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  1. Memily

    So tired of liquids!

    I was in the same place....Split Pea Soup was my choice.
  2. Wow....what journey. I had my surgery November 25, 2013 and I am now 14 lbs away from my goal. I hit 169 this morning, I can't even remember the last time my scale was here. Words can not even describe how relieved I am to be so close to my goal of 155. When I set my goal at 155 it was to be "healthy" it was the heaviest weight I could be for a "healthy" BMI for me. My life has changed so much from then.....I have confidence...I like to go shopping....I DANCE....seriously I now like to go out with the girls and dance. Best decision I have ever made for myself. Loving my new life!
  3. Memily

    how often do you weigh yourself?

    I weigh myself every morning when I wake up right before my shower. I did that even before my surgery.
  4. Krystal0528 by pre-surgery diet weight was 264.
  5. Memily

    Why no wine after surgery?

    I started drinking some drinks about........on 3-4 months out. No beer and no carbonation. My drink of choice is Cucumber Vodka with Water.....and if I get really crazy a shot of tequila You are a cheep date after. I won't get behind the wheel even if I have a half of a drink because I never truly know how the drinks will hit my, watch yourself cause everytime will be different. I do not go out for drinks unless I have my husband or a friend that is a REALLY good friend who knows my surgery history ( I kept my surgery secret to almost everyone) that way if they notice I hit a wall fast they take me home.
  6. Memily

    Bad day!

    Don't beat yourself up, we all have those days. I have pizza about once a month...the amount I eat depends on the day and what my body can handle. I try REALLY hard not to drink after I eat but it is very hard for me as I have always been someone with a Water bottle in hand. You are human just don't slip into bad habits daily and you will succeed. Good luck!
  7. I have hit my 8 month mark and I am just recently have been really struggling on eating. For awhile there I felt "normal" in terms of eating....now I can only eat a cracker and I am done. Has anyone run into this before?
  8. Memily

    Weight loss seems to have stalled

    Stalls are all part of the process. The first few are frustrating but then you just get use to them. Be honest with yourself during this time, don't cheat or get discouraged, and keep on tracking. My last stall was 3 weeks long. IT WAS HARD but I got through and lost 4 lbs the next week. Also....don't know if it is true or not...I tell myself it is time for my skin to catch up to my weight loss. LOL
  9. Memily

    Telling others

    I only told a very few people and who I did I explained how sensitive a subject it was. I told my daughters daycare and a few others I had a hernia repaired because I would find myself holding my stomach at the larger incision area.
  10. So this week several people have started to comment on how skinny I have gotten. Then 2 people today asked me if I have compared photos since I started. I realized I hadn't.....so here they are. First picture was taken 5 days after my surgery and the other is from today. What a journey it has been so far. The stalls are hard but I am pushing through them...all 3 of them so far. I only have 35LBS LEFT TO GO!
  11. mrslosing2014 in all honesty my work out routine is not as good as it could be. On Wednesdays I have volleyball leagues and then the rest of the week I either do the 30 Day Shred or walk on the treadmill....the treadmill usually wins unfortunately at this point. Work has been so busy lately I am usually working 6:30-4ish daily and then try to get a quick work out before the daycare closes at 5. I do make sure I at least walk 30 minutes a day. I need to pick up the intensity of my routine. I have done the trampoline work out classes occasionally.
  12. Memily

    Would you do it again?

    I am by no means a vet I am 4 months out...but I would do it again in a heartbeat. As of today I have lost a total of 74lbs with my pre-surg diet.
  13. Memily


  14. Memily

    November 2013

    From the album: Before

  15. Just remind yourself this is a temporary phase in you life. I had a lot of split pea soup, tomato, and this one restaurant in town had the best soup broth ever that I would order. I remember the phase you are in.......now I can try a bit of just about everything but I have to make the decision to eat healthy. Use your tool to re-define your diet one step at a time. I honestly ate so many scrambled eggs during the soft food phase...I still can't eat them. Good Luck!
  16. Memily


    I had my second stall shortly after my first. I have had 2 major stalls so far and had my surgery Nov. 25, 2013. As long as you are not "cheating" yourself things are happening and you just aren't see the numbers. But I agree it is frustrating.
  17. I am a bit over 3 months out, lately....I feel like I can eat more. It is scary...and I have not lost for almost 2 weeks and I had just broken a stall a few days before this one. Has anyone else had this happen?
  18. I couldn't wait to eat an apple, I am 3 months out and just now able to eat an apple as long as I peel it.
  19. Memily

    No more coffee for me

    I love my coffee but have found that when I drink it daily I don't loose any weight. It is crazy....I even up my Water to make sure it isn't related to that. I drank it for a week didn't loose nothing...didn't drink it for 4 days lost 4 lbs.
  20. Memily

    Any1 scared it wouldnt "work?"

    Every time to this date I step on the scale I still amazed when I drop a lb. because I can often feel full from dinner the night before. As long as you follow the rules the odds are in your favor.
  21. Weighed in at 199.8 today, glad to see the 2 is gone. Goal 2 of my journey has been obtained. Next goal 185, pre-pregnancy weight. After that goal is met my final goal is 155....one step at a time.
  22. Memily

    Nicotine test?

    I have only had it done at work for a screening as well....the one they used this week was rapid results....like 2 minutes.
  23. No, I never told my hubby exactly what I weighed pre-surgery. BUT yesterday when I got back on the scale and found I was out of the 2 hundreds I told him that. LOL

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