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  1. I just got banded February 7th, and I'm so excited to start this journey! I have been kind of gassy, so it's making me miserable, but I'm sure after a week I'll be good as new! Can't wait for that!
  2. marissacb09

    Banded Feb 7th!

    Thanks everyone for your input! I don't feel as crazy knowing that I'm not alone! Love this site to find people who can relate!
  3. Just got banded on Friday! And I'm so happy about it! I've been having some gassiness, slim trying to walk around a lot. I'm excited for this journey! One annoying thing though (maybe you can relate) everyone around me now apologizes for eating, EVERYTIME! I've gotten to the point where I just snap back. I don't mean to be harsh, but I keep saying "don't feel sorry for me" "I CHOSE to do this" I just want to be apart of my family again, now I feel like they are just pitying me. They even went out to dinner and they felt horrible for telling me when they came back from errends. I told them "you know I can still go out, just right now all I can have is Soup." But I'd still like to be apart of the social aspect of it! Just frustrating, and I know it's a change not only for me, but my family too. Oh well, feels nice to rant. Lol.
  4. It's come to the point of my journey where I'm close to having a date, therefore I will have to inform my place of employment I will be having to take a few weeks off of work. I know they don't have to know what I get done, but I'm more curious about what everyone has told their co-workers who have asked why you are going to take so much time off? I have some co workers who I'm friends with at work, but not outside of work, and I have no idea what I should say when they ask me! I don't want to be rude and say "its none of your business" or make them suspicious by saying "well it's really personal" Also, I'm not self conscious about what I'm getting done, I just don't want them to judge me, and think "oh, she's taking the easy way out" I really am not comfortable telling anyone there. So all in all, I'm wondering if anyone was in the boat I'm in, and can relate, and you could share what you did in this situation!?
  5. marissacb09

    When taking time off work...

    I wish I could just use my weeks vacation time! But, my work is physically demanding, do my surgeon said I may need to take 2-3 weeks off. So I'll need to take medical leave instead of using vacation. Thanks for all of the great ideas though!
  6. marissacb09

    When taking time off work...

    I definitely like the way you worded it! I will definitely try that! I also work with gossipy people, so that's what I was just trying to avoid! Im also trying to stress I'm not embarrassed, it's just my business with the people I share it with, and with people who really understand who are on here! Thank you for the good tips!
  7. It's so relieving to see that everyone is anticipating their surgery just like I am! It's good to not feel so alone! I am getting banded on Jan 31, and I have to start my liquid diet on the 23. Good luck to all .
  8. marissacb09

    So close!

    Thank you guys so much!!
  9. marissacb09

    So close!

    Just received the call from my doctors office scheduling my pre surgical class and the surgery date will then be scheduled on the 31st! It has taken me such a long time to reach this part of my journey. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm so ready for this!! I love reading all of the success stories, it gives me a lot of motivation!
  10. marissacb09

    New To This!

    Hello everyone! I was looking for somewhere to look for info, and have support while I go through this process. I am 22 years old, and I'm 5'5", weighing 315 lbs. I decided in June of this year I wanted to look into lap band. I went to a seminar, and shortly after that had an appointment with the surgeon. Now just yesterday (December 3rd) I finished my last appointment for my 6 month nutritionist/physician requirement for my insurance. So now I'm getting the rest of the process started! I am very excited for this step in my life, because I have never been a healthy weight for a majority of my life! It would be awesome to hear from fellow people and share support!
  11. marissacb09

    New To This!

    Thank you! And congrats on the weight loss! Seeing all of the success stories in here is definitely reassuring to me! I am so ready .