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  1. MrsMurky721

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    I'm so excited to finally get to post on this thread!!! My surgery was on December 11th. I've lost 62 lbs since surgery but 100 lbs overall!! I still have 115 lbs to go but I'm halfway there now!
  2. MrsMurky721

    January 30th Surgery

    Re-fried Beans with queso from my favorite mexican restaurant lasted me days and went down well! I also ate a lot of salmon. I've never liked fish but I needed the Protein so I searched and searched and found a recipe I liked. Also tuna salad! I'm glad you're finally getting into the groove of things after a complication like that!
  3. MrsMurky721

    December Sleevers

    I was sleeved on December 11th. I've lost 62 lbs since surgery and 100 lbs total! Woot!
  4. I'm down 100 lbs!! WOOOOOOO!

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    2. VickiCat


      Good work!!!

    3. blondebomb


      whoop whoop!!! awsome!! congrats great job! :)

    4. jodie1961


      Way to go!!! What an accomplishment!


  5. MrsMurky721

    December sleevers

    I was sleeved December 11th. Since surgery I've lost 44 lbs and I'm down 82 lbs total! I'm feeling like my normal self again! I haven't really hit a stall but the weight is coming off slower now since I'm eating real food. I started exercising about two weeks ago and it has really helped kick start my weight loss again! I'm still having problems with vomiting random things. I think it's because I either eat too fast or one bite too much. I'm able to get all my Protein and Water in, but I keep forgetting to take my Vitamins
  6. My new sleeve HATES lettuce. NO SALAD EVER?? I'm so sad :/

    1. Miss Mac

      Miss Mac

      It took me about six months to tolerate slald greens and raw foods, but at 13 months out, I can eat that stuff in small amounts. For example, if I want a taco salad, I will heat up 1/2 cup of taco meat, shredded cheese, and salsa to put on top of 1/2 cup of greens and chopped tomato, and will eat about 2/3 of it....no chips.

    2. heynowkc


      I haven't yet had the guts to try lettuce. Have you tried using baby spinach, kale or other types of salad greens?

  7. I love a good exercise high!

    1. Zoey716


      Isn't it the best?!! GREAT JOB!! :)

    2. heynowkc
  8. MrsMurky721

    19 and nervous

    People's pain after surgery differs, really. There's no way to tell how your pain will be so you may as well be prepared or the worst. I've seen stories of people not needing pain meds after leaving the hospital. I needed the pain meds constantly for almost 6 days. When you wake up you may be in pain or you may not. If you are the docs will give you some good stuff to take care of that. Make sure you stay on top of your pain- don't wait to ask for pain meds when you're in dire need of them. I researched obsessively for months before my surgery. The way I went into surgery was this - I knew it would be a shitty first week. I knew I would be in pain. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat and it would suck to do pretty much anything but sleep. I knew work would suck. But I also knew that I was making the decision to have surgery for a damn good reason and the first two weeks are definitely worth a lifetime of health and happiness. Good luck!
  9. I got sleeved December 11th. I've lost 28lbs postop and 67 total. Still having trouble getting all my Protein in but have no problem with Water. Just now beginning to eat, really. Usually one meal a day. About 2 oz of fish and then I try to get in two protein shakes. I can already tell a huge difference in my appearance! Went back to work two weeks ago and still struggling with tiredness and being lightheaded. I'm still trying to wrap my had around this new lifestyle where eating is hard lol but it's what I signed up for. Overall things are good.
  10. Even with the relaxing meds in pre-op that they gave me (which we amazing btw) I still started crying when they wheeled me away. Then I got to the operating room and had a full blown panic attack. It was really scary for me, I can't deny that. But this all happened in a span of like 4 minutes tops, if that. As soon as they saw that I was really freaking out they went ahead and gave me the anesthesia.
  11. MrsMurky721

    Premier Protein

    I didn't like the chocolate but the vanilla is delicious!! It tastes like melted ice cream! Omnomnomnom!
  12. Does anybody know any easy fish recipes that don't involve honey? Or is honey okay since we will only eat such a small amount?

    1. Stevehud


      well if your using like basic whitefish heres a couple one brush with olive oil and top with chopped herbs or mrs dash, two mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 2 teasponns of red wine vinegar and a teaspoon of Dijon mustard wisk up and brush over he fish about 2 to 3 mins before its done. 3. mix 1/4 to 1/2 cup of no sugar added chopped or diced tomatoes in a blender with 1 clove garlic, about 1/8 of a cup or a good amount of chopped fresh cilantro, a dash of salt and pepper. blend to puree like ketchup consistency, ( you can put this in the fridge for over a week easily, bste fish to start cooking then bake the fish and baste every couple minutes and brush just as it comes out of the oven let rest for a minute, makes a great Mexican fish.

    2. MrsMurky721


      Oh my gosh thank you!!! Woohoooo I just need to get the ingredients now!

  13. I had 1.5 ounces of tuna salad for lunch! I'm so excited for real food! WOOOO!

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    2. Elizabeth21


      Actual food will make you feel better. Also, I've been told that after a while the shakes will no longer be effective for weight loss. I also have struggled a bit with the no drinking for 30 minutes before and after eating. I try planning it around activities. For example: I wake up in morning, so have not had anything to drink for 30 minutes, so I have breakfast. Then I get my shower, dressed, etc. and the 30 minutes after time is up. Good luck.

