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  1. I live just north of Houston
  2. Out of bad habits (and a very neurotic childhood), every time my chest hurts, I think my Lola the Lappy has become dislodged and is floating around my body. I know everyone is laughing but I still think Pop-Rocks and soda will make me combust. (for reals)
  3. QueensTy


    My surgeons office billed my insurance over $50000 for pre-op, scoping, surgery and all post- op fill visits. They then asked if I would like to finance $5500 for the next 3 years. That amount is totally believable.
  4. QueensTy

    Anyone having trouble with friends?

    Haters gonna hate. She's a really s@$tty friend for trying to sabotage you.
  5. Mine were put in under the breast. The scar has disappeared completely. I am still waiting for the feeling to return to Wilma. My surgery was in 2012.
  6. I gotta ask y the difference in ccs in wilma an betty? Thanks The difference in CC's in Wilma and Betty are a matter of symmetry. Any plastic surgeon worth a dime will tell you that no woman is perfectly symmetrical. Betty was a 38 long while Wilma was a 36 long pre-surgery.
  7. My augmentation implants were 475cc's in Betty (my right) and 450 cc's in Wilma( my left). Those implants put me at DD- DDD depending on which bra. I still think my husband slipped my PS some cash before surgery to add an extra D. The best thing I purchased, besides my CHESTICLES, was a very cheap Wal Mart Fruit of the Loom sports bra for post surgery. My surgeon suggested it because you are not supposed wear underwire for at least two months post surgery. Post surgery use a lot of pillows to prop yourself up and to sleep. Good luck, honey. You are going to look and feel fantastic.
  8. QueensTy


    I'm so happy for you! Wonderful milestone to reach!
  9. I think you hit the nail on the head. I am so afraid of the unknown. Afraid of my kids starting a new school. Afraid that the neighbors might not be as nice as these.
  10. Any14-16 dresses? I'll take some pictures tomorrow and send them to you.
  11. I am looking for summer clothes in size 18 or 20 dresses, pants, jeans, shirts and tops. I've got summer dresses pants and tops in those sizes. I'll take some pictures tomorrow and send them.
  12. QueensTy

    Did you name your band? :D

    Lola the Happy Lappy.
  13. QueensTy

    Did you name your band? :D

    Lola the Happy Lappy!
  14. You let me know what you're looking for, I've most likely got it. Little black dress? I've got them in every size I was 18, 20, etc. Looking for something to wear to a spring wedding? I've got a great dress with matching jacket. Donate what you would like to my move it on outta here sale. Let me know and I'll take a picture, if you likey, make a contribution and I'll send it to you. Summer dresses, salsa dancing dresses you name it I've probably got and it needs to go.
  15. The move is a new beginning for my family and I. Seems as though when I turned 37 my whole out look on life has changed. I know this will sound strange but I feel grown up and mature. Ready for another life change like when I was banded. Time to live a cleaner, healthier life. A life I can be proud of, by becoming active again.

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