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  1. How soon did everyone start to have shrimp? I'm 6 weeks out and I have been having flaky fish and tuna with over steamed or over baked veggies. It settles fine with me. I was wondering what about shrimp though if it might be too heavy……I have a recipe that includes shrimp but I don't want to damage my sleeve or feel sick.
  2. I totally understand what you are saying!! I have 3 sisters we are 4 girls in total with me. And they are always telling me I look too thin that I look sick they even started to call me bones lol. I just laugh it off, but it's got the point where they are getting on my nerves. I tell them it's because they are not used to seeing me like this. I weigh 150 at the moment when I had surgery 10 months ago I was 278. I've always been big I weight 11lbs when I was born on thanksgiving day at that lol. I say go for it lose up into you are comfortable. I'm aiming for 130 all I want is a good BMI I'm 5'2.
  3. Hello how is all December sleevers doing and feeling? =) as for myself I'm feeling great. I've lost around 95lbs I'm finally out the 200's I feel really good. The only thing I've found myself starting to want to snack. And my appetite is ins screaming. I don't snack at all I just eat my 3 meals and drink my protein shakes. What's the calorie and protein some of you are taking in? I'm always lower then 800 calories. Hope everyone is doing great. Any snack ideas would be great. Honestly I feel scared when I find myself looking for a snack because before I would turn to chips or cookies. I for crave that anymore. Oh and I've hit a 1 month and a half plateau that I'm in now. I've also been working out. Any ideas how to get out the plateau? Surgery date 12/21/13 Highest weight 278 Current weight around 181
  4. OK guys I've only lost 5 months since may 25th. As of today I gained 2lbs so that means I lost 3lbs only. Has this happened to anyone? What do y'all recommend? For the past 8 days I've been working out every day. I've lost 93lbs. I'm 6 months post op as of 6/21/14. Thanks for the help I just get freaked out I never want to go back to how I was before. Weight has been a struggle for me my whole life. Don't get me wrong I'm loving this sleeve and I'm staying focus.
  5. I'm 6 months post op today and feeling wonderful!! So ladies I've never been on birth control (I'm enjoying my weight loss) I seriously don't want a baby into 3 more years. I see my ob/gyn on Mon. Any suggestion of what form of birth control to take after gastric sleeve? I've heard some make you gain weight has that happened to any of you? All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Months post op. 50 more pounds to go and I'll be happy. I'm loving this sleeve. I feel so happy.
  7. nesa83

    Houston Ne1?

    How are you feeling? Hope all is well =)
  8. nesa83

    Houston Ne1?

    Yes he is my doctor he is really nice. I was excited then the night before I got nervous only because I started thinking about the "what if's" but once I arrived at the hospital at 4:45am I was fine. I've been blessed my journey has been great . I'll be 5 months on the 21st. They have flew by I've lost 85lbs. I recently started working out. Protein was a BIG problem for me at first into I found one I liked. Follow everything he tells you (the eating stages) and you will be just fine. I had a hernia repair along with my sleeve. Are you getting the star procedure? Any questions feel free to ask me or message me on here =). I met someone at my nutritionist class and she was my go to person (she had her procedure 4months before me) besides the nutritionist I would email them also.
  9. nesa83

    Houston Ne1?

    The whole staff was really sweet when I had my surgery and doctor Scarbourough went to see the 3 days I was there. I had mine done on a Sat. Are you nervous?
  10. Does anyone eat fruit? If so what fruit? I'm 4 months post op and I've been craving fruit a lot. I had some watermelon for a snack (I hardly snack) i really enjoyed it though.
  11. nesa83

    Houston Ne1?

    I work near pearland. What hospital are you having your surgery? I had mine at park plaza I didn't want to but I didn't want to change my date so I said ok.
  12. nesa83

    Bathing Suit W/Out the Tears!

    You look beautiful. So happy for you I hope one day I'm able to wear a swimsuit.
  13. nesa83

    Houston Ne1?

    Houston here!! Dr Scarborough did mine. 4 months post op!!
  14. Any Starbuck suggestions? I'm starting to miss it and I don't want anything super high in calories or high in sugar. I could just ask the barista also. I rather know what you guys are drinking.
  15. nesa83


    At 6 weeks I waited into 8 weeks and I loved it. Becarful I was told it causes bloating and discomfort I've had luck so far nothing has caused discomfort for my sleeve. Good luck and enjoy.
  16. How far out did you all eat sausage? I want sausage but I'm scared. I'll be 4 months out tomorrow.
  17. I will be 4 months in a few days. Are any of you at this point still drinking the protein shakes? Should I continue taking my 60 grams of protein a day or stop and start eating more?. I still don't eat that much.
  18. I feel the same way as all of you. I enjoy my syntrax protein. The first months it was hell finding a protein I liked Into I had syntrax I was so happy. Yes it's easier and for sure I know I'm getting my daily protein with my shakes. My nut also wants me to get my protein from food but sometimes I get off at 6:30 from work and I have my workout class at 8:00 so I feel rushed rushed so a shake is always great.
  19. I've been taking all the vitamins I was told to take. The bariatric multi vitamin that I bought at my drs office, I've run out of and my doctors office won't be getting there shipment into late next week =(. Have any of you substituted the bariatric vitamin for just a regular multi vitamin?? I'm scared to try something different and don't know what to buy that is the same. Any ideas or should I just wait to get it from the doctors office? My other vitamins I've bought them at the store except that one.
  20. nesa83

    when to start vitamins?

    I was taking the chewable multivitamin and calcium and waited for my two week visit to start the rest.
  21. Before being sleeved some drinks would make me get flushed if I touched my face it be hot or id get red patches. Stop drinking those drinks immediately, doctor told me it's a allergic reaction and your insides swell up and you could stop breathing it's best to take a Benadryl. Pre op I was a big drinker I sticked to what I could drink slowly I started to drink other stuff there's tons of stuff. Your bump definitely get it checked ASAP. Good luck.
  22. nesa83

    How long off work?

    I took a month off =) I work at a bank and I'm always moving back and forth so I did not want to get dehydrated and I wanted to be on soft solids at lease when I went back. That worked out fine for me I felt great going back. Everyone is different though.
  23. Some carne asada with rice potato salad frijoles charros and a margarita yummmm lol.
  24. nesa83

    Ok, the hair thing again

    I'm at 3 months and mine started falling out last week I have a lot of hair though. I had started drinking biotin a week before surgery to prevent it but it didn't, it did help with my skin and nails so I'll continue to drink it. I cut my hair short into a bob so it wont be noticeable. I'm going to keep it short for like 3 months I like it~it makes me feel like a new person =). Once I'm out the hair loss stage I'll let it grow out.
  25. That sounds so good lol.