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  1. Kay Raykiewicz


    My personal requirements were just that it has to be "Medically necessary." Probably because my deductible is so high. $4,000 medical per person. $7000 max out of pocket.
  2. Kay Raykiewicz

    Ugh, Surgery Dates

    Thank you! It's Bay Area Surgical in Walnut Creek, CA. They're pretty good as far as cooperation. Apparently it's the surgeon who needs to open more dates. We shall see. The saga continues.
  3. Kay Raykiewicz

    Ugh, Surgery Dates

    So I just got through getting my surgical clearance, and I'm almost done with all of my pre-surgery requirements. But when I called the surgeons office to ask about availability they said I probably won't get a date until next YEAR! With my insurance, my deductible resets every 6 months. I've been trying my best to "play the game," so to speak. If I managed to get in during December, I would have a better shot with the insurance. But as it looks, I'll end up paying much more for everything. Fantastic. /rant
  4. Kay Raykiewicz

    Pre-Surgery And A Young Sleever!

    Oh wow, I'm reading the forum on Band To Sleeve revisions and yikes! To think I was actually considering the band, and asked my surgeon for it. I'm happy he pointed me in this direction. I haven't heard of hardly any long term complications like the band and that gives me a lot of hope.
  5. Kay Raykiewicz


    I have a PPO. In the past, my insurance rarely covers anything 100%, which is why I'm a little nervous.
  6. Kay Raykiewicz


    Thank you! I've met my perscription deductible, but not my medical deductible I don't think. Unless doctors visits and the consultation count into that. My consultation was billed at $400, but I only paid $40.
  7. Hey everyone! I'm still pre-surgery at the moment and am getting down to the wire on sending in the request to my insurance. I wondered what everyone's surgery looked like finance wise for BC/BS California? No one will give me a straight answer. I know it's different for everyone, but a ball park estimate would be nice. All I have left of my requirements are to have an endoscopy and they say then I'll have my paperwork submitted and my date set. The major problem with blue cross, however, is that their deductibles reset twice a year, once in January and once in September, and they're crazy high. I'm trying and wishing and praying to have my surgery in December because of that.
  8. Kay Raykiewicz

    Pre-Surgery And A Young Sleever!

    Thank you so much! That was very helpful. I was just unsure. I had heard from some people that their hunger literally goes away almost entirely. Which I was actually a little bit scared of. I just want to get to a healthy weight.. Something I've never actually been able to do for my height. I am currently 205 and I carry most of my weight in my chest and thighs.
  9. Kay Raykiewicz

    Pre-Surgery And A Young Sleever!

    I'm definitely ready to use the sleeve as a tool to help me conquer this problem. I've never eaten myself to being sick, but definitely take in way too many calories for a 5' 2" woman.
  10. I'm brand new to this site, however I am almost through with the doctors visits that are required of me. I guess my main questions have to do with how I will lose. I always had to struggle with weight loss. My main problem is portion control. When diet programs would tell me how much I could have it just looked absolutely unreal. I am a repeat offender of Weight Watchers in particular. I'm a smaller sleever, having never weighed this much before, but whatever weight I gain seems to stick on me like glue. Sigh. Does anyone still have the urge to over eat? Or does that start to heal over time? Also hair loss? What?! ~Kay

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