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  1. 7 Bites_Jen

    Cream of wheat

    Oh, definitely add the cinnamon too
  2. 7 Bites_Jen

    Medical followup after the sleeve: PCP or surgeon?

    For the first 18 months after surgery, I saw my surgeon on anything and everything gastric related. Everything else was my PCP.
  3. 7 Bites_Jen


    I have several friends that have had very successful pregnancies and healthy births after surgery! One has even had two since her sleeve surgery (she was sleeved in 2011 - baby #1 was 2013 and baby #2 was just born last week )
  4. 7 Bites_Jen

    Hi everyone

    Congrats!! Sounds like you're doing great! Keep us posted on your progress!
  5. What a boost! I bet that felt good
  6. 7 Bites_Jen

    Cream of wheat

    I did eat it on pureed - I couldn't keep down much during that time so I had to rely on whatever I COULD eat. You can add a sprinkle of Protein powder, a spoonful of natural nut butter, some Greek yogurt or some silken tofu to it to add some protein to it.
  7. Wow, this one stepped on my toes - in a GOOD way! I completely relate to every one of these issues - especially the quick fix one. A lot of WLS patients are not only addicted to food, but they're addicted to dieting as well! Always looking for that perfect eating plan, that perfect diet, and the "next best thing". What I was searching for was validation that it was okay for me to eat certain foods!
  8. This is great! I especially like that you mention hanging out with the wrong people. I'm noticing two types of people in my life: those that are food-obsessed and those that aren't. When I'm with the people that are food-obsessed I find myself eating poorly. When I hang out with people that aren't obsessed I don't even THINK about food. Great article!
  9. First off - BREATHE!! Second - go give yourself a bit hug. It's not uncommon to gain a little when you go from liquids to soft foods. Be sure you're getting in your liquids, be sure you're getting in your protein, and be sure you're moving! Those three things are key components. If you're still concerned, you might talk to your doctor or your nutritionist and they can give you some good insight on what's going on.
  10. 7 Bites_Jen

    Any Regrets?

    I have zero regrets. Things may not have always been perfect, and I've made a lot of mistakes along the way, but with every mistake came knowledge. I've learned so much during this journey about myself, my body, and about health and nutrition in general. <3
  11. 7 Bites_Jen

    Great Summer Meals to Keep You Chillin'

    Oh that sounds fantastic! We're actually going to be making gazpacho on the show! I will have to have some Greek yogurt on hand for that!!
  12. Congratulations on your new journey! I definitely agree 100% with what everyone has said on Protein. At this stage, I wouldn't add fruit YET (that can come later). You can absolutely make your own shake though - you can add some extracts, sugar free syrups (Torani makes some wonderful ones), and you can even add things like powdered Jello or crystal light to them as well to add flavor without adding texture. The rumbling in your tummy could be hunger, but it's more likely your new tummy working away. Our bodies are a machine, and our sleeves are the gas tank. When we eat, we're filling the tank, so to speak. When it's digesting, it can sometimes rumble and gurgle - in the beginning I really thought it was hunger, so I would try to eat and then make myself sick!
  13. 7 Bites_Jen

    Here I am!

    Congratulations on your surgery! And good job with all the hard work you've already put in! I totally relate to being scared of complications. Every time I felt bad the word, "LEAK" went through my brain. Thankfully, it was NEVER the case. Complications DO happen, but they are pretty rare. So ... BREATHE! There's a good chance that you're not going to have any problems. If you DO feel any symptoms like chest pain, uncontrollable shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, or fever then call your doctor ASAP. But it sounds like you're doing an amazing job - the pain after 2 sips is normal, BTW. Your tummy is still very swollen. Just take it super slow! Keep it up!
  14. 7 Bites_Jen

    Great Summer Meals to Keep You Chillin'

    It’s summertime again! Which means hot sun, cold drinks, and trips to the beach, the pool, and to the lake (camping, anyone?). Summertime is a great opportunity to get back on track with protein-rich meals that will help you beat the heat! Grill Baby! Grilling is one of the best ways to cook meats and vegetables in the summer - it won’t heat your house and you can be creative with marinades! We love to marinade chicken in a simple mixture of 1/4 C olive oil, 1/4 C lemon juice, 1 T garlic, and 1/2 C water. Steak gets a bath in 1/4 C soy sauce, 1/4 C Worcestershire sauce, and 1 T garlic. Pork and fish can get a similar treatment as chicken, as can vegetables. You can also use store bought marinades and salad dressings to add bold flavor. Be sure to watch for added sugars and salt, though! A great tip for grilling - for fish and vegetables, invest in a grill basket. It will keep your food from falling through the grates of the grill! Meat Salads Meat salads are absolutely fabulous in the summer. Tuna and chicken are super popular, but you can also use salmon (remove the bones if using canned), mixed seafoods, and shrimp! A great cold shrimp salad that is full of flavor, protein, and good fats is shrimp, avocado, and red onion in a summery lemon vinaigrette. You can find the recipe here! You can also play with flavorings, adding herbs, different sauces, and condiments to your meat salad: Southwest Tuna Salad 1 T Greek Yogurt 1 T salsa 1 can chunk light tuna, packed in water, drained chopped onion to taste 2 T black beans (optional), rinsed and drained Combine yogurt and salsa in a bowl. Add onion and stir. Allow to sit for 2-5 minutes to marinate onion. Add beans (if using) and tuna and gently stir. Serve chilled. Speaking Of Salads ... Another great salad option is a salad-in-a-jar. These are all the rage on Pinterest and Facebook, and are as customizable as you’d want. Just layer your salad with dressing on the bottom, followed by any chopped veggies such as tomatoes or onions, then whatever meat you’re using, followed by cheese, then your salad greens. The formula we use is (in a 1 pint jar): 1 T dressing 2 T chopped veggies 2-3 oz cooked meat 1/2-1 oz shredded or crumbled cheese Salad greens packed into the top of the jar. Don’t have a jar? No worries, just throw your stuff in a bowl and give it a toss! Pre-chopped veggies can be stored in an air-tight container for a few days, so you can still do prep work earlier in the week. Soup? In SUMMER??? Yes! You can even do soup in summer! Light broth-based soups and cold veggie soups can help you stay hydrated in the heat. A super easy throw-together light soup I love is: (About 4 bariatric servings of 1/2 C) 1 C shredded chicken 1 box chicken broth or stock 1/4 C frozen corn (optional) 1 chopped zucchini You LITERALLY throw it all into a pot, bring it to a boil, cook it for 10-15 minutes and you’re done! Soup eating tip - if you have the gastric band or the RnY it may be helpful to drink the broth first then eat the solids. Sip Sip Sip! Yes, keeping those fluids up is STILL important. Even more so during the summer! Water is best for hydration, of course, but sometimes you want something a little different. Try making your own fruit-infused water or tea! There are some great infuser bottles and pitchers on the market right now, or you can just muddle (shmoosh a bit) the fruit in the bottom of your glass or pitcher and pour your liquid right over it. This is also a great way to use up that leftover fruit you might have sitting in your fridge! Summer is all about staying cool, calm and collected - all the while keeping our nutrition and hydration going! You can do it! Share your ideas below in the comments section!