    3. Elizabeth21


      One other thing: try adding just a small bit of canned fruit to your meal (like one or two peach slices). The moisture helps make up for lack of drink.

    4. MrsMurky721


      Those are great ideas!! I never would've thought of those! I'll have to get up early tomorrow to try the breakfast thing. Thank you!!!

  14. MrsMurky721

    Bathroom Situation ?

    I needed help getting to the restroom for the first day or so but no help in the bathroom before or after. Try to get your pain meds in and working before heading to the potty and/or going for a walk so you can do more on your own.
  15. MrsMurky721

    Struggling with not eating post op

    I was sleeved on Decemeber 11th. I felt those hunger pains too!!! I'm so happy I'm not the only one! I swear it felt like genuine hunger! I was so aggravated! Aren't we supposed to not feel hunger? But a few days ago I realized that the hunger wasn't there anymore. That's also around the same time I was able to start getting more Protein and Water in so I don't know what it was but it's gone now. YAY!! Maybe everybody feels it the first few weeks or something? I have no idea! I'm still dealing with cravings for certain things but doing well overall and resisting. I'll tell you though, ice cold water has never tasted so refreshing in my entire life! I don't know what it is, but water tickles my pickle now! We can do this! WOOT!
  16. MrsMurky721

    6 weeks post op photos

    Wow! The difference is clear already! Great job!!
  17. Most of the things I wish I knew had nothing to do with the actual removal of my stomach like: - How hard it would be to eat slower - That my nose would be dry and bleed from all the oxygen. - How painful it would be to breath deeply/cough the first few days after surgery. Using that incentive spirometer hurts!!! But it does help! -That I would be allergic to the antibiotic they gave me in the hospital! AHH! Breaking out in terrible itchy rashy hivey things all over my body in the middle of the night is not fun! Especially when it takes the nurses thirty minutes to get to my room! What the hell!! - That my IV would go bad and two and a half weeks post-op my vein has still not recovered Of course, these are all very minor when you think about the worst that could have happened! I was mostly unprepared for being in the hospital because I've never stayed in the hospital before. I would still do it all over again. I'm 19 days post-op and I've lost 25 pound since surgery and 60 pounds overall! Don't stress! You'll do great!
  18. Each day should be better than the previous. If you have sudden extreme pain in your belly area I suggest you call up your surgeon's office to let them know. It could be nothing or it could be something! There's nothing to lose by calling
  19. You are incredible. It had to have taken so much strength and courage to do what you did. Thank you for taking that extra step to help others live more healthy after you were done with turning your life around. You are inspiring others. You're inspiring me!
  20. Just like SuperDave, I've been using a baby spoon to train myself on the size of bites I should take. It's been working out well. I was having problems with things coming back up but then I realized it had nothing to do with the food I was eating but that I was eating too fast! I slowed it down and everything is fine now! Except that I still want to eat fast! I have a problem with self control LOL!
  21. MrsMurky721

    Christmas Blues

    Wow! That's great!!!! You're doing really well! There's no point in worrying yourself. You are not the only one to indulge a little bit over the holidays. Congratulate yourself on how far you've come and get back to the healthy eating
  22. I was finally able to eat one of my favorite pre-surgery snacks: onions, squash, and zucchini, sauteed in a little soy sauce and sesame oil! 2 1/2 weeks post op on soft foods! It went down great! WOOO!

  23. So we've all heard it- "You need to change your relationship with food." But what does that mean? How do you do it? How do you know it's done? I see this advice all the time but never steps to take to make that change. I'm seeing a therapist ( I have bipolar disorder and have had several different addictions through my lifetime so I will ALWAYS have a therapist) and I'm working through my problems with her. But I want to know how everybody else did it. How did you start? Did you have any slip-ups? When did you realize that you had gotten over your love of eating, or the unhealthy eating for convenience? I'm not saying everybody here is addicted to food. I don't even want to start that debate so please don't misunderstand Just to go ahead and start the discussion: Like I said earlier, I've had many dependency and addiction problems. In middle school it was my obsession with friends and attention. In my high school and college days it was pot and pills. In the most recent years I've struggled with alcohol dependency.* I've overcome it all! (YAY ME!!!! ) Now I'm staring down losing my most basic coping skill - food. It scares me. Of course all programs start out by telling you to QUIT. Quit smoking, quit drinking. We can't do that with food! So wtf do we do? What do I do? I'm working with my therapist but I'd like to have some advice from people who have actually faced this and overcome it. *I'm hoping that you guys will withhold judgment of my past deeds and try to help me with my current problem. I fully understand the risks associated with WLS and transferring addictions. Thank you
  24. MrsMurky721

    This may be a stupid question but....

    My doc said I could drink protein shakes made with water (no milk) for days 2 to 7 in my clear liquid stage. When I moved to full liquids (day 8) I was allowed to use milk to mix with the powder. But as you can see, we all have different answers here so I suggest you call your NUT and see what the official recommendation is for you!

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