggle with weight loss. She knows that in order for me to lose the weight I need the surgery but she doesn't support my decision to have it in Mexico. She says that I need to have it here in the States where things are regulated and if I choose to still have it then she won't be my "go to" person if something happens and I need a doctor. Does anyone have a similar experience? I could really use some advice.
  9. Happy 43rd Birthday Tralynn222!

  10. 4 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 4th Anniversary Tralynn222!

  11. Tralynn222

    Really having a hard time with my band...

    I too am 4 yrs out and have had a similiar story to yours. I had to have a complete unfill in Oct 09'. Went through 2010 without any saline at all and gradually put back on 30 lbs. In Oct '10 I decided to put this "tool" back to work. At that time my doc gave me 4 cc's and I was able to eat anything I wanted but still watched what I ate and exercised. Today I went back for another fill and I had gained another five pounds since Oct. Talk about frustrating. What I find for me (I'm 41) that during my TOM is when my band gets really tight. It could be the week before, the week during or even the week after, and sometimes all three. It's very unpredictable. Also, I think I'm pre-menopausal, so my hormones make it tight on a whim as well. Now this may not be what's causing your tightness, but perhaps it is. It's just something to think about.
  12. I highly recommend Dr. Erbella. He has been nothing but spectacular since I was banded. I have nothing negative to say about him and the people at his office.