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  1. I saw my primary Dr. My bmi is now below 35! Yippe! We talked, and I told him how I vomit about anything I try to eat. He said I need to talk to my surgeon. I plan to do that next week. He did blood work to check me, and sent the results to the surgeon. I know I don't get enough protein. I can't keep even my protein drinks down. I hope the surgeon can help me out!
  2. Lovely  Lady

    Everything makes me nauseated

    I saw the surgeon. He gave me medication for the nausea I been having. I am looking forward for relief. His nurse suggested I get protein powder and sprinkle it on top my food. I lost more weight. Been swimming and walking.
  3. Lovely  Lady

    weight gain :(

    I do drink 3 protein shakes like my Dr wants me to.
  4. Lovely  Lady

    weight gain :(

    No I haven't taken my measurements. Not yet Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Lovely  Lady

    Undecided lap band vs sleeve

    I talked further with the W.L. Center. They asked me if I decided what surgery I decided to have. I told them that is a hard decision for me to make, they are both good surgeries, and I think I would do fine with either one of them. The nurse explained how they have a few Lap Band patients that are needing to have their band removed, and how Medicare doesn't want to cover for the cost. The patients are right now, trying to figure out how to pay for themselves. The nurse said she doesn't want me to be in a situation like they are. I am just not willing to take a chance, so I plan to get the sleeve.
  6. Lovely  Lady

    December Challenge-Happy Holidays!

    I weighed in at 272.0 lbs. I showed a weight gain. I know it's not much, but a gain is just that - a gain. I have showed a weight loss then I show a weight gain. It is very frustrating.
  7. I know 2 friends who recently had lapband. I see them struggle with the food restrictions they have. I hear other people who think they are trying to help, tell them what to eat and not eat. I see them getting annoyed! I am trying to find a way to be supportive. One lady had her surgery 3 weeks ago. I told her I want to be her support by eating what she does. I know it wont hurt me since I haven't had surgery yet, and it might add to my weight loss. She says she is ok with that, if I want to. I don't know what else I can do. Why cant other people butt out?
  8. The jerk couldn't tell you this face to face. He was a coward to tell you how he felt in an email. he didn't care about how you feel. Not all people are like this! I would email him a Dear John letter and move on to better things. You do deserve it!
  9. I found out today my Starting weight was more then I thought it was. I corrected my Ticker so it show what I have lost so far.
  10. Lovely  Lady

    5 more months to go.

    I am tired of being Chubby! I know this weight isnt good for me and my knees. Your right, Holidays is no excuse not to follow what the Dr wants me do. I will call my Dr's office and make sure I know what he wants me to do.
  11. Lovely  Lady

    My Weight

    What the other people are looking at, is that I have lost 10 lbs since March by just watching what I eat. That is why they think I can do this on my own. But I got about to 100 lbs more. I cant lose that much weight without help. Why cant they see that?

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