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  1. Wendydarling19

    I'm dying inside!

    I had my sleeve surgery 7/21 and have only lost 30 lbs so far. I miss food, I want food, I'm over this surgery. I'm so mad at myself for doing this to myself and regretting every second of it. Why cut out 85% of my stomach for no reason!? Anyone else feel this way?
  2. Wendydarling19

    How long did it take you to lose 100 lbs?

    Thanks everyone! Great to know!
  3. I lost 10 lbs my first week. My second week is almost over and I've lost nothing. What the heck? I'm a band to sleeve revision and unfortunately comparing to the band where I lost 9 my first week and 4 my second. I'm so confused as I'm only having my protein shake and purees
  4. The incision in which my stomach was pulled from has turned into cellulitis. Last night it was oozing, yes I'm being monitored but I'm beginning to wonder if this was all worth it ????
  5. Wendydarling19

    Newly sleeved. Slow loss

    It's a little bit discouraging especially with a post op infection. Making me wonder why I did this all
  6. I was able to eat actual food 1 week after I was banded. Probably part of the reason it ended up failing in the long run. I do know how to eat for bariatric surgery. I did well for a year then depression hit, then pregnancy and well here I am! I had my band unfilled in March due to slip and gained MORE weight. I was 10 lbs higher than pre-band. My eating was OUT of control. I just want soft foods lol. That's all I want ???? I did have a little purees squash and was a happy camper. Today isn't as bad as yesterday.
  7. I think I'm in morning. This just goes to show how bad my addiction truly is. I'll always be a foodie. I'll always be obsessed with food, I just need to have a healthier obsession, like meal planning or something. Not eating is making things so tough. I don't remember this part when I had my lapband placed...
  8. My dr gave me liquid hycet for recovery and I will be 4 days out tomorrow. Im still in so much pain that I'm taking it every 4 hours and waking up through the night to take it because the pain is so bad I can't sleep. Is this normal? I remember when I had my band placed I asked for additional meds, I see a different surgeon now and don't want to look like a druggie. I was told in the hospital that if I was still in pain to take liquid Tylenol. I would but the narcotics barely even help so I'm sure the Tylenol alone won't help. Ugh. This stinks! Post op pain sucks, I wish it would go away
  9. I was sleeved 7/21 and I just woke up with acid reflux and the feeling like there is a small pill stuck at the end of my esophagus. Kind of when you swallow a pill with not enough water. The funny thing is that the only pill I am taking right now is a very tiny protonixs which I took probably about 20 hours before. I'm still on clears also so I know it's not a piece of food. Anyone else have this issue?
  10. Wendydarling19

    Asking Dr for more pain meds?

    Not much better. And I'm Not sure why people keep saying my pain is from not moving around... I AM moving around. As much as I can, it just hurts terribly! I'm on day 4 and I am having such a hard time. In nursing school we were taught that a patient's pain is always what they say it is. No one can judge someone else's pain. It's just cruel to keep someone in pain like this. And for what reason? There isn't one! My first bariatric surgeon gave me a second round of pain meds after my lapband which wasn't nearly as invasive. My biggest fear with the sleeve was the pain, it seems like my worst nightmare is coming true.
  11. Wendydarling19

    Asking Dr for more pain meds?

    I called and was told just to move around more and that I won't be given more pain meds. What I'm having a hard time with is, how am I supposed to move in excruciating pain? It's hard enough to move with the pain meds and I'm doing The best I can. Now I will have to do it without them. I'm scared. Because I know it's going to hurt more. This surgery is no joke. I have been having to take the meds Q4H because even lasting that long is painful
  12. Wendydarling19

    Asking Dr for more pain meds?

    I am moving it just is hard and hurts very much. I'm also on Lovenox 2x a day. I am going to try to make a trip or have my BF make a trip for an abdominal binder.
  13. Wendydarling19

    Asking Dr for more pain meds?

    Thank you! Yes my biggest dilemma is getting up and moving. I'm trying my best but I truely am in excruciating pain. I'm actually about to walk my little one around the apartment building I live in but getting up and down is so painful, I dread it. I just want to be comfortable rather than have stabbing pains
  14. I'm in excruciating pain. I was sleeved 7/21 so I don't expect to feel 100% for awhile but I don't remember my lapband hurting this much. I know VSG is completely different but it seems like the pain just won't let up even with the pain meds
  15. Wendydarling19

    How long does it take to stop hurting?

    Thanks all! I took a walk this morning and seem to feel a little bit better. I'm going to try to get out a few more times today. My mom is here helping me and takes my daughter in the stroller so it's nice for all of us. This definitely hurts though for sure. I guess it's slowly getting better but the pain is unbearable when I have to get up or switch positions
  16. Wendydarling19

    Today is the day!

    I had my band removed 6/23 and today I go for my sleeve at noon! Can't even describe how scared yet excited I am!
  17. I am having my surgery in 2 days and wasn't given a pre-op diet. Just to be on liquids the day before. Is this odd?
  18. Anyone else have this? Did it go away? I had reflux from my band being too tight, it went away once all of the fluid was removed but now that the band is gone, I have been having awful reflux
  19. I had the lapband placed in 2014 and it was about a 45 minute procedure. I had it removed 6/23 and it was a 20 minute procedure. I am assuming the sleeve won't be nearly as short as those two because it is more radical. Does anyone know how long their procedure took?
  20. Hey all! I'm starting my journey next Thursday. I am having my lapband removed after complications. I'm 12 lbs more than I was before I got the lapband. So awful. I was pregnant for most of last year though so that doesn't help. Anyway, just curious how much everyone lost their first month if they remember. Also, did you stay on shakes the whole month or what was your plan like? Just looking for some thinspiration! Thanks!
  21. Apparently Aspire bariatrics has invented some new WLS "device" that allows users to suck food directly out of their stomachs after meals. What!? That doesn't teach better eating habits and cannot help with nutrition. I view it as most do, "assisted bulimia". What are everyone else's thoughts?
  22. Wendydarling19


    I post my meals (usually low carb) on instagram. I am a bandster who is revising to sleeve on 7/21! I have a lot of low carb concoctions on my IG. Add me if you would like, @wendydarling19
  23. Wendydarling19

    Barrett's Esophagus

    So I had my pre-op EGD yesterday and my surgeon found what he thinks is the beginnings of Barrett's esophagus and a hiatal hernia from the band. He's going to schedule my band removal ASAP and then I have to see a GI doctor for another EGD to biopsy my esophagus. I've been told by other people that Dr's won't do VSG with Barrett's because it can cause more reflux and worsen the Barrett's. Has anyone gone through this? I'm at a loss, I'm scared to think bypass or staying overweight would be my only options.

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