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  1. I finally made size 12!
  2. Watch out cause it's addicting. I have added a small orchard too!
  3. kata13

    Hair falling out

    I am loosing lots but I have extremely thick hair too. Now it's average and I kinda like it but if it keeps up who knows. I am taking biotin but my protein is lower.
  4. kata13

    An NSV to B**ch about!

    So sorry. Don't know how I forgot.
  5. kata13

    An NSV to B**ch about!

    nNon surgical victory. Meaning some other victory other than the surgery.
  6. kata13

    Friday Weigh-In!

    Hw 248 Sw 230 12/26/13 CW 189 Slowly but surely.
  7. kata13

    Food network

    I do the same thing. Hoping it will inspire me to cook...lol.
  8. Sorry you are right. Got the wrong forum. Had the RNY.
  9. Today I was able to weed and haul 25lbs of compost to my garden several times. Getting ready to plant my tomato seedlings. It's very good therapy to take my mind off eating or what I can't eat anymore and put my mind on eating for health.
  10. kata13

    June Post Ops!

    So sorry. Try to look out for yourself but do what you have to do to get thru. Miracles can happen.
  11. kata13

    Do i have a stricture?

    I doubt it's anything to worry about. Search trouble eating meats and you will see its a common complaint. Eating too fast, too much air, or too big of bites or not enough moisture. Day to day I can't whether I can tolerate meat. Was happy that I could eat canned chicken today in an Asian salad and my surgery was day after Christmas.
  12. kata13

    My Friday Routine- I'm scared

    Tell us more of your pre-surgery diet? While I think surgery is still an option for you, your road is going to be harder. I don't believe that life is about never having anything again...but you will have consequences. The surgery will allow the choices to be easier to make but someone bent on going around it.....well then your surgery could be a waste of time. Mentally you will also face some hard times. Good luck to you.
  13. kata13

    Friday Weigh-In!

    Finally reached Onederland!
  14. kata13

    Friday Weigh-In!

    Finally reached Onederland!

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