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  1. clpeltz

    RNY to DS revision

    Research and prepare yourself with all the reasons that the DS is the best option for you. I am sure that if you come prepared and he realizes that you have researched and know what living with the DS entails, he will be willing to do the DS.
  2. clpeltz

    RNY to DS revision

    Cindy Cooney....don't go with the distal...it is the worst of both worlds. Stick to your guns. He is not on the rny to ds revision surgeon list for this very reason. He used to be fine doing rny to ds revisions but now seems to only be pushing the distal. You will most likely have to travel. Most who get a rny to ds revision do because there are so few that are experienced enough to do it. Good luck on your journey!
  3. clpeltz

    RNY to DS revision

    It would be good to start looking at it as a type of surgery Alex Brecher. The biggest issue with a RNY to DS revision is that it IS the most complicated of all revisions and is only done by a handful of surgeons in the US. You can't go to just any revision surgeon. Just because a surgeon says that they do revisions, does not automatically mean that they can do THIS surgery. It is VERY IMPORTANT for individuals thinking about this revision to get an experienced surgeon. And, like I said, there are only a handful... Dr. Keshishian, located in California Dr. Rabkin, located in California Dr. Simper, located in Utah Dr. Elariny, located in Virginia Dr. Roslin, located in New York Dr. Buchwald, located in Minnesota