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  1. Essence33

    Nov 2020 Bypass Peeps?

    Hi everyone just had a revision. Five yrs ago I had vsg and now 1 week out of having an rny bypass. I can't really say which felt worst. But I'm blessed to have come out of it alive and well. The gas pain still awful but the keeping faith alive. But so far so good. I'm still happy.
  2. Hi, any sleevers from Florida? What to expect from this procedures?
  3. Are you tracking your food?Were you given a Protein target? Are you reaching your protein target every day? Are you drinking at least 64 oz of Water a day? Are you avoiding starches, added sugar, and fried foods? Are you taking your Vitamins and supplements? I would definitely recommend that you find a NUT who works with weight loss surgery patients to talk about your goals.
  4. Doctors in the South, Florida area are starting not to do the lap band procedures anymore. Their saying, its having too many erosions and revisions. Ugh!! Anyhow, I notice in other states within the US they no longer doing lapbands. Anyone else is knows of this too?
  5. Best surgeon or recommended surgeon to do the sleeve procedure. I'm in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, so anyone knows of good doctors in this area? The furthest I'd travel would be Sarasota/Bradenton area.
  6. I'm looking forward to going in April, how much was the procedure?
  7. Looking to have my lapband done in Feb 2014, whose the best surgeon in South, Fl or West Coast of Fl? Prices too, and if it includes fills? Thanks!!
  8. Finally got my sleeved done by Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez in Tijuana, MX. People get the misconception about having surgery across the borders, I did too at some point. However, after many research, calling the international board, checking on certificates and licensure. I know they were legit and would be my doctors. Bedside manners was awesome. They educated me and mom on everything. They answered all of my questions. I was in surgery for about am 1hr the most because he said, I had a big stomach, so instead of the 5 incision, I got 6. There small too. I didn't need any drain. It went well. I thank God first and may God bless
  9. Sorry for late reply, thank you and recovery has been good.
  10. Yes, your definitely right about that. When was your procedure? Mine was yesterday morning. I'm just getting released.
  11. It's been a long time coming. I am finally getting sleeved next week. I've been a part of this support site for a while now, but was gone for quite some time. I'm back and is looking forward to communicating with people going down this same road or has already done the procedure (VSG).
  12. Where is the single's forum located? I can't find it!!
  13. Essence33

    Florida Buddy

    I'm here in Fort Lauderdale, Fl looking for sleeve buddies or band buddies.
  14. Essence33

    It's Here!

    RJ, I thought you had the sleeve? Or was it the band? Confuse I am or mistakening.
  15. Essence33

    My story

  16. Hi everyone, I'm waiting to pay for this surgery in full. I pray I get all the money ($10,500) for my procedure. Couldn't get insurance, so I'll be paying out of the pocket. I've been waiting since Feb 2013 for this. Hopefully my tax money will complete my outstanding balance and I'll get a date before March or April. Keep me in your prayers and hands cross. I need this badly. Sincerely, "Your fat friend and future sleever."
  17. Essence33

    Waiting to pay for surgery

    Thanks hon, its greatly needed and appreciate it. Ditto...
  18. Essence33

    Waiting to pay for surgery

    I know what you mean. I've been waiting so long too, so these next few weeks won't hurt me either. I'm just so exicted and can't wait. Good luck to you as well.
  19. Essence33

    Any Florida Sleevers?

    Ok, may look into him again. May I ask, how much does he charge being self pay? Don't worry though, you'll get better in no time. Your body is still adjusting to change. In due time, you'll start to feel great. I really wish you successful, speedy recovery.
  20. Essence33

    How far out was your leak?

    Ok, I'm so happy you remind optimistic about the procedures even though you had complications. Its stories like yours that gives me hope and strength to continue even when I have doubts. Thanks and speedy, successfully recovery.
  21. Essence33

    How far out was your leak?

    Congrats on the lost. Sorry for your problems. Do you regret the surgery? After reading so many complications, I'm seriously having doubts. I'm scared.
  22. Essence33

    I Have A Leak And I'm Scared.

    Hi, I'm happy you are doing a bit better. Pls fill us in on your recovery.
  23. Essence33

    Any Florida Sleevers?

    Go Noles!! hehehehe Hi, thanks and congrats to you. I will take that advice into consideration. I hope I am like you when I have my procedure. Merry Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year. I can't wait!

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