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  1. I was sleeved December 20th, 2013 and I am 20 pounds away from the goal weight the doctor gave me! I can't believe how fast that 70 pounds dropped off!
  2. I have officially made it to the hundreds. I had surgery in December and I am down 30 pounds! I haven't been this size in years! I had a rough start with this journey but it's getting better everyday. I still have to remind myself to make the right choices when it comes to food but I'm doing a pretty good job:)
  3. I I am over 3 weeks out and I had my period 5 days early this month. That was about 5 days ago and today I am having breakthrough bleeding. I've never had it before. I was wondering if anyone has had weird menstrual cycles?
  4. allyrenee222


    How far out are you and what exercises are you doing? I am almost 6 weeks out and have only done the elliptical for 15 minutes a couple times this week. I had someone mention getting a personal trainer that will work with what I am able to do but that makes me nervous. Input?
  5. allyrenee222


    OK so I know the big focus is on protein but how many carbs do you get in a day? Today I got around 40 and I am 6 weeks out.
  6. I'm 6 weeks out and still have a hard time with fluids and protein. I am often depressed about my decision. I keep questioning when this gets easier. Today is a bad day where I don't feel like eating anything at all. I worry about my calorie intake also.
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    It's just crazy to me how little I can eat. I message out 3 ounces of stuff and get maybe an ounce.
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    What do you get most of your protein from?
  9. allyrenee222


    I'm trying to reach for like 600 but I have a hard time getting in even 500 most days.
  10. I struggle to get 500 calories I can't imagine getting like 800. I be sure to do a shake everyday but food wise my stomach just doesn't hold much throughout the day
  11. I wish I had gotten a paper like that. I'd like to know how many calories I am supposed to have at 6 weeks out?
  12. allyrenee222


    That's amazing. How many calories do you get in at this point?
  13. allyrenee222


    I worry about the calories all the time. I'm only able to get in maybe 500 right now and my surgeon said it's fine as long as I'm getting all the protein in, but I feel like it's Sooo few
  14. allyrenee222

    Protein protein protein!

    Premier protein are the best ones I have tried so far. But even those I have a hard time getting down now just because I am so sick of shakes. I ordered unjury unflavored to try in fruit smoothies. As far as calories, I always worry that I am not getting enough. I average 350 to 450 and I'm almost 6 weeks out. Doctor said as long as I get 60 grams of protein in then my calorie count is fine. I don't have much energy tho and wondered if it was lack of calories
  15. allyrenee222

    Anti- head hunger

    I am feeling much better! I am tolerating food very well. I do not get in enough protein that's for sure. Even tho that is all I am consuming. I am struggling with protein shakes because I am so sick of them and I can only get in like 4 or 5 tiny bites of actual food. Today I averaged maybe 40. I am doing pretty good on water. I get about 60 oz or more
  16. allyrenee222

    Anti- head hunger

    Kindle which vitamin capsules? The kind I orferrd from OCC, I have to take 3 a day and I always forget
  17. allyrenee222

    Anti- head hunger

    I feel that way often. Especially when it comes to drinking. I'm just not thirsty! But I know I need to get a certain amount of water in so I drink a small amount all the time. I know our plan days to not force it... But if I don't somewhat force water I wouldn't get it in
  18. allyrenee222

    Please help with food

    What's lunch meat" pizza"
  19. allyrenee222

    Intimacy with partner

    I was told 1 month after I had mine done. The first time I was really really worn out. More so then I was with extra weight.
  20. allyrenee222

    bread is my weakness

    I'm glad I'm not the only one!
  21. it was a weakness before surgery and it still is. I read so many people that no longer crave certain foods. O just keep wondering if I will ever get that way. I'm almost 5 weeks out and doing soft foods. I actually had half a piece of whole grain toast the other day and... It was delicious. It did not make me realize I don't like it at all. Unfortunately the thought of yogurt makes me want to gag sometimes because of how much of that I ate at the previous stage.
  22. allyrenee222

    Anybody got tattoos??

    I love tattoos! They tell my story and have significant meaning to me. I have 5 right now. One of them is large across my chest. I want to get one to signify my journey thru all of this but I'm not sure what it would be. If you had to get a tattoo that represents what you have been thru with this weight loss journey, what would it be?
  23. allyrenee222

    Anyone else covered in tattoos?

    I have a big chest piece. Mine is above my actual chest so I think I will be fine if I need surgery. However I would wait on that until after you know if you will need plastics or not. I'm not doing my upper arm until I know if I will need that or not
  24. allyrenee222


    OK when you are on soft foods, how did you get everything in in a day. Water, protein, food. I'm not to that stage yet. I had a set back and had to go back to liquids but I'm just wondering for future reference?
  25. allyrenee222

    vaginal bleeding post op

    I was sleeved on December 20th, started my period a week ago (which was 5 days early) and now I am having breakthrough bleeding! I've never had that before. Freaked me out