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  1. Kindle, I'm so sorry for your loss. How awful you must feel! I'm doing ok - am 2 lbs. above my bounce range. Am trying hard to avoid being disgusted with myself and, instead, to make rational decisions about food and exercise. I went to pilates today and then rode my bike for seven miles. I'm finding it hard to make good decisions about sweets. I'll keep working at it.
  2. I finally made goal this week! On to maintenance... HW 232 SW 223 CW 150 TPL 82 TGP 82
  3. Everything tastes awful the first couple of weeks (including water). That was a surprise to me.
  4. I wish I had known that the two days in the hospital would go by without me being very aware (in a drugged state) and I really didn't need a book or i-pod.
  5. Texasmeg

    TA DA!

    You look fabulous! Congratulations on your weight loss!
  6. HW: 232 SW: 223 CW: 150.5 TPG: 82 TPL: 81.5 So close I can taste it!????
  7. People can and do die everyday from complications due to obesity. According to the NIH, it is the second leading cause of preventable death (after smoking) and 300,000 people die from obesity related causes annually in the USA.
  8. HW: 232 SW: 223 CW: 151.6 TPL: 80.4 TPG: 70 TP (Final) G: 82 A healthy 1.4 lb loss this week - 1.6 to goal.
  9. Yes, particularly early on, but even now after 9 mos.
  10. Texasmeg

    Does everyone experience hairloss?

    I also color and highlight my hair. I had very little hair loss and am at 9 mos. out now.
  11. I always go for olives when I want something salty.
  12. Only one IV (and my ferratin was as low as it gets - 7, I believe. No constipation (I think that is only when you take it orally).
  13. Texasmeg

    Any Eastern OK Okies?

    Very interesting - thanks.
  14. No change again this week for me.
  15. Texasmeg

    Exploring Re-banding (kinda long)

    Why aren't you interested in VSG or gastric bypass? There are many people that moved from band to sleeve or bypass here. I started with a sleeve, but can tell you I am very happy with it.
  16. Texasmeg


    That's great! Doesn't it feel terrific?
  17. Texasmeg

    Struggling going back to work today.

    I read your post and it made me so sad. Know that you have a support group here that is behind you. My ionly suggestion is to do the work you can and don't stress so much if you can't get it all done. You can only do what you can do while caring for your health. I remember 30 years ago when my daughter was in day care. The sitter called me with one more in a series of ear infections and I had to leave work yet again. I was stressed out about my job as I drove, gripping the steering wheel tightly. Then I thought, what are my choices? Really, I had none. With no choices, why should I be stressed? I relaxed and continued to do the best I could for my daughter and for my job. It worked out in the end. Take care.
  18. Texasmeg

    Trip to Japan

    Work is sending me to Japan for a few days! I'm very excited, but concerned about managing my sleeve (I'm over 8 mos out from surgery). I know they serve a lot of fish (yeah - I love it!), but am concerned that rice is a big part of the meals. I don't like tofu or miso. I know the food will taste a lot different - will I have issues with eating it? I'm also concerned about the jet lag with such a big time difference. Lastly, I'm worried because the websites say it is tough to get meds (including vitamins) into the country. Has anyone been to Japan that can help me?
  19. He started out with "pre-squats". For example (this is hard to describe), squat to row. You stand at a machine with your arms in a Y and hands on handles with weights. You squat (as far as you can with good form) and the weights kind of help. As you stand up, you pull your elbows back in a "row" bringing your shoulder blades together. He had me doing rear lunges (as far as I could go - didn't need to go all the way). He also had doing exercises to strengthen my inner thighs on the machines (hamstring machine). Later, he had me doing side steps with a rubber resistance band and squatting as I stretched the band (it is easier to squat with your legs apart). Hope this helps!
  20. My balance is awful and my hip flexors are tight. My trainer has been trying to combine balance and strength training (e.g., one legged squat to row and rear lunges while he throws me a medicine ball from different locations). I do fall over sometimes - but I'm improving!
  21. We are at 86% of our goal! If you think about it...18 people have lost almost 2000 pounds! That is INCREDIBLE! Congratulations to each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication to this journey! That is amazing - 18 people with an average of 111lbs and 86% of goal! Way to go December 2013 sleevers!
  22. HW: 232 SW: 223 CW: 159 TPL: 73 TPG: 70 Total pounds to new (final) goal: 82 Lost 1 lb this week
  23. Texasmeg

    You know you lost weight when

    Your husband says you move differently - like you are younger!
  24. Texasmeg

    Motivation to workout

    I think it is easier after you start to lose weight. The weight loss motivates you to do more and the exercise helps with the weight loss. I've been happy to see my skin tighten up by doing more strength training. Find something you enjoy doing - that helps a lot.
  25. HW: 232 SW: 223 CW: 160 TPL: 72 TPG: 70 I lost 1 lb this week - seems to be the norm for me now. 10 lbs to my new (and final) goal.

